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5 Best Launchers for Android Tablets

Despite sharing the same great mobile operating system, phones and tablets are different from each other. This is why we are making a list of the best launcher for Android tablets. If you are following my write-ups in the past, you may have notices I’m a bit of a customization enthusiast. I love tweaking out my Android devices and making them my own. There is something amazing in changing the whole outlook of your device with careful managements. Thankfully the Android platform is a paradise for custom launchers and widgets.

The best launchers for Android tablets are made to make them easy to handle and control. The 7 inch tablets are way easier to handle than let’s say the 10.1 inch ones which are releasing now. I seriously had trouble using my cousins Galaxy Note Pro 12 which is a beast of a tablet coming at 12 inches. It was like holding a laptop and using it without the mouse (it was incredible). The best launchers for Android tablets may not tame that wild mare but it will certainly help you customize the experience to your liking.

Note: The best launchers for Android tablets were tested on a Asus Memo Pad 7 HD. The apps performed fine and there were no problems faced whatsoever. Most of the apps come with in-app purchases and in some cases they really enhance the features.

1. Go Launcher – Free with In-app Purchases

Go Launcher

The Go To Guy

If you need a simple and easy to use launcher, then Go Launcher is the best for you. This launcher was also featured on our best launchers for Android list and it has made it to this list as well. This sort of free launcher for tablets makes your tablet nice and clean in one go.

The round icons look amazing on a soothing background; thankfully the launcher comes with multiple such backgrounds as well. That’s not why I’m recommending it though, it’s because there are over 10,000 free themes for you to download. This means every day can be a new day with Go Launcher installed on your beloved tablet.

If you are interested in expanding the functionalities of the app, you can invest in the pro version too. The pro version can be purchased directly from the app and will enable multi touch access to core functions and new transition effects. Most of all there will be no sponsored messages or ads on the app.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $29.99 per item


  • Some really smooth transition animations.
  • Comes with 15 free widgets.
  • 25 plus fancy looking transition effects.

Notable Feature:

With the Go Launcher you will be able to launch apps by assigning gestures to them. This will allow you to launch the apps you frequently use with just a flick of the finger. I use this method to remove any extra icon from my dock.


2. Solo Launcher – Free

Solo Launchers for Android Tablets

Never Left Solo

Solo Launcher is what I call a true free launcher for Android tablets. Sure there might be an occasional ad with the launcher but it is extremely rare. The app also has some of the best looking app management systems which put other launchers to shame. That’s not why I ranked this the second on the best launchers for Android tablets list though. It’s because the launcher is one of the lightest launchers around, this was a worthy contender for the lightest launcher for Android spot too.


  • Comes with a smart search feature.
  • Assign swipes, taps and pinches with ease.
  • A lot of free themes are available for free.

Notable Feature:

The app is completely free, this means there is no premium content hidden behind a mandatory pay wall. This is truly a free launcher for Android tablets.


3. Apex Launcher – Free and $3.99

Apex Launcher

Deep Customizations

3.A Free Version

Apex Launcher is a fantastic app which comes with some impressive home screen customizations. Not many apps allow you to change the grid size of the apps hosted on the home screen. Apex Launcher also allows you to have up to 9 home screens on your tablet. The app also has infinite or elastic scrolling on all, home screens, app drawer and even the dock.

I really love the fancy transition effects which can be used to scroll through app pages; I personally liked the cube one because of its 3D inducing effect. The best part of this launcher is that you can easily hide the elements you don’t want cluttering your home screen. You can remove the search bar, status bar or if you want you can kick off the dock too.


  • Apps can be bundled into neat folders.
  • Folder icons can easily be customized.
  • Comes with multiple drawer styles.

Notable Feature:

You made some clever adjustments to your home screen, added in matching background and widgets, arranged the apps in just the perfect order. Now you don’t want it all ruined by anyone don’t you? Apex Launcher allows you to lock the screens so no changes can be made. So no kid will be able to mess your home screen.


3.B Paid Version

If you pay some dollars you will be able to unlock powerful drawer customizations like unlimited tabs and folders. You will also get dock swipe action and more gesture options. There will be enhanced folder support and advanced widget support too. All in all if you love what you see in the free version, this is the natural progression towards a much better experience.



These were the 5 best launchers for Android tablets. If you feel like you may require a little speed, you can also check out the fastest Android launcher too. I’m pretty sure I might have missed many great launchers which can be perfectly used on tablets. But these are the ones which are trending and garner a healthy rating on the Google Play Store. If you have a better launcher tucked away on your Android tablet, feel free to share it with me in the comments below. I will love to check out your recommendations.

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  1. Really? Did an Android newb write this?
    Go launcher, etc? These all suck for the most part.
    No mention of Nova/nova prime, no action launcher /action launcher 3, no smart launcher , … Which actually Are the best for tablets.
    Sorry but this article sucks.
    Only worthy mention is square launcher…. But even that kinda sucks.
    Get a new job please.

    1. AndroidPaul,

      Dude calm down 🙂 I understand your rage though, however check this article also written by me : every launcher you mentioned is on the list. This article as about launchers for tablets and I didn’t want overlapping launchers in both lists. I think I mentioned that in the article too.

      Btw nice choice of launchers man.

  2. I would be interested in your thoughts on the Galaxy Launcher which I use and love. Can any of these launchers be backed up and restored?

    1. Johnnie, I have tried that launcher in the past. It was solid launcher back then. Also almost every launcher on the list can be backed up and restored, it’s one of the most essential features.

  3. I am using smart launcher 3 on my tablet.It works smoothly.You have also missed hola launcher,nova launcher and asus zenui launcher.I have used them before and they worked smoothly.

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