Best Home Security Apps for Android

5 Best Home Security Apps for Android to Protect the Family

I yearn for the time when my trusty Android will have robotic arms, laser eyes and will guard my home. Android, capable as it is, is still a long way from becoming a Transformer. However the best home security apps for Android can help you in safeguarding your property.

I’ll be honest, if you are expecting Android to single-handedly take down athletic burglars or armed robbers, this list is not for you. These Android home security apps are more like a watchful guardian than a spandex wearing Kung Fu master.

The best home security apps for Android will help you in monitoring your home and surroundings with ease. So if there is a thief luring around, you will have video evidence of that.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note IV and LG G3. The fourth apps was tested by an associate in Germany. All the apps worked fine.

1. Alfred – Free

Alfred - home security apps for Android

The Observer

Alfred is the butler of Batman and keeps his estate safe and secure. Now Alfred can work for you and keep your home safe, essentially making you Batman!

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, the app itself is very striking and easy to use. There are no lengthy logins or signups here and the interface is as straightforward as it can get. I especially loved the soft color scheme of the app which really eases you into the user interface.

The app can make any smartphone into a camera which can monitor on a simple command. If you have an old Android smartphone relaxing around, you can make it a handy security cam without even spending a fortune.


  • Amazing design and smooth interface.
  • Surprisingly easy setup.
  • Can be used as a viewer or a camera.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with motion detecting capabilities. The app can also send you snap shots when motion is detected on your viewing Android. If you tap on the snapshot the app will take you to a live feed of the surveillance video.


2. i-Security – Free


Secret Watcher

i-Security is one of the most data efficient home security apps for Android. The app also allows you to monitor live video feeds from multiple cameras through surveillance systems. This app allows you to view cameras via WiFi or 3G internet remotely. Although the app is not as user friendly as the number one app on the best home security apps for Android list, it is however a lot more technical.

If you already have a network of cameras around your home, this app can tap into the network and help you view them from anywhere. This app comes in handy when you suspect the nanny of wrong doings and need to keep an eye from your office.


  • Can setup multiple servers.
  • Also supports snapshots.
  • Can support physical control depending on the nature of the camera.

Notable Feature:

The app supports old versions of Android too, which we rarely see these days. While it doesn’t go too far back in its compatibility it does start from one of the most popular iterations of Android, Android 2.3.


3. Video Monitor – Free

Video Monitor

Mindful Guardian

This is another great surveillance app in the best home security apps for Android list. This app comes with a very pleasant looking interface which is very simple in usage. There is no need for lengthy tutorials; with this app you will be down to business in no time at all.

This is the only app which can do simultaneous event detection, video surveillance and GPS location tracking. This makes it uniquely qualified for situations which require this combination of features. For example if your driver is taking personal detours and making you late for meetings, you can abruptly end his adventures with this app.


  • GPS location tracking and that too in real-time.
  • IP cam can be used for video as well as audio monitoring.
  • Reliable event detection.

Notable Feature:

The app can work in the background and even in sleep mode to conserve battery timings.


4. Nest – Free


Keeping it Cool

This app requires you to have Nest appliances installed in your home. The app basically is a first party controller for your thermostat and home condition scanner. I know this is not exactly home security but the app does help you in maintain a safe atmosphere at home.

If your house is filling with smoke or carbon monoxide, the app will notify you in a timely manner. You will also be able to receive important notifications about events and emergency alarms.


  • A highly simplified interface.
  • The app works well with the devices.
  • Very flexible setup including QR code access.

Notable Feature:

This Android home security app is highly useful if you like to remotely control your home’s temperature and avoid dangerous environmental hazards.


5. Ivideon – Free


Integrated Protection

Ivideon is the leading cloud video surveillance service and has been gaining traction in the market lately. Their cameras and equipment are top notch and as is their customer service.

I personally oversaw the installation of the cameras in my dad’s office and installed the app on his phone. It has been almost 8 months and the cameras and the app are working flawlessly. If you have already invested in the cameras, do yourself a favor and download this great app now.


  • Connect with the cameras in an instant.
  • Watch the live stream over web from anywhere and any device.
  • You can send audio back online too, great for soothing babies from bed.

Notable Feature:

In movies bad guys usually destroy the evidence by burning the surveillance tapes or breaking the whole room. With this app they can do all this but still won’t get away. The app can save data on a cloud storage making any localized storage redundant.



These are some of the best home security apps for Android. I know they are not elaborate or extravagant in any way but they can still do an admirable job if used creatively. While the apps are good and all, they can’t replace an actual trained security guard.

Here at Joy of Android we don’t strive to push apps down your throats, we intend to give you friendly advice. These app lists are not for the apps but for you to fully utilize and enjoy your Android device. Play with the home security apps for Android and be safe.

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  1. Well I searched for this title and discovered this, didn’t think i’d find the answer

  2. I really need to get one of these apps. We actually should probably get a security camera first. I am not really paranoid, but you can never be too careful in this day in age. I just want to make sure that my family is safe in our house.

  3. I purchased the Hybrid package from Protection Plus. It came with a Honeywell Vista System. They have all the necessary features on their app is Live View! I will definitely try out i-security with my surveillance system!

    1. Hi Jack,
      Hope all goes well with your new purchase and don´t forget to let us know how trying out i-security goes for you. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I dont have internet at home. I want an app that works only with mobile network. Please help me to do it. There’s one more problem. I live in Mexico and technology arrives late here.

    Thanks Carlos

  5. hello, i use the Alred app on 2 lines on old cell phones and 1 tablet. i use those old cell phones as camers pet cam etc. i point them at entry pionts in my home. and i m able to view remotely using my cell phone as a viewer. i like the date stamp , so if anything is missing i can go back and view if anyone has entered my home

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