Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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16 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

There are a lot of people who prefer to purchase a year older smartphone, simply because it is less expensive and more reliable. Now that the previous Note smartphone has its successor, it is the perfect time to take a look at some of the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and make a highly mature and judged decision. I always purchase a slightly older electronic product, especially when it comes to smartphones and tablets. This is because a new device may have some issues, both hardware, and software and you just don’t want to deal with them in the honeymoon period.

There were a lot of great features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and we will be discussing some of the best ones right here. This list will not only allow you to make a conscious decision about purchasing this stellar smartphone from Samsung but also help you learn new things on the device if you already own it.

For more information about the tips and tricks of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, check out our dedicated article. So without further ado, let’s start with the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 list.

1. The S Pen

1. S-en

Samsung has always differentiated their large-screen phablets from other smartphones by including a stylus. Back when the first Note smartphone was released, a lot of people were on the fence about purchasing it. After using it for a while or actually seeing it physically, a lot of people were impressed by the large screen.

But the S Pen is one thing that really made this series stand out. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also comes with an S Pen that can be tucked inside the smartphone itself with ease. The pressure sensitive nature of the pen allows you to write with surprising accuracy. If you’re interested in fully utilizing the stylus included with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I highly recommend that you check out the best S Pen Apps for Galaxy Devices list.

2. The Screen

feature image

The Super AMOLED screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 makes it a remarkable media consuming device. The 5.7 inches screen is truly one of the best phones around. The screen comes at a resolution of 1440X2560 pixels and that results in a remarkable 515 PPI pixel density. The display is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

The large-screen takes up most of the front of the phone and looks really beautiful. Samsung has really refined their screen technology and it looks far better than the LCD panels we see on other smartphones.

3. Removable Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (2)

Smartphones have started making a unibody design and thus removing the ability to swap out batteries. Technically you can change batteries on the newer phones but you’ll have to take it to a technician to do so. As we all know, smartphone battery life is not amazing and there may come a time when you need an extra boost of power.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a completely removable back and allows complete access to the battery. So if you want to pop a fully charged spare battery in your smartphone, you can easily do so. While the 3220 mAh lithium-ion battery is capable of delivering a full day of usage, it is always good to have the option in case something goes wrong.

4. MicroSD Slot

It is a shame that we have to include this basic feature into the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but, this is the world we live in now. A lot of smartphone manufacturers have started removing the ability to expand storage space on their smartphones. The prime example of this is obviously Apple with their iPhones as well as Google Nexus devices.

Now Samsung has also moved to this from their latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 still retains a microSD card slot that allows you to expand memory simply by inserting a microSD card into it. The best part is, you can even get a 128 GB card and use it with the smartphone.

5. Adaptive Fast Charging

5. fast charging

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with something called Adaptive Fast Charging and it’s a remarkable feature. This feature allows you to charge your smartphone to half capacity in only 30 minutes. However there is a catch, you can only utilize this feature with selected chargers that Samsung provides. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ships with the adaptive fast charger, so you’re set from the get-go.

If you’re in a hurry, this feature will save you a lot of hassle and make your smartphone available almost anytime. For example, you can plug the phone in with the adaptive fast charging, take a shower and when you get out it will be comfortable sitting at a respectable battery level.

6. Ultra Power Saving Mode

power saver

These days a lot of smartphones have started coming with power saving modes built in but Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was among the first ones to introduce an Ultra Power Saving Mode. This mode basically shuts down all the unnecessary functions running on your smartphone and keeps the essential ones alive. This results in exceptional battery saving and gives you a lot of usage in one charge. This combined with adaptive fast charging makes Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a remarkable Android device.

7. Sound Detection

So you have plugged in your earphones and are engrossed in an interesting movie. We all do that time to time and it’s really fun, simply cutting yourself off from the world and enjoying a great TV show. However, by doing this you are really cutting yourself off from the real world and you may not hear the doorbell.

This feature allows you to record the sounds you need to be alert about and store them in your smartphone. After that whenever that sound is produced, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will alert you as well. It’s a great feature for those who want to be aware of the doorbell or landline phone but also want to fully immerse themselves in a movie or YouTube video.

14. Fingerprint Scanner

One of the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner. I’m one of those people who don’t like to put a pin code on their personal devices. Personally, I feel that the unnecessary step is a hindrance in day-to-day usage. However, personal privacy and security are also important in this day and age.

The inclusion of a finger fingerprint sensor makes Samsung Galaxy Note 4 highly secure and easy to access device all in one go. The fingerprint sensor is surprisingly fast and will allow you to access your smartphone in mere seconds.

9. Meeting Mode in Recording


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a great noise canceling mic at the bottom side of the phone but it also comes with two additional ones. The combination of three microphones allows the smartphone to capture sound from almost any direction. This ability is implemented perfectly in the meeting mode for voice recorder. The meeting mode allows you to record the whole meeting and if need be, simply listen to one individual throughout the meeting’s recording. As a great feature for discussing anything with your team and actually gauging the input from each individual on the table.

10. Additional Caller Info

This is a nifty little feature that can make you a really caring person. For example, if your mother-in-law calls you and you need to know when her birthday is, this feature will come in really handy. Basically, it collects all the information about the caller and displays it in a very convenient manner making it highly usable in the time of need.

11. Multi Window View

 split window

Coming to the software side of the features, one of the best ones that utilize the large screen is Multi Window mode. It allows you to stack to different apps right on the screen and use them simultaneously. This feature comes in really handy when you’re noting something down from the Internet.

Checking out maps and replying through instant messaging becomes extremely easy with this great feature. While not a lot of people will be inclined to use this feature but if you regularly find yourself slipping through multiple apps, maybe it’s time to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the great multi-Window view it provides.

12. WIFI Sharing

Not a lot of you know this, but you can also share your Wi-Fi with other devices with ease. While this scenario may not arise every time but there are certainly some times when you don’t know the password of the Wi-Fi network but your friend wants Internet access. By using this feature you will be able to share your Wi-Fi connection with him/her and allow them to access the Internet. I actually had to use this when I had access to the University Internet connection but my friends were not authorized to use it.

13. One Hand Mode

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a big smartphone so  using it with just one hand can be problematic for a lot of people. Thankfully, Samsung has also thought about it and included a one hand usage mode on the smartphone. To enable this mode you need to head to Settings> Display and Wallpaper> One Handed Operation Menu. From there you will be able to access different options that will allow you to reduce the screen size to appropriate height and width.

14. Pop Up Apps

pop up apps

If you’re not a fan of multi-Windows and only being limited to two apps, maybe you need pop up apps in your life. As the name suggests, this feature simply pops up apps on the home screen for you to use. Think of this as a Windows interface that allows you to move the apps freely around and use them at the same time with ease. While personally, I don’t see this feature being used regularly but it is great feature especially when you’re calculating things from a spreadsheet.

15. Pick Calls in Style

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with motion and gesture controls. One of the best use of motion controls can be found on this very smart phone. For example, when you get a call all you need to do is simply pick the phone and put it to your ear and the smartphone will automatically put it through. You don’t even have to touch the screen while doing so. This is a highly convenient and frankly amazing way of implementing motion control.

16. The Car Mode

The smartphone comes with a built-in car mode that allows you to access important functions without even touching the smartphone. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled vehicle you’ll be able to fully utilize this mode and enjoy hands-free operations. You’ll even be able to listen to music through your car’s sound system with this great car mode enabled. There are four large buttons displayed on the phone as well, that allow you easy access to phone, messages, navigation and music. I highly recommend using this voice controlled mode while driving and have a safe drive. You can also combine it with some of the best navigation apps for Android to make your travels more comfortable.


While there are a lot more to this phone than we have listed but these are some of the most unique and prominent features of the device. Some of them are not even available on any other device on the market. I really hope that this list will help you make a conscious decision about getting one of the hottest smartphones ever released. I’ve used the smartphone myself for three months and I’m pretty sure I will be able to help you with any kind of problem.

If you have any questions or queries about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Actually I do have a question about the Note 4…I’m wondering if you happen to know if anyone has unlocked the boot loader or created a custom kernel? I have searched the ‘threads’ over and albeit the forums cover this topic but my Note 4 is a Verizon SMN910VZKE running 5.1.1 and I just can’t seem to find much on this model.

    1. Hi Nichcole,
      I have been looking, but can´t seem to find anything. Maybe no one has gotten to your model, but I will keep looking, just in case. =-)

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