Best Family Calendar Apps for Android

Android has made everything easier for us and it is amazing how deeply ingrained it has become in our day-to-day lives. The best family calendar apps for Android take things a little further and makes Android a unified platform for the whole family.

There are many times when you wished there was a family calendar letting you know about upcoming family events or even organize them in advance. Especially when there are weddings. The family calendar app for Android makes it extremely easy to make thorough plans with people who you value the most. While we know that you will need a family calendar every day, but it’s a great additional application to have when there are any kind of family events or plans happening.

Note: The best family calendar apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The apps worked perfectly fine and no problems were faced during testing. I also asked a friend to be my “stand-in” family for the testing and all of the apps worked great in collaboration modes as well. The apps will require an active Internet connection to share information with your family and friends.

1. TimeTree

While this may not be a dedicated family calendar app for Android, it can work as one perfectly without any hitches. The app allows you to view a full month to see upcoming events at a glance and you even have the option to switch to week and list views.

Inviting new members to your family calendar is easy and can be done so via emailFacebookSMS, and WhatsApp. Each individual schedule is displayed on one calendar which makes it easy to track what everyone is doing. Planning events around each other’s schedule becomes a lot easier when you know what they are doing on a particular day.

I really love how you can easily add pictures and comments to an event with ease. This allows you to share pictures of an event on a secure and private platform. The app also has a great reminder system.

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2. FamCal

Family Shared Calendar is a uniquely designed app for family connection and combines events, tasks, notes, contacts, and birthday reminders in a neat little package. It is easily accessible for the whole family and the calendar has a very standard design, so everyone can easily follow.

Adding family members is stress-free as well; you have the option of adding adult members with email address and even add child members without the need of one. One great feature of this shared family calendar is the ability to assign a specific color to a member. For example, each event added by your mom will be color-coded green; this makes it a lot easier to track everything.

Family Shared Calendar also comes with the ability to set reminders that will notify certain family members. This can be effectively used as a reminder app as well. The app also provides a clear calendar as well as agenda views, separating them and making them very accessible.

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3. Hub Family Calendar Organizer

Hub Family Calendar is relatively new on Google play store but it has a very familiar design that is instantly recognizable. It is because they took a lot of inspiration from Facebook and its interface, so you’ll have no trouble navigating the app. The even got the color exactly the same as the Facebook app.

The shared calendar allows you to share events from your calendar and make everyone aware of your plans. Sharing grocery lists, shopping lists, and even tasks is as easy as it sounds. The app also allows you to share messages, photos, comments, and notes to keep in touch with the family.

Scheduling events with your family and friends by using Hub Family Calendar is fairly easy. Even if some family members are not using this app, you can easily share the events using other services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, and even Outlook.

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4. GroupMe

While GroupMe is not a dedicated family calendar app for Android, it does provide some features that are innovative and will help you stay connected with those who matter the most. This app is more like a social media hub for your whole family and makes it easier to share events and organize gatherings.

Sure, there is a calendar somewhere in there but it is buried beneath a plethora of different social features. However, if you’re into sharing events and important photos with just your family, this is the app you should get.

Planning events and vacations becomes so much easier when you can chat, share images, and even post videos without the fear of usual social media privacy issues. The group calendar feature is a must have but it would have been better if it was a little bit more prominent.

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5. Google Calendar

There are some amazing features that make Google calendar one of the most shareable calendar apps around. The ability to simply share an event with a family member makes Google calendar an easy recommendation for the best family calendar app list.

Not many people want an additional calendar app on their smartphone just to stay in contact with the family and plan events. Therefore, it is always great and you can use a calendar that already comes with your smartphone. The best part is, even if you have a dedicated family calendar app for Android, Google calendar will be able to interact with it as well.

All you need to do is create an event and invite people to it. That’s it, now that event will be shared with those whom you’ve invited. This is a great app for those who just want to arrange one event and don’t want the added burden of maintaining a family calendar.

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Save the Date

These were the best family calendar apps for Android and I’m sure one of them will make a permanent home on your device. Personally, I really like the Google Calendar simply because it is convenient and it is already on my device. However, if you are big on family, you will probably appreciate the added features of the other apps provide.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or opinions, do leave a comment below, we always love to hear from you.

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