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Jaw-Dropping 5 Hacking Apps for Android to Hack the Hackers

Want to hack into most secured servers like FBI with your Smartphone? Solve crimes and impress others with your whacky hacking skills? Or hack ATM’s to get rich? Well, you can’t. There are no such apps for that. Also, apps that can hack into your ex’s Facebook account doesn’t exist. Sorry to disappoint you but if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

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So, what’s the point of this article then? This article is for those who know a thing or two about hacking. We’re talking about individuals who have knowledge in software and programming languages. Specifically, we’re pertaining to white hat hacking or ethical hacking.

5 Useful Android Apps for Ethical Hacking

This article will not be your traditional list article. We won’t be listing any apps with features and whatnot. We will, however, list apps that will help you in white hat hacking.

1. Hackode

Hackode penetration tester
Hackode Penetration Tester App

This app is probably the most neglected one on the list because of its off looking interface. Although, if you need work done, this app can really help you with that. If you are a penetration tester or an IT administrator, this app will provide invaluable tools to you.

This won’t be the best hacking app for Android though because it can only scan for exploits. If you have a keen eye for exploits, you may be able to do some hacking, but it sure won’t be from your smartphone. You will need a Linux or Windows-based personal computer for you to do that.

Google Play

2. WiFinspect [Root]

WiFinspect is a multi-tool intended for Computer Security professionals
WiFinspect Network Monitoring App

WiFinspect is an app that’s designed for network monitoring purposes. With this app, you can gather information using its built-in functionality such as Network Info, UPnP Devices Scanner, Host Discovery, Network Sniffler, and Pcap Analyzer. However, this app requires a rooted smartphone for some of its features to work.

Google Play

3. Fing – Network Tools

Fing App network toolkit scanner discover
Fing Network Tool App

Fing is one of the best network tools for Android available to date. It can discover all the connected devices to your WiFi network without any restriction. The app can also show the MAC address and details of each connected device. You can use this app to prevent devices from accessing your network.

There are a ton of more features in this app which can really help an IT administrator or security personnel. If you need a network app on Android, we highly recommend trying Fing.

Google Play

4. Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities

Network Manager - Network Tools & Utilities
Comprehensive Network Tools and Utilities App

If you want an app that’s similar to Fing but offers more comprehensive utilities and tools then this app might be the right one for you. With this app, you use Ping, Traceroute, Nmap, Port Scanner, WiFi Analyzer, Telnet, SSH, Whols, DNS Lookup, and more!

Network Manager - Network Tools & Utilities
Built-in App Network Utilities

Attested by various IT administrator, this app will surely help you if you want your work done with perfection.

Google Play

5. LopDog: Anti-Hacking Guard

LogDog Hacking Protection for Online Accounts
Anti Hacking App for Online Accounts

Last but not least on our list is the LopDog app. A kind of app that secures all your online accounts and immediately informs you of any malicious activity within your accounts. It might not be an app for white hat hacking but one of its aims is to prevent any hacker from stealing your identity.

One of the main features of this app is that it constantly scans your online accounts and mobile device. Once it detects anything unusual or malicious activity, you will be alerted immediately. So you can take appropriate actions instantly and prevent hackers from stealing your personal information.

Google Play

Bonus Tip

As we mentioned before, we do not encourage any form of selfish hacking. A kind of hacking that aims to do unlawful things for personal gain. We do, however, encourage people to learn about ethical hacking. A kind of hacking that aims to do good things such as strengthening network security.

SpyFox - Ethical Hacking Complete Guide
SpyFox Ethical Hacking Guide App

If you want to learn about Ethical Hacking, you can do so by either purchasing a book from Amazon called “ETHICAL HACKING: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn and Master Ethical Hacking” or by installing an app called “SpyFox – Ethical Hacking Complete Guide.”


Ultimately, there are no best hacking apps for Android. If you’re here looking for a way to hack accounts or machines, then this is not the right place for that. You might find luck searching through Reddit or other forums. However, we don’t encourage hacking if it’s for selfish reasons.

These days, hacking has become quite difficult. If you want to be good at it, you have to dedicate your time to it. Just to be clear, a DDOS attack is not hacking. It is an event where multiple systems flood the bandwidth of a targeted system.

If you have questions regarding the apps listed here, let us know in the comment section below! If it’s about hacking (we’re not a hacker), please ask them in the comments below.

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  1. Good job done,is there any app that can help me to locate some when the person calls me without knowing where he or she is? Am using Sony experia v3+

    1. Hi Ahmed,
      Are you trying to say that you have been locked out of your FB account? If you have forgotten your password and can´t get in, I am sure FB has the steps you need to follow to recover your account. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

  2. You were right on about Fing. Its great. My two favorite hacking apps to play with are Interceptor NG and zANTi2. So is the original Busybox getting replaced for good? The only 3 ratings the last time I looked for one out of 5 stars so I didn’t look too good but I’m still using it. But now I don’t know for how long.

    1. Hi Cassix,
      It´s good to hear that you found some apps that work for you. So far there is no word as to the possible replacement, but hopefully if they ever do, they will announce it with time. Would you like to see a replacement?

  3. ive got an lg g4 stylus tmobile phone and have been trying to find a way to root it ive tried many apps still no access. Its usein the andoid 6.0 marshmallow system. Any help would be great

  4. Hey,
    I have the ZTE zmax pro model Z981 running Android 6.0.1 and I’m trying to root. Tried most popular apps with no luck. Any suggestions.
    P.s. Also says August 1 2017 security patch

  5. Please help. Just got out of a relationship with a crazy gurl who secretly was pretty intuitive and learning black hat hacking. I have a galaxy s7 and i need to know how to tell if it’s got anything on it. Already looked at the file list and cross referenced some things but there are too many to go through and i don’t know if anything regular has been piggybacked. Also, separately I cannot seem to root the device either

    1. Hi, Robbo. Running a scan using an anti-malware app is essential. We have tested several leading apps, and you can see our recommendations here. You will also want to keep an eye out for signs of malware or hacking. You can see our list of ways to know if your device is being spied on or tracked here. Finally, if you believe that you are unsafe or may be the target of illegal activity, always contact law enforcement to ensure your safety. Good luck and be safe.

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