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10 Best Htc One Cases That Could Withstand a Brick Wall

The HTC One smartphone was a great device from 2013 and is definitely a premium Android smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The smartphone boasts a powerful processor along with an HD screen. After losing its glare in the smartphones market for the past couple of years, this is probably HTC’s only successful premium device in recent years, facing competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4. It particularly made waves when users were able to switch between UIs. While the phone is made from premium aluminium materials, the device is quite sensitive and you may get bumps and scratches on the device if you drop it. It’s affordable, but as always, you can find places to purchase refurbished options as well.

The more premium features a smartphone has, the more you need to protect it in order to keep it in the best possible condition. Getting a case for your HTC One smartphone is probably one of the first things you should do after buying the device, as it is extremely important to keep the device safe from rough use. After conducting our research, we have reached a list of the 10 best HTC One cases that you can buy right now. Don’t worry, we’ve also paid attention to the price so that you get the right quality for the price you pay. Here are the list of 10 Best Htc One Case.

10.  i-Blason Transformer Prime Series Dual Layer Armored Hybrid Case with Kick Stand – $13.99

iBlason Transformer Prime HTC One case

Durable, double-layered with a Kickstand

At number 10, we have the Transformer Prime case from i-Blason. The case features a solid construction of durable polycarbonate and silicone. The inner silicone layer is for absorbing shock while the outer polycarbonate layer keeps the device safe from regular drops. Also, the outer layer is covered with silicone pads on the corners for further protection against drops.

The case also features a lay-on-the-table design which means that the screen is also protected all the time. Apart from that, you also get a kickstand, which is great for viewing media on the device. Available for $13.99, you can get the case in three different colors including black, blue and red.


9. Cimo S-Line Back Case – $9.96

Cimo S-Line HTC One case

S-Line design with the perfect fit

The S-Line back case from Cimo is at number 9. Made from durable TPU, this case fits the HTC One perfectly and it is extremely slim, adding minimal bulk to the device. The case has its edges raised slightly over the screen so that the screen never comes into contact when lying on a flat surface.

The case has a very soft feel to it due to the secondary silicone layer, which is great at absorbing shock. Also, the soft texture on the back feels really comfortable, providing a good grip in the hands. You will also find the relevant cut-outs for all the ports on the device. Available for $9.96, you can get the case in seven different colors including black, pink, clear, blue, purple, red and white.


8. Speck Products CandyShell Grip Case – $25.18

Speck Candy Shell HTC One case

Beautiful design with excellent grip

At number 8, we have the CandyShell Grip case from Speck. The case features  soft rubberized inner layer for absorbing shock and a hard outer shell for keeping away scratches and protecting the device from regular drops. The plastic back with a rubber pattern looks quite good and feels great in the hands.

Also, the textured back provides a solid grip in the hands, specially for holding the phone while texting. The case is extremely easy to install and has a raised bezel for keeping the screen safe all the time. Available for $25.18, you can get the case in white, black, pink and blue.


7. E-LV 3 Piece Zebra Hard & Soft Armor Case – $11.99

E-LV Zebra HTC One case

Mix and Match with interchangeable layers

The three-piece Zebra design case from E-LV comes at number 7 and is a set of interchangeable cases rather than a single case. One bundle includes three interchangeable cases with the same Zebra design but with different color combinations. You can create up to 6 different color combinations using one bundle. You can also mix and match colors using different layers included in the bundle.

The inner silicone layer is good at absorbing shock while the outer hard plastic layer protects the device from scratches and bumps. Available for $11.99, the bundle also includes 2 screen protectors, 2 styluses and a microfiber digital cleaner. You can get the bundle in two combinations including black/blue/green/white/hot pink and white/red/black/purple/.


6. Mercury Goospery Case – $3.99

Mercury Goosberry HTC One case

Slim, anti-slip, available in vivid colors

At 6, we have the Mercury case from Goospery for the HTC One. The flexible TPU jelly case is extremely slim and fits the device perfectly, with all the relevant cut-outs for ports on the device. The great thing about the case is that the TPU jelly material feels great in the hands due to the soft texture but still provides solid protection from shocks and scratches like a hard case.

The anti-slip finish on the back feels great in the hands and provides an excellent grip. The edges of the case are raised above the screen so that the screen is not damaged if the phone falls. Available for $3.99, you can get the case in 20 vibrant colors such as mint, hot pink, lime, purple, sky blue and yellow.


5. Body Glove DropSuit Rugged Case – $13.89

Body Glove Dropsuit HTC One case

Rugged protection all the time

The DropSuit Rugged case from Body Glove is at number 5. Made from a durable gel material, the case does a great job at keeping the device safe from bumps and scratches. The corners on the case are uniquely designed to protect against shock by absorbing impact.

The sides of the case have a bumper-like texture, which is great for protecting the phone from regular drops. Also, these bumpers provide a great grip in the hands due to the hard texture. One of the best things about this case is that it features an anti-microbial agent which doesn’t let any odor, micro-organisms from bacteria from growing. You can get the case for $13.89.


4. Generic Tri-color Double Dip Genuine Hard Plastic Shell -$2.91

Tri-color Double Dip HTC One case

Attractive, slim with various color combinations

At number 4, we have the Generic Tri-color Double Dip case for the HTC One. Made from durable hard plastic, the case is extremely slim and doesn’t add much bulk to the device. The tri-color double dip design looks really good and adds an attractive look to the phone. The case covers the entire body of the device except the screen, however, the edges are raised so that the screen is also protected.

While the entire case is made from plastic, the centre of  the back is soft and provides a great grip in the hands. Available for $2.91, this case is a bargain as the product you get is much more worth the price. You can get the case in four color combinations including red/white, red/black, gray/black and red/white/gray.


3. OtterBox Commuter Series Hybrid Case – $27.98

OtterBox Commuter Series HTC One case

The ultimate heavy-duty protection

The Commuter Series Hybrid case from OtterBox comes at number 3 in our list. OtterBox is widely known for its solid protective cases for various Android devices and this particular case also doesn’t disappoint. The case provides the ultimate protection and is specially designed for rough use. All the ports on the device are covered by silicone plugs, which do a good job at keeping away dust from entering the device.

The case features an inner silicone layer for absorbing shock and a hard polycarbonate outer layer for protecting the device against regular drops. While most OtterBox cases are bulky due to the heavy-duty protection they provide, the company has done a great job at making this particular case slim and less bulky in order to maintain the attractive body of the HTC One. Available for $27.98, you can get the case in green, purple, white and steel-blue.


2. Diztronic Matte Back Flexible TPU Case – $9.99

Diztronic Matte HTC One back case

Simple, sleek with a matte surface

At number 2, we have the Matte Back Flexible TPU case from Diztronic. Made from durable TPU, this case is one of the thinnest cases available for the HTC One and has all the relevant cut-outs for various ports on the device. It also has the lay-on-the-tablet design which protects the screen when the phone is lying upside down on a flat surface.

The case is lightweight and doesn’t add any noticeable bulk to the device. The matte surface of the case is great at keeping away fingerprints and also provides a good grip in the hands. Available for $9.99, you can buy the case in three different colors including black, aluminium gray and pink glitter.


1. Urban Armor Gear Case – $29.99

Urban Armor Gear HTC One case

Eye-candy with solid protection

Finally at number 1, we have the Urban Armor Gear case for the HTC One. The company has made these popular armor cases for several Android smartphones. The case provides rock solid protection of the device from daily rough usage while being really lightweight. The  soft part of the case works great at absorbing shock while the outer armor shell protects the device from regular drops.

The buttons are huge which are easy to press and all the ports on the device are easily accessible. The case is designed in such a way that you can take glare-free flash pictures with the camera while the audio quality is unaffected when the case is on. UAG gives a one year warranty with the case and a free HD screen protector. Available for $29.99, you can get the case in 4 different colors including black, white, rust and slate.



The HTC One is a fantastic Android device which is capable of doing almost everything that the latest premium smartphones can do. Getting a case for your HTC One is the smart thing to do in order to protect the aluminium body and the HD screen. The above cases are probably the 10 best cases that you can currently buy for your HTC One. You can choose a case depending on your own personal preferences. Feel free to tell us about your preferred case if we missed it out on our list.

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