Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android

10 Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android

Did you know that you can download the best medical diagnosis apps on your phone? 

We all know this…

It’s hard to go to hospitals to get a consultation with the Coronavirus outbreak affecting almost every part of the world.

And you know what’s even worse?

Aside from the community quarantine that limits us where we go, hospitals are loaded with people either infected by the virus or show symptoms of the virus. Because of this, going to hospitals could increase the risk of you getting infected with the virus.

So much irony, right?!

The place where you go to treat your illness exposes you to a deadly virus at the same time. Yikes!

But, there’s a silver lining to all of this.

Your smartphone can help you through this tough time. You can download medical diagnosis apps that can help you with basic medical diagnoses.

Reminder: These apps shouldn’t replace real doctors. You still need to get yourself checked if your condition is untreatable at home.

There’s one problem, though.

With all the different free and paid symptom checker apps online, you might spend the entire day or more just looking for one that works.

That’s why we did the app testing for you. Here’s a list of the 10 best medical diagnosis apps for Android devices that you can try out.

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10 Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android

1. HealthTap

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: HealthTap
HealthTap-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

HealthTap is one of the top-rated medical apps on the Google Play Store. It enables you to get in touch with doctors 24/7.

The user interface is easy to use. All features and steps have specific instructions on what you need to do to get results.

After the virtual consultation, you’ll be given a personalized diagnosis as well as health care guidelines. The doctor could also give you advice if you need to seek immediate medical care from a hospital.

It’s not free, though. Installing and signing up is free of charge. But, you would need to pay $119 every year to get unlimited consultations.

Healthtap Interface - Medical Diagnosis Apps
Healthtap Features and Symptom Assessment AI Chat

If you don’t want to pay, you can always use the symptoms checker for free. The AI system will ask you a series of questions that will help determine your possible condition.


  • Symptoms assessment checker using an AI system
  • Live chat with a doctor
  • Ask questions and a doctor will respond within 24 hours
  • Health care guides
  • Database access to conditions, doctors, medications, and procedures
Google Play

2. Ada

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Ada
Ada-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

Ada is another straightforward medical diagnosis app for your Android device. It’s also highly-rated which shows how many people are pleased with this app.

Once you sign up, the AI system of the app will immediately ask you a series of queries that will help diagnose your illness.

You can also find the Condition Library where you can research different conditions. You’ll also have records of your assessments and a symptom tracker which you can use consult an actual doctor.


  • Symptom assessment AI system
  • Assessment records
  • Condition library
  • Symptom tracking
Google Play

3. WebMD for Android

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: WebMD
WebMD-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

WebMD is a popular medical source website. They created an Android app that can help you use different services easily using your devices.

It’s packed with various features including the Symptom Checker. Choose your symptoms and the app will present possible conditions that you may have. You can also find treatment and medication options after the diagnosis.

WebMD Symptom Checker Interface - Medical Diagnosis Apps
WebMD Features and Symptom Checker

Another neat feature is the Doctor Directory that can help you find doctors in your area. If you need medications, the WebMD Rx can connect you to major pharmacies to get the lowest deals.


  • Symptom Checker
  • Doctor Directory
  • WebMD Rx
  • Medication Reminder
  • Condition database
  • Customization function
  • Drug Interaction Checker
Google Play

4. Symptomate

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Symptomate
Symptomate-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

Unlike other apps, Symptomate only focuses on symptom assessment. You will need to input basic information about you and the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Then you’ll be asked a couple of questions with questions. It usually takes 3 minutes or so before you can get results.

The AI system will diagnose how severe your condition is and the possible conditions you have. No need for logging in. After downloading the medical diagnosis app, you’ll immediately use the symptom checker.

Symptomate Interface - Medical Diagnosis Apps
Symptomate Introduction and Results


  • Symptom Assessment
  • Available in different languages besides English
  • The database consists of more than 1,500 symptoms and 800 conditions which continue to grow every day
Google Play

5. Diagnosis Medical App

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Diagnosis Medical App
Diagnosis Medical App-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

This may be the coolest medical diagnosis app for Android yet! Diagnosis Medical App features a doctor consultation simulator.

Yes, it’s like a video game simulator.

Once you enter the app, you’ll be in a simulated doctor’s office with an AI doctor. He will ask you different questions and you only need to pick answers from the choices.

After the “doctor’s consultation”, you’ll be given the results and medical advice. The app doesn’t have other features, but the doctor simulation makes it standout.

Diagnosis Medical App Doctor Simulator - Medical Diagnosis Apps
Doctor Simulator and Basic Information Questions


  • Fresh medical diagnosis app interface
  • AI with advance questions and diagnosis
  • Consists of a database with over 1,500 symptoms
Google Play

6. Your Doctors – 24/7 Online Doctors

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Your Doctors
Your Doctors-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

Like HealthTap, Your Doctors connects you doctors that specialize in the conditions you want to consult.

Instead of self-diagnosis, this medical app will give a much more accurate diagnosis they will come from doctors.

You can install and sign up for free. Once signed up, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial using the app. After that, you need to pay to continue using the app’s services.

Your Doctors Interface - Medical Diagnosis Apps
Your Doctors Features Menu


  • 24/7 real-time chatting service with a medical professional
  • Medication reminder
  • Stores chat history
  • Coronavirus Online Screening Tool
Google Play

7. Best Doctor at Home

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Best Doctor At Home
Best Doctor at Home-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

The Best Doctor at Home is a simple medical diagnosis app. It doesn’t have an AI system symptom checker like the other apps on the list.

Still, you can get good information from the app. It’s a form of database with illnesses, symptoms, and possible treatments.

It’s a small diagnosis app that can be used with lower Android version devices.

Best Doctor at Home Interface - Medical Diagnosis Apps
Symptom Categories and Condition Details


  • Categorized conditions
  • Can be used offline
  • Includes home remedies for less serious illnesses
Google Play

8. VisualDx (For Physicians)

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Visual DX
VisualDX-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

If you’re a medical doctor, you’ll find VisualDx a useful app. It uses an intensive image analysis.

It can help you especially if you’re a dermatologist to condense conditions for a much accurate diagnosis.

You will need to sign up and pay for an account before you can access the app.


  • User-friend interface
  • Decent database of common illnesses and symptoms
  • Nutrition adviser and health calculator included
Google Play

9. Diagnose (For Physicians)

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: Diagnose
Diagnose-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

Diagnose is an app designed and created for medical professionals. You can use this app to check the probability of the different tests to determine the condition.

This diagnosis app uses medical terms that common people may not understand. If you’re not a physician or a medical student, this app isn’t for you.

Diagnose Interface - Medical Diagnosis Apps
Conditions List and Details


  • Provides pre-test and post-test probabilities
  • Includes more than 45 common internal medicine conditions
  • Simple calculations for physicians
Google Play

10. iTriage Health

Best Medical Diagnosis Apps for Android: iTriage Health
iTriage-Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

This medical diagnosis app from Healthagen LLC, is another medical diagnosis app that you’d want to check out.

It’s a free app with a lot to offer. Besides searching for your symptoms and their causes, you can also use iTriage Health to find doctors and hospitals near you.

You can also use it to track records of your conditions and medication.


  • Symptom checker to health provider pathway
  • Doctor and hospital search service
  • Medical terminology dictionary
Amazon appstore

Frequently Asked Questions

Are medical diagnosis apps accurate?

The accuracy of the results will depend on the information you provide. If you give wrong information, the chances of the results being inaccurate are high.

Is my privacy secured when using medical diagnosis apps?

Though these symptom checker apps are used for medical purposes, your privacy may not be secured. Some apps may say that your privacy is 100% protected, but they don’t usually offer special privacy security.

Will these apps help me to stay healthy?

Medical diagnosis apps can help you determine a preexisting medical condition you have. However, it has its limitations.

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Final Thoughts on Best Medical Diagnosis Apps

And that’s the 10 best medical diagnosis apps for Android devices. You should be able to find the best one for your needs from this list.

The last two listed are for physicians. If you’re a medical doctor, VisualDx and Diagnose are the best ones out there.

Remember, these apps shouldn’t replace a real doctor’s diagnosis. During this time of the Coronavirus outbreak, using diagnosis apps can help you with common illnesses.

For more serious illnesses, call your physician immediately to get the medical attention you need.

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