5 Best Hunting Apps for Android to Improve Your Aim

Hunting is not about the kill, it is always about the anticipation of one. This is what my uncle used to say when we went on deer and boar hunts. Sadly for me, I was never patient and can’t count how many times I lost a kill thanks to my restlessness.

The 5 best hunting apps for Android are geared towards those who enjoy hunting and need a little tech-boost to up their game. One thing I have learned from my short-lived (2 years, 3 hunts) hunting career is that if your heart is not in it, don’t do it.

Joy of Android encourages safe hunting. We urge you not to hunt endangered species even if they are in season. If you want to shoot exotic animals we recommend one of the best camera apps to take the shot.

Note: These apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Some apps were field tested on a Sony Xperia Z3. The apps performed fine but should not be considered a hundred present accurate.

1. HuntWise: The Hunting App



Right Time, Right Place

I know how boring it can be waiting for a prey to come close. You can’t listen to music, you can’t have a fire burning and sometimes you can’t even talk to others.

Huntwise, the hunting app, is an app which tries to cut the waiting time short. By giving you some fairly accurate predictions and optimal hunting times, the app basically tells you when it’s the best time to kill.


  • A great range of small game animals are supported.
  • Generates location-based hunting times and predictions.
  • Shows best time graphs for easy management.

Notable Feature:

The app, unlike other hunting apps for Android, prepares you to make your own decisions after a while. It provides you extensive data and details to hone your general judgment and perception. It’s a great app if you are trying to improve your game.


2. Hunt App – Free with In-app Purchases

Hunt App

Lay of the Land

Hunt App is basically a great hunting GPS map which plots points of interests. The app is your hunting territory guide and allows you to hunt where it is legal.

The app also shows public and private property boundaries so you can avoid any confrontations. The best part of the app is that it can easily cache topographical base maps and aerial images which then can be used offline.

I suggest that you always download the maps on your device before embarking on a hunt.

In-app Purchases: $11.99 – $34.99 per item


  • Topographic, roads, lakes, rivers all are shown.
  • Vehicular use map roads and trails are also visible.
  • The GPS functionality really is a life saver.

Notable Feature:

You can leave a bread crumb trail behind with this app. Take a photo of something interesting during your travels and it can be marked on the GPS map.

When you want to backtrack and feel lost, you can easily see the landmarks and trace your way back.


3. Hunting Calls – Free

 Hunting Calls

Call of Nature

Hunting Calls is exactly what its name sounds like (pun intended). The app has a large collection of hunting calls and covers a wide variety of animals.

While many of the calls are effective and accurate, the actual limitation comes from your device. Android smartphones are not known for their loud and powerful speakers so the calls are not that effective.

I will still recommend a good old hand call or if you can afford, the call whistles.


  • Sound quality is top-notch.
  • Deer calls include bleats, wheeze and grunts.
  • Turkey also gets a lot of attention.

Notable Feature:

Long press a call and you can set it as your notification or call ringtone. This is a great way to receive notifications! Just remember to turn your phone silent when camping; you don’t want any night-time surprises.


4. Fishing & Hunting – Free with In-app Purchases

Fishing & Hunting apps for Android

Time to kill

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is and extremely effective forecasting app. The app is based on Solunar Tables Theory and will determine the correct time of feeding animals and fish. This gives you a great chance to catch a prey at its weakest.

Furthermore the app allows you to plan hunting or fishing trip all the while gauging the ideal conditions. The app also has details on minor and major feeding times and activities.

In-app Purchase: $3.00 per item


  • A great interface which is pleasant and efficient.
  • Sunrise and sunset timings.
  • Displays current weather and 5 days forecast.

Notable Feature:

You can save your favorite locations on the map which then can be accessed when needed.


5. SAS Survival Guide – Free and $5.99

SAS Survibal Guide

The Book of Survival

5.A Free Version

One of the most essential apps in the 5 best hunting apps for Android list, SAS Survival Guide is all about surviving. While it is not directly a hunting app, it does help you endure the wilderness with ease.

Not many people factor uncertain things when going on a hunt and even if you are a seasoned hunter; it never hurts to be prepared.

This handy app will allow you to survive the hunt and make it out in one piece. I highly recommend this app for new hunters in the making.


  • A solid interface which is easy on the eyes.
  • Basic information for stuff like building a fire.
  • Navigate by using the stars.

Notable Feature:

There is a 100 question quiz to determine your field readiness. I suggest you take it before you start your adventure.


5.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app is a great one. There are 9 chapters, 16 videos and photo galleries to augment your wilderness survival ratting.

The app also comes with Morse code signaling, sun compass, and a survival checklist. I recommend this app to any off-road adventurer and hiker.



These are the 5 best hunting apps for Android which are constantly updated and active. While there are a few other hunting apps available, they are not being actively worked on. Before departing, I would like to give a few suggestions.

Remember that the animal you are hunting is alive, so be kind to them. Do not hunt what you don’t need and try to get a clean shot. Even if you miss the vital organs, use a sharpened bowie-knife to ease the animal out of its pain.

Sure, using buckshot on a pack of geese seems awesome but please don’t do this. If you plan on eating all of the fallen birds, then by all means go ahead, but just for the sake of giggles, this is not right.

Same goes for those who “fish” using dynamite. If you have any suggestions for a newbie hunter like me, feel free to share them in the comments.

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