Best Equalizer Apps for Android

5 Best Equalizer Apps for Android

Some people like mellow tunes and absolutely hate harsh and loud ones. Some people love to rock and revel in loud music. The best equalizer apps for Android make sure anything you play on your Android device sounds exactly the same as you love. I personally hate when a loud sound suddenly erupts from my earphones when I’m trying to sleep. I usually take my afternoon power naps (during work hours) while listening to music. Sure the best music apps for Android do come with great equalizers but I can’t use them universally.

The best equalizer apps for Android allow you to listen from any source and still get the same experience. Sure, it is not as drastic as you imagine but it is there none the less. We covered the volume apps for Android and bass booster apps for Android but this list actually helps all music lovers. A ton of people listen to music from various sources. I myself listen to Sound Cloud, Google Play Music and Pandora while there might be options in those apps for equalizers (I don’t think there are); I prefer to use a single app for all my music shaving needs.

Note: The best equalizer apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked OK with the internal speaker but there was some distortion in some extreme presets. This is normal because the apps usually try to pump out more volume than usual. I highly recommend using earphones for all your music listening needs. The apps will also perform much better when the music is coming through external speakers or earphones/headphones.

1. Equalizer

Equalizer icon

Equalizer is simple and it gets the job done. This equalizer app puts the presets right on the main screen. This might be just me but I want all the presets easily accessible. I don’t want to mess with the sliders to achieve the desired effect. I usually use the jazz settings for light music while working and use rock for workout music.

This app provides great sounding presets which pair well with my dock at work and earphones at the gym. The app is stable and does not distort any sounds. This combined with a serviceable interface makes it one of the best equalizer apps for Android around.

Free Version

2. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX

Equalizer is plain, I mean really plain. This app just shows you an equalizer and that’s about it. There are profiles there too but the main screen is all about equalizing your music and audio. The app works well too and doesn’t distort the sounds a lot.

Sure if you crank every slider to the max there is bound to be some sharp noises in the audio production. If you play by the rules this simple and charming looking Android equalizer app will really enhance your musical journeys.

Free Version

3. Music Equalizer Pro

Music Equalizer Pro

Music Equalizer Pro brings in the features with full force. First off the interface looks and feels great. The app actually pops up rather than utilize the full screen of the device. This gives it a floaty and surprisingly lightweight feel. The black and blue color scheme works really well and the app brings in some solid design choices.

The 9 presets which come are all great and do impact the playing music. The 9 presets which come are all great and do impact the playing music. The 3D surround sound works surprisingly well and to be honest I was not expecting it to work at all.

Free Version

4. Music Equalizer Pro by Hundred Five Solutions

Music Equalizer Pro2

This is not a mistake; this app here is also called exactly the same as the one above. However this free equalizer app for Android is simplistic with quick access to the equalizer sliders. I listed another app by this developer in the bass booster apps list and it seems they follow the same design philosophy.

The white and silver really looks premium and the old school LED gives it a nice touch. The equalizer itself is good and will provide you with presets. The app is highly easy to use as it comes with basically two screens.

Free Version

5. Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer

When I first booted this app, I was pleasantly surprised to see a purple interface. This is refreshing to see especially if a person views around 50 traditional looking apps a day. However on closer inspection the assets used are of lower resolution which stretched to fit my screen. How do I know that? I play video games around 8 hours a day and I can spot a single frame rate drop. The free Android equalizer works exactly as advertised though. The app will look good on lower resolution device but I cannot fathom the blurriness on higher end QHD displays.

Free Version


I know not everyone wants to slide the sliders and dial the dials in order to get the best sounds from their device. As cumbersome as it seems, using the equalizer apps for Android is not such a bad experience. I have seen many people who never once change the equalizer settings anywhere and simply go on living with a flat line (on the equalizer). I highly recommend that you give a jolt of life to your music as well as your life by using a competent equalizer. Thump away fellow droiders! Share your experience below.

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    1. Hi Bob,
      What kind of problems are you going through? When you say nothing works, your phone at least turns on, right? =-)

  1. Need your comment: Liked your survey especialluy since you used a Note 3 for your tests, the same unit that I will be getting from my daughter after she buys her Note 7. I need an equalizer that really boosts treble due to my hearing loss. {Found earbuds are ‘out’ with hearing aids and that hearing aids plus headphones are not the best combo since I have to find a match of aids’ volume with headphone volume]. So here is my question: I experienced use of an HTC 4G with its built-in equalizer. But it prevents saving my slider settings on exit. In fact it will not let me shut down the unit without first forcing a reset back to ‘flat’ first. So every time that I restart, I have to adjust the sliders again. Which of the equalizers in your survey have a ‘recall’ or ‘save’ slider settings feature built in? The Note 3 does not have an equalizer at all and the features listing in your survey items makes no mention of setting-savings. Your comments are appreciated.

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