Best Idle Games for Android

10 Best Idle Games for Android

Some people love the thrill of playing MOBAs and shooter games on their Android phones. And some people only want to relax while playing games.

Do you love grinding games that aren’t too stressful?

Then idle games are just what you need.

There are countless of clicker games that you can choose from the Google Play Store. You can download each one and try them out for yourself.

But that will take so much time!

That’s why we’ve listed down 10 of the top idle games on Android just for you.

10 Best Idle Games for Android

1. Almost A Hero

Almost a Hero Logo - Best Idle Games
Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero might be one of the best idle RPG games for Android that you’ll ever find.

You’ll enjoy its classic RPG ingredients and the simplicity of idle games. It has many components that’ll keep you busy for hours.

Almost a Hero Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Almost a Hero Loading Page and Heroes Menu

Create your team from 17 heroes that you have to unlock by finishing quests. Your heroes will attack automatically while you help them by equipping Rings and tapping on the screen to damage enemies.

Almost a Hero Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Almost a Hero Gameplay

As you defeat enemies, you’ll get coins and other consumable items for heroes, Rings, and so much more.

Google Play

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2. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon Logo - Best Idle Games
Idle Miner Tycoon

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a successful business tycoon? You can live that dream with Idle Miner Tycoon.

Hire and upgrade workers by strategically allocating your profits in the right places. It’s like operating a real business.

Idle Miner Tycoon Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Idle Miner Tycoon Loading Page and Gameplay

You’ll have miners, managers, and collectors who will work for you. Your task is to grow your profits and strive to reach the top of the leaderboard.

To earn money faster, you can spend on in-app purchases. You can also leave your game and it will continue to profit.

Google Play

3. Life on Earth

Life on Earth Logo - Best Idle Games
Life on Earth

Life on Earth lets you enjoy while learning about evolution. It’s a highly-rated game while makes it one of the top 10 idle games for Android.

Life on Earth Login Page - Best Idle Games
Life on Earth Login Page

The developers of the game are science enthusiasts. Each microorganism level you unlock has useful information.

Life on Earth Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Life on Earth Gameplay and Pop Quiz

You can also answer pop quizzes to accelerate DNA production to unlock other microorganisms.

If you love science and clicker games, you may want to try this out.

Google Play

4. A Girl Adrift

A Girl Adrift Logo - Best Idle Games
A Girl Adrift

Fish with an adorable chibi character with A Girl Adrift. This aesthetically pleasing idle RPG fishing game is relaxing and fun at the same time.

The story revolves with a girl traveling on a raft all over Earth that’s submerged underwater. She visits known places and fishes to gather objects that you can use to upgrade and buy items.

A Girl Adrift Gameplay - Best Idle Games
A Girl Adrift Gameplay

You may drown in the game’s therapeutic and mesmerizing graphics, music, and sound effects (no pun intended).

With over 5 million installs on Google Play, it’s no doubt that A Girl Adrift is still one of the top idle games for Android in 2020.

Google Play

5. Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant Logo - Best Idle Games
Animal Restaurant

Let’s continue the streak of cuteness with another idle game, Animal Restaurant. It’s considered one of the best idle games on Android because of many reasons.

First, the graphics are just lovely. It’s simple and bright. And second, the characters are adorable and their dialogs give them so much personality.

Animal Restaurant Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Animal Restaurant Gameplay

Your task is to accommodate the customers in the animal-owned restaurant. In return for the food you’ll serve, they will give you cod which is the currency in the game.

Use this to upgrade your restaurant and buy new recipes. You can also hire staff members and unlock a garden.

Animal Restaurant Rich Kid - Best Idle Games
Don’t Miss Rich Kid!

Watch out for Rich Kid panda. Click on him repeatedly to gets lots of cod!

Google Play

Before continuing to the next half of the list, you should consider getting a smartphone holder if you don’t have one yet.

Smartphone Holder - Best Idle Games
Gooseneck Smartphone Holder

It’s a versatile accessory that you can use whenever you’re watching or playing games. Allow yourself to play without holding your phone for long hours.


6. Tap Tap Axe

Tap Tap Axe Logo - Best Idle Games
Tap Tap Axe

Tap Tap Axe is another clicker game that you should consider. You’ll be assisting a woodcutter in his quest to chop down trees.

You need to upgrade his ax and use power-ups to level up faster. As you progress into the game, the tree becomes tougher to chop down.

Tap Tap Axe Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Tap Tap Axe Lobby and Gameplay

Your character will continue chopping the tree even when you’re not playing. But tapping on the screen will make the woodsman chop much quicker.

Google Play

7. Fantastic Cats

Fantastic Cats Logo - Best Idle Games
Fantastic Cats

Are you a cat lover? Then, you definitely try Fantastic Cats.

Collect cat photos and discover different traits by placing toys around the cafe. Use cat food and toys to attract cats.

Each cat will require a different item to get cute and amazing photos.

Fantastic Cats Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Fantastic Cats Gameplay and Shop

Buy and place the items by tapping on the menu on the lower right corner of the screen. Then, sit back, relax, and watch your furry pals play away.

It could take a while to complete all the cats. But you can buy gold and dazzle coins to speed up your progress.

Google Play

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8. Cookie Clicker Save The World

Cookie Clicker Save the World Logo - Best Idle Games
Cookie Clicker Save the World

The developers or Cookie Clicker Save The World takes pride in their idle cookie clicker game.

With over 400 achievements, power-ups, and upgrades, it’s easy to consider this game to be one of the top idle games for Android.

Cookie Clicker Save the World Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Cookie Clicker Save the World Gameplay

Cookie Clicker Save The World is set in the future where cookies are used as currency.

Bake cookies and save the world from global warming. Use the cookies to build structures that lower levels of CO2.

Google Play

9. Idle War: Legendary Heroes

Idle War Legendary Heroes Logo - Best Idle Games
Idle War: Legendary Heroes

Let’s go back to idle RPG games with Idle War: Legendary Heroes.

The characters are so well-designed and could be potential MOBA characters. Despite the complexity of the graphics, the gameplay is quite simple.

Idle War Legendary Heroes Loading Page - Best Idle Heroes
Idle War: Legendary Heroes Loading Page

Battle through more than 1000 stages, craft gears, and clear dungeons. Create or join guilds to aid other players.

Idle War Legendary Heroes Gameplay - Best Idle Games
Idle War: Legendary Heroes Hero Lineup and Battle

There are in-game purchases available. But you could summon and level up heroes and craft gears by grinding.

Google Play

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10. PixNite

PixNite Logo - Best Idle Games

Adult coloring books were a thing a few years back. Still, some people continue to enjoy coloring as a form of therapy.

PixNite is a clicker app that allows you to color by numbers and create amazing images.

PixNite Gallery and Gameplay - Best Idle Games
PixNite Gallery and Gameplay

Click on the colors, zoom in the image, and color away.

Compared to other idle coloring games, PixNite is simple and relaxing without invasive ads.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to play idle games on Android?

Most idle games are free to download and install so you don’t need to pay for them. Still, a lot of these games offer in-app purchases that can help you progress quicker.

Can I play idle games without an Internet connection?

Some idle games like RPG clickers require an Internet connection. Other games can be played offline.

What can I benefit from playing idle games?

Playing idle games is great for killing time and enhancing decision-making skills. It can also give you a sense of accomplishment after finishing quests or stages.


Not all games are intense and stressful. Idle games are often simple and relaxing.

Idle games on Android devices have different genres. You can choose games that will tickle your inner child.

However, you should keep this in mind:

You should be aware of the time you spend on your phone. Playing games is fun, but you must give your eyes and hands a break. Continuous playing can strain your eyes and your fingers.

So what are you waiting for?

Download and install the idle game that catches your interest and tap away.

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