Best Hashtag Apps for Android to Help You on Instagram

So, you have an Instagram account and you regularly post great photos on it but it doesn’t seem to catch a lot of attention. It’s probably because you’re not using the best hashtag apps for Android to help you out. You see Instagram tracks a lot of posts by hashtags, so if you are still using ancient hashtags on your photos it’s more likely that they won’t surface to the top. How can you add multiple hashtags to a photo without manually entering them? This is where many of the apps on this list come handy. They will not only offer you the trendiest hashtags but also automatically add them to your photos.

What does this mean?

This means if you use those trending hashtags, your post will likely get more followers and more views.

Note: These apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. I only used the apps determine the trending hashtags but was unable to actually test out if they provide extra views are not. The thing to note here is that the apps worked fine and the service they provide is authentic and can definitely help someone with a more robust following gain more likes and follows.

1. HashTags for Instagram

Hashtags for Instagram is a simple enough app that allows you to check out the trending hashtags and easily use them in your posts. The design is very familiar and the app is highly easy to use. You can select from multiple categories but I really recommend that you check out the most popular section first.

Other than that you can easily go deeper into the categories and even create custom tags that you can  use automatically. The app supports copying tags and immediately opening Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. There are also swipe controls to easily delete custom hashtags.

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2. Best HashTags for Instagram

By now you must have guessed the pattern here, all the apps on the best hashtag apps for Android to help you on Instagram are essentially the same. This one is no different than the others apart from a few interface changes. This copies and pastes necessary hashtags on your Instagram photos and you’ll be swimming in likes and followers in no time at all. The app has it all, from popular hashtags to convenient search, you’ll have no trouble in selecting the trending hashtags, copying them and using them on different social media platforms. The app also comes with hotkeys for opening some of the best social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest is among the supported apps.

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Well, there you have it. I’m personally not into the hashtag game even if I upload a picture on Instagram, so I have no prior experience in this social media world of likes and followers. But I’ve been told that these are some of the most effective apps out there and logically looking at it, it makes a lot of sense. You can potentially combine the hashtags with the best camera apps for Android to snap even better pictures. You can even step up your selfie game by using the best selfie camera apps for Android.

So what do you think about these apps? Do return after you get ton of followers on Instagram so we can gauge performances.

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