Best Kindle Fire Android Apps

4 Best Kindle Fire Android Apps for Amazon Fans

Order books and get books. This was what Amazon was all about back when it started. Now it is a mega corporation which indulges in almost everything, they even have phones. Kindle Fire was meant to be a book reader for Amazon customers but it shaped into so much more. Now with Kindle Fire Android apps, the opportunities are limitless. The fact that the tablet is extremely low priced for the features it provides makes it one of the best ones around, especially for rooting with the Android OS. The only downside about owning a Kindle Fire is that it is not supported by Google Play Store.

Note: The apps in the 5 best Kindle Fire Android apps list were tested on a Kindle Fire HDX running on Fire OS 3. The apps performed fine and no problems were faced during the testing.

Writers Note: These apps are not arranged in any particular order. These are the apps which are essentials for a Kindle Fire tablet and enhance your everyday experience in a meaningful way.

1. ES File Explorer – Free with ads

ES File Explorer

Explore truly

Let’s be honest here, the Kindle Fire doesn’t ship with an advanced file explorer. This is where ES File Explorer comes in. This app is one of the must have Kindle Fire Android apps as it will be needed regularly, especially if you like to tinker with your gadgets. Transferring files from internal memory to an external one or copying pictures into another folder are a few of the things you can do with this great app. ES File Explorer gives you unrestricted access to the device you purchased.


  • A fully loaded file explorer.
  • Copy, cut and paste functions are implemented well.
  • The interface, while a little complicated, is easy to use.

Notable Feature:

Some apps leave some residue data after being installed. With this app you can locate and delete those useless folders.

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2. Comics – Free with IAP


A whole new experience

Comics is one of the few apps which make sense on a Kindle Fire. This is not just a comic app; it makes them more alive and captivating. Reading comics on a tablet was a little odd especially if you like to hold them close to your face. With Comics there is no need to do that, every panel is automatically magnified to fit the screen so you can admire the artwork and enjoy your favorite stories in great detail. The app has an extremely user-friendly interface and works like a charm. I use this app more and more, probably because it is easier to purchase comics digitally.


  • There are some digital only titles you won’t get anywhere.
  • Wish list is a great way of keeping track of comics you want.
  • You can read comics on any device.

Notable Feature:

If you are reading a series you are always eager to get the next comic. Digital comics release the same day as print releases so you don’t have to wait. The best part is you don’t even have to walk to the comic shop.

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3. Instapaper – $2.99


The new way to read

Are you one of those people who like to read during breakfast or while traveling? Instapaper is the best reader app among Kindle Fire Android apps. That is because it allows you to save most web pages as text only which automatically takes the text body and makes it fit the screen of your tablet. No more pinching out to zoom-in just to read. The app makes the text prominent and easier to read with its non-intrusive interface. My dad loves this app and reads the morning newspaper on it every day. I take it with me on the bus to enjoy a nice read before the daily grind.


  • An amazing interface.
  • Adjustable fonts, text size and line spacing.
  • Dark mode and brightness control for night-time reading sessions.

Notable Feature:

Every page you save is available offline. This is a great feature if you don’t have a reliable 3G network access. Simply download the pages you want to read while connected to your home WiFi and continue reading on the road.

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4. SketchBook Mobile – Free

SketchBook Mobile

Sketch it like a pro

SketchBook Mobile is a fully loaded canvas ready to be sketched on. The price is a little high for an app which most will use just for doodling but it is none the less a powerful tool. I personally take this app to my art class and doodle game characters on it for quick digitizing. Sure it won’t be replacing your professional graphics tablet but it will give you a capable creative outlet. The app is fully compatible with Kindle Fire tablets and runs with ease, even if you overload the app with multiple layers.


  • Features a stylish interface.
  • Easy to use yet hard to master.
  • Very responsive even with finger touch.

Notable Feature:

This app boots up really fast on the Kindle Fire tablet. It doesn’t take more than four seconds to become fully functional, which is a great thing if you want to work in a hurry.

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These are the 5 best Kindle Fire Android apps that are too good to pass on. Amazon is obviously far behind when it comes to sheer number of apps, but these apps sure make up for some of them. It’s never the quantity; it’s the quality they say. And these 5 apps prove that right. Have fun with the amazing Kindle Fire, I recommend The Death of Wolverine #1.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.

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