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6 Best iCloud Apps for Android in 2021: Cloud Storage Apps

Problems with internal storage? Storing important pictures and videos on local storage can be risky. We can’t even remember how many great pictures we lost because we were naive and stupid. Now thanks to an iCloud app for Android, we don’t have to worry about saving pictures to the PC or even burning discs for the sake of safekeeping. We know an iCloud app for Android is not actually an “iCloud” app. They are called cloud storage apps but as we all know iCloud is generally the name given to it by casual users. For the sake of ease, we will be using the term iCloud app for Android for the rest of the article.


Best Backup Cloud Storage Apps for Android

6 Backup Cloud Storage Options for Android Compared

Best iCloud apps for Android

Most secure Dropbox
Best in advanced featuresG Cloud Backup
Best in collaborationWinnerGoogle Drive
Best in collaborationRunner UpBox
Best in photo-sharingAmazon Drive
Most user-friendlyOneDrive
Best OverallGoogle Drive
Runner UpDropbox
Best iCloud apps for Android

These are the best iCloud apps for Android, or rather the best cloud storage apps for Android. Read on to know about the features of these iCloud apps for Android.

1. Dropbox – Free With In-App Purchases

App Logo

Dropbox is perhaps the most used and well renowned iCloud equivalent for Android. We were at first a little skeptical about paying for online storage but its great and accessible rates made the take the plunge. Dropbox is not just an iCloud app for Android; it is basically an online storage service that is accessible from any device you own.

You can upload your data including photos, documents or videos directly from your smartphone or tablet. Or you can upload and backup important stuff directly from your PC. The app also gives a few GB worth of storage for free so you can test out the waters. All in all, this iCloud app for Android has been in our life for almost 2 years and has served us extremely well. It also works extremely well with any one of the camera apps we have listed.


  • Always have the stuff you need on you.
  • Sharing photos and documents is very easy.
  • Secure in almost every way.

Notable Feature:

The app automatically detects new photos that are taken and uploads them to your Dropbox account. You can turn on automatic upload and even tell the app to upload only on WiFi connectivity (to save data charges).

Google Play

2. G Cloud Backup – Free With In-App Purchases

App Logo

Next app on our list of iCloud app for Android is the G Cloud Backup. You might think that G Cloud backup is made by Google, but it is not. Now that we have that cleared, the app itself is amazingly designed and provides an excellent service. It’s one of those apps that just feels right at home on both tablets and phones. The interface and usability are top-notch and that is why it is ranking above Google’s own cloud storage offering. The prospect is simple; if you need anything saved you can upload it to the G Cloud servers and forget to worry about it. There is also a dedicated online gallery for you to view the photos you have saved and download only the necessary ones.


  • An incredibly smooth experience.
  • You get 1 GB of free storage and can gain more.
  • Protect the application with a password.

Notable Feature:

You can save SMS messages, contacts, settings, music and even call logs on the G Cloud Backup app. These advanced features are hard to come by on an iCloud app for Android.

Google Play

3. Google Drive – Free With Optional Monthly Plans

google drive icon
App Logo

Google Drive is the official cloud-based storage service for Android. So security, stability, and reliability are top-notch and provide a great service. The app allows you to upload almost anything which then can be retrieved from anywhere and from any device. We use this app to back up the content we write. We travel a lot and sometimes we need to search the archives for information we wrote a while ago. For example, we forgot we rooted a Nexus 4 and a simple search led me to an article we wrote. Similarly you can save photos, documents and videos on the service.

This iCloud app for Android is recommended to all the students and bloggers who want to save text-based, and all other files, on the cloud. The app has some serious search features and can even find a word written inside a document.


  • Can quickly access recent files.
  • Can save selective files on local memory.
  • You can trace file details and history easily.

Notable Feature:

The app has some amazing sharing features and the whole team at Joy of Android enjoys them. You can make a document from the app and share it with any number of other users. They simply have to click the shared tab to see the content.

Google Play

4. Box – Free With Optional Monthly Plans

App Logo

Box is one of the best iCloud apps for Android and it clearly shows with its speed and reliability. The app has won numerous awards and has been known to bring all your files to your fingertips. The apps allow you to access your content online from anywhere you want and from any device you have on hand. For example, if you want to upload a nice presentation you made on your PC and retrieve it on your smartphone later, you can do that.


  • Sharing important photos, videos and documents is very easy.
  • 10 GB of storage space to store almost everything (not Bluray movies, sorry).
  • The built-in file viewer is surprisingly robust.

Notable Feature:

Make a box and invite all your friends to see its content. Collaboration with colleagues is made easier with this magic box you made and shared. The best part is you can even leave notes about the progress and the others will see it almost instantly.

Google Play

5. OneDrive – Free With Optional Monthly Plans

App Logo

OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is a cloud storage solution from Microsoft. Some people prefer Microsoft over everything else and why not, since they have been providing quality products for as long as we can remember. OneDrive is also one such great product and does what it is meant to do. If you are invested in the Microsoft Office ecosystem and need to augment the experience with more comfort and practicality, this is the app made for you. You can make custom folders to save things on OneDrive and even manage items after they have been uploaded. As an added security measure you can also set a PIN to limit access to your personal files. Check out our comparison of OneDrive and Google Drive.


  • A well-rounded interface that is easy to learn.
  • File editing and management with a full online office suite.
  • Automatically backup photos and videos.

Notable Feature:

You can select certain files for download. For example, if you only need your brother’s photos from the huge wedding album for printing, you can do that by selecting them (via thumbnail view) and simply download. Now you won’t have to download the full album to your phone.

Google Play

6. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos – Free With Optional Monthly Plans

App Logo

Amazon is quickly rising through the technological ranks; it’s a wonder to see a company grow so rapidly. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is made primarily to store important photos automatically and painlessly. The app works really well in uploading your taken photos and is very fast in the process. The app also has a clean interface that can be mastered in no time at all. You can even arrange photos in neat albums for future reference and ease of retrieval. Now you can rest easy knowing that even if you change phones or lose data, your precious memories are saved somewhere easy to access. This app is tailor-made for those who like to take selfies. The only problem is you need an Amazon account to log into the service.


  • A solid interface that can be used with one hand (on smartphones).
  • 5 GB worth of storage space, that translates to thousands of photos.
  • Quick and easy sharing buttons.

Notable Feature:

If you are a user of Fire TV or a Kindle Fire tablet, this is the best app for you. The uploaded photos show almost instantly on your other activated devices. I use this feature to show my photos to mom and dad while I’m away for work.

Google Play


What is the difference between iCloud and iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive is a storage service under iCloud. In iCloud, you can store all the data from your Apple devices including backups, media files, voice memos, text messages, app data etc. In iCloud Drive, you can store all the documents including the school projects, presentations, work documents, and more. The maximum storage limit in iCloud Drive is 50GB.

How do I transfer files from iCloud to Google drive on Android?

To transfer files from iCloud to Google Drive, login to your iCloud Drive on the web and download each file on your PC. Then simply upload these file to your Google Drive account. The process is a bit tedious as you have to download each file individually. Batch-download or -transfer is not possible on iCloud Drive.

What is the best free storage app for Android?

If you are looking for free storage, Mega cloud storage is the best free storage app for Android. It offers a free storage of 50GB for the first thirty days. Thereafter, the storage space is limited to 15GB which is still more than the free storage provided by other cloud storage apps. You can get extra 20GB and 15Gb storage space by downloading the desktop and mobile app respectively for 6 months. There is no cloud storage app yet which costs absolutely nothing.

How do I move files from Android to iPhone or iPad?

Apple’s Move to iOS app is designed to migrate all the content on your Android to iOS seamlessly. You can transfer contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars from your Android to new iPhone or iPad. The new device creates a private WiFi network to find the Android device. You will be prompted to enter a security code after which the transfer process will start.

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So with a good iCloud app for Android installed on your device, you don’t have to worry about losing photos and documents. Some friendly advice though: Almost everything online can be hacked. Always remember to have a strong password which includes special characters. Also if you are worried anyone will hack and see your important death ray document, make a password-protected .zip file and you will be great. Now have fun saving stuff and obsessing over giving folders exciting names!

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about these cloud storage apps!

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