5 Best Expense Report App in 2020

Here’s the deal:

Tracking your expenses is a hard task. It’s time-consuming and troublesome.

The worst part?

It’s especially difficult for businesses that have just started since they do not know where to start and what to do first. There are also a ton of steps to do before you can finish tracking your expenses. Like collecting and organizing receipts, putting together a report, verifying that report, and adding up the results.


To save you from all these shenanigans, we found the best expense report app for you!

These apps will help you in tracking your expenses. You can adjust the app according to what you need to do. If you’re a college student that needs to budget better, or if you own a business and you want to track your finances.

Now the big question is…

What is an Expense Report App, and what does it do?

Expense Report Apps or Expense Trackers are apps that help you in keeping tabs on your expenses. These apps were first made to use on desktops and laptops, such as Quicken.

Now the good news is…

These apps are also available for mobile users! Amazing, right?!

What do they do?

They will get inputs from the user via a form or by uploading receipts on it. Then, it will analyze these receipts and will do all the computations needed. And, as easy as that, it will show the results and expenses the user made.

However, finding the perfect expense tracker app for your company or yourself might need a lot of work.

But worry no more because we got you! To help you, we listed the best expense trackers we found.

Now, let’s get started!

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5 Best Expense Tracker

There’s nothing wrong with traditionally tracking your expenses. But if you can do it faster and easier through an app, then why not? So we curated a list of the apps that can help you track your expenses.

Now check our best picks below.

1. Spendee

Best Expense Report App - Spendee

If you want to get your money into shape, Spendee can help you with that. This app tracks your cash flow, understand your financial habits, and make your spending stressfree.

Here’s how you use it.

You can input all your cash expenses every time you make one. But there’s another way of doing this hassle-free. You can connect Spendee with your bank accounts to make the tracking faster.

After that, the app will analyze your spending. You have to add at least 5 transactions on this app before it can show you a great analysis of your spending.

Spendee on Android
Spendee on Android

Spendee informs you which areas you spent most. It also helps you to budget your money. It alerts you if you are going over your designated amount for a specific expense.

It only gets better.

This app can also make a shared wallet with your friends and family, making it easier for your group to track your group’s overall expenses. It even has a multiple currency feature, making it perfect for traveling.

Note: This app is more for personal use.

Download Pocket Expense on Google Play

2. Expensify

Best Expense Report App - Expensify Logo

This expense report app is for personal and business use. Expensify helps users manage their receipts and accounting problems with just a simple click.

Expensify on a Laptop and a Phone
Expensify on a Laptop and a Phone

Read on to know how to use it.

After downloading the app on the PlayStore, an AI called Concierge will teach you how the app works. You will be told to create your first expense. You can do this by taking a photo of your receipt. After that, you have to submit your report. And you’re done!

Expensify Reading Receipts
Expensify Reading Receipts

This app also lets other people be a copilot in doing your expenses. There’s no need for you to hand over your credentials in doing so.

It’s also possible to connect your bank with this app. So, you would not need to take pictures of receipts of transactions that you do with the bank. But as of now, this feature is for US bank users only.

Download Expensify on Google Play

3. Pocket Expense

Best Expense Report App - Pocket Expense Logo

Pocket Expense is an app that assists users to keep track of their spending. It brings all your financial accounts together. In just minutes you can see where your money is going.

Not only that.

Best Expense Report App - Pocket Expense (Android)
Pocket Expense: Accounts and Bills Payment

It also lets the user know which expenses the user can save on. It keeps tabs of your bank accounts, manages your budgets, and tracks your bills.

You can easily input and watch your accounts. All transactions related to the same account will be displayed on one page so that you can handle them easily. You can monitor and control your spending.

Note: Offers in-app purchases.

Download Pocket Expense on Google Play

4. Seedly

Best Expense Report App - Seedly Logo

Seedly gets your finances on track and helps you make
smarter financial decisions. You can ask questions about your finances and gets answers from the community. There are even financial experts you can ask.

Best Expense Report App - Seedly (Android)
Seedly: Sync your Bank Accounts and Manage your Expenses

You can compare your bills with other users, like your utility bills. This can come in handy if you want to know if you should change your providers.

Just like the previous apps, Seedly lets users manage their expenses. It can even monitor your investments, credits, and bank accounts. It’s available to download on Android and Apple devices.

Download Pocket Expense on Google Play

5. Zoho Expense Tracker

Best Expense Report App - Zoho Expense Tracker Logo

The Zoho expense report app is reliable and easy to use expense tracker on the go. A simple snap of your receipt will auto-scan it and put your expenses on the app.

This app has a mileage tracker that keeps tabs on how much you spent on each trip you take. It will calculate your expenses automatically.

Zoho Expense's Mileage Tracker
Zoho Expense’s Mileage Tracker

To make it better:

The app also has an expense widget. It serves as a shortcut in recording your expenses. It can even give you insights to your expenditures. And reimbursement is possible with this app. No more unnecessary steps to reimburse your expenses.

Zoho Expense Tracker Reading Receipts
Zoho Expense Tracker Reading Receipts

If you want an expense report app for your business or company, this is also the app for you. You can manage each branch to your liking. You can also customize the approval flow of your reports. You can even add a rectification feature for your company’s policy-violated expenses.

It has a simple and easy to understand interface. It’s compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Download Zoho Expense on Google Play

FAQs About Expense Report Apps for Android

What is the best expense report app for your android devices?

For overall performance and features, we believe that the best expense report app is the Zoho Expense Tracker. Not only is the Zoho app accurate, but it’s also easy to use. You can utilize it for personal use and business use. It offers all the essential things you need in an expense report app.
But, in the end, the best expense report app will still be up to you.

Are there any free expense report apps for android available in Google Play?

Yes. There are lots of expense report apps available in Google Play. All the apps mentioned on the list are downloadable for free in the app store.
Most items on the list have ads in them since they are free. If you are bothered by the ads in the app, then you can opt to buy the ad-free version.
Moreover: Some additional features can also be bought in each of the apps on the list above.

Is it safe to connect your bank accounts with expense report apps?

Expense report apps are safe to use as long as they are developed by a trusted company. The good news is all the apps listed above are all trustworthy. These apps only get your bank account details to get information about your expenses faster.
And look:
If you really can not trust these apps, you don’t have to connect your bank accounts to it. Manually inputting all your transactions in the app is also an option.

How accurate are expense report apps?

Truth be told:
Expense report apps are not 100% accurate. The accuracy of the app is also dependent on how often and how much the user enters inputs in the app. The more data entered, the better.

How do you use an expense report app?

This depends on what app you will be downloading, but most expense report apps work the same way. You have to enter all your transactions every time you make one. After that, the app will analyze your expenses. Then the app will give you a detailed analysis and some suggestions.

Manage Your Expenses Right

We all find arranging our expenses troublesome and time-consuming. It can take hours doing it.

You don’t have to go through all that trouble anymore.

Expense report apps that can help in managing your expenses are now available for your android phones. So if you want to monitor your expenses easily, these apps are a lifesaver.

Now, if you are having a hard time trying to find the perfect expense report app, you can check out all the items on the list above.

If you have any questions or concerns about the apps listed here, feel free to leave a comment down below. Did you find a better app? Tell us about it by leaving a comment and we will check it out as well.
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