10 Best eTrade Apps for Android to Invest Wisely

Crunching numbers is a hard task especially when a lot of funds are at stake. Some people are good at this and some people depend on the best eTrade apps for Android. The stock market is an unforgiving place and only those who have the latest information are going to last. If you are aiming to invest in the market, it is extremely recommended that you do proper research first.

I admit, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes it e-trading. Thankfully my dad knows the game in and out and has been mildly successful in navigating the murky waters of the stock market. I’m just a humble app tester with no deep understanding of how the market behaves.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M8 smartphones. All of the apps worked perfectly. A constant internet connection is required for all the apps to work.

1. – Free with In-app Purchases

Covers Everything is one of the best sites to go for all your stocks, Forex and gold needs. The app naturally is also one of the best eTrade apps for Android. The site does go into more detail than the app but if you are in a hurry you need access to quick and dynamic information.

The interface is amazing, not only look-wise but also in ease of use. The app provides real time live quotes for over forty thousand financial instruments and covers over seventy global exchanges.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $44.99 per item


  • A great economic calendar.
  • You can build a customized portfolio.
  • Breaking news and alerts on major economic events.

Notable Feature:

The app also provides great insights from top industry experts. The opinions and analysis are very detailed and give a proper outlook of the global economic situations.


2. StockSpy – Free with In-app Purchases


Landscape Economics

Stock spy is the best eTrade app for Android if you like to work on your tablet. The landscape interface is very well managed and shows all the information you will need in one convenient place. The app itself is fast and responsive and consumes very low amount of data despite updating constantly.

If you know how stocks work, you will be well aware of the importance of live updates. The app makes it easier to read the market and invest sensibly.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $4.99 per item


  • Real-time quotes, news and charts.
  • The news charts are amazing.
  • Track portfolio values and trades easily.

Notable Feature:

One of the best eTrade apps for Android, StockSpy is a great charmer when it comes to intuitive design. The app really makes all the information instantly accessible. If you are interested in only one company, you can see dynamic graphs and charts of that too.


3. MSN Money – Free

MSN Money

Deeply Detailed

MSN Money makes finance simplified. The app is among the most sumptuously detailed eTrade apps for Android. There is financial nears, data and information from top sources around the world. Then there are great tools and calculators for you to do quick computation while on the go.

While it is not an extremely focused app, MSN Money does everything with a unique quality and integrity. The news however is the highlight of the app; they are constant and come from verified sources.


  • A very high quality bug-free interface.
  • Tracking major indexes is very easy.
  • Can view commodity prices.

Notable Feature:

If you are a high stakes player, then this app will certainly help you track major companies. From Google to Microsoft and from Apple to Facebook, you can keep a close eye on any twitches the companies make.


4. Moneycontrol – Free


Global Control

The app is also called Markets on Mobile for some reason and it is highly confusing to see that name in your app drawer. However when you launch the app, nothing is confusing at all. While the interface is a little grim, the app itself does a remarkable job of keeping you updated with latest ups and downs of the eTrading business.

Major global markets are supported but if you are looking to invest in Indian markets, this is the best app you should get. With a fast growing Indian market, it is highly advisable to invest early and reap benefits later.


  • One page, all information.
  • Tracking global markets is easy.
  • Keep track of your personal investment portfolio.

Notable Feature:

Tap on a company to see how its stocks are managing. The app will also list all the related news pieces right on that very window. You need to be prepared and knowledgeable about a company before inventing.


5. Gold Live – Free

Gold Live

Shiny Shiny Stuff

Just as the name suggests this is an app made to track gold across multiple markets. The app makes it easy to invest in the precious metal business. I personally made a hefty profit and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by investing at the right time.

This app is tried and tested in the field by me and works really well. You can even track silver and other precious metals and important information right from this great app.


  • An intuitive and informative home page.
  • Fully compatibility with Android tablets.
  • Live prices of gold.

Notable Feature:

The app features an “Alert” tab for quick access to breaking news and changes regarding the gold market.


6. TradeKing Mobile – Free

TradeKing Mobile

Choice of Pros

This app has the most professional looking interface among the best eTrade apps for Android list. The app comes with a grey background which makes reading the white text easier on the eyes. The app also has simple and complex options available for fine tuning.

The app also helps you in mapping investment opportunities with the help of advanced charts. Taking a look at the live streaming quotes will give you a good idea about your positions. One of the best things about the app is its graphs; they are remarkably detailed and genuinely help in better understanding of a particular stock.


  • Market news and movers.
  • Make a personal account to save settings.
  • Advanced search options.

Notable Feature:

You can never keep an app open all the time. So set alerts on this Android eTrade app and you will receive push notifications.


7. eToro Trader – Free

 eToro Trader

Beginner’s Luck

The only thing annoying about this app is that it makes you login with an account. I don’t like to signup especially when there is no Google+ or Facebook integration. The app on the other hand is very well made with clear and crisp information.

The fast execution, elaborate charts and low spreads of the app are very well managed. You can also access commodity, current and indices markets from the app too. Use one of the best budget apps if you want to manage your funds well.


  • Leverages can be adjusted from 1:2 to 1:400.
  • Constantly updating market rates.
  • A Copy Trader features which allows you to copy best players automatically.

Notable Feature:

This app Android eTrade app is highly recommended to those who are just beginning their journey. The app has practice accounts which allow you test your intuition and knowledge before you risk any funds.


8. Yahoo Finance – Free

Yahoo Finance

Financial Adviser

Yahoo Finance is one of the best eTrade apps for Android around. The app allows you to follow the stocks you are interested in and get customized alerts and news about them. This allows you to filter all the unnecessary news articles which will only consume your precious time.

My dad only likes to invest in petroleum based companies and this app is one of his personal favorites. Following stocks is easy too, simply tap on the star next to the name and you are done.


  • A high standard interface.
  • Interactive graphs with pinch to zoom feature.
  • Landscape view is also available for smartphones.

Notable Feature:

The app not only covers basic stocks but also bonds, commodities, world indices, currencies and equities too.


9. Bloomberg – Free

Bloomberg etrade apps for Android

A Ton of Graphs

Bloomberg is the only app in the list which loves charts and graphs. Need a pie graph to tell you what a company is up to? Sure you can get it with this app. One of the best things about the app is that it tells you when the charts and graphs were updated. Many apps don’t update the graphs as often as they give live market updates leading to some unfortunate trades.


  • Easily manage your personal stocks.
  • Can check commodities and metals.
  • Can track currencies too.

Notable Feature:

The stock market app for Android gives essential info on one screen making it easy to digest.


10. Stocks – Free


Looks Bad, Works Great

This is a downright ugly-looking app in the whole eTrade apps for Android list. The interface is serviceable but the stark black background coupled with highlighter green makes it painful to look at for extended period of time.

Thankfully you will get what you need and close the app well before your eyes start to bleed. The information is dynamic, live and fast. There are graphs and charts to guide your investments as well.


  • You can have multiple portfolios.
  • Fast access to the charts.
  • Supports multiple international markets including US, UK and Canada.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a good widget which will help you avoid the main app altogether. The app can also sync with your Google account so you will never have to worry about losing data.



These were some of the best eTrade apps for Android. I admit they are not as efficient or intimate as going to the market yourself but they do a pretty fine job of handling your trades. The apps are a great way to know where the flow is going.

Try one of the best productivity apps to boost up your endgame. My pops used to say, “Do not get greedy and sell half stock as fast as you see profit”. I don’t invest in stocks myself, probably because I’m broke most of the time but I hope these apps will help you get richer. Happy trading folks!

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