7 Best MMORPGs for Android in 2019:

10 Best MMORPGs for Android – Free MMORPG Apps

Let’s be honest:

Role-playing games are fun and exciting!

Good storylines, customizable characters, and an immersive world are just one of the few elements that make an RPG game exciting. But what if I tell you that together with the RPG experience, you can also play with other people in the same game?

Imagine doing quests with your friends, raiding boss dungeons with your guild, and showing off your unique character to other people. It would make RPG more exciting and enjoyable.

RPGs with multiplayer elements have already taken the world by storm. Usually, in a fantasy world setting, MMORPGs take you to an entirely different world with stunning graphics and gameplay.

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For those who don’t know:

What are MMORPGs for Android?

MMO stands for “massively multiplayer online while RPG means “role-playing game.” With the combination of elements from MMO and RPG, the MMORPG was born.

MMORPGs let you create avatars and customize everything, from their appearance, sex, race, skills, and profession. As the game progresses, your character can “level up” to improve their skills and upgrade their jobs. 

Questing in-game or grinding to level up depends on you. With massive worlds to explore and other players to interact with, MMORPGs will surely entertain you for days, months, or even for years!


While mobile gaming is gaining popularity these past few years, MMORPGs for Android are increasing in numbers as well. You can now play your favorite MMORPG anywhere you want with the comfort of mobile gaming.

Choosing an MMORPG for Android that you will enjoy is difficult and time-consuming. You have to be mindful of its graphics, settings, price, and gameplay.

Don’t worry!

We have created a list of the best MMORPGs for Android so that you won’t have to go through each one. Sounds great, right?!

Of course, these games would perform its best if paired with the best gaming phones that will ensure a smooth and lag-free MMORPG gaming.

10 Best MMORPGs for Android in 2019

Disclaimer: These games are all Free-to-Play and do not require you to buy its in-game purchases to get stronger.

Without further ado, here are your top MMORPGs for Android.

1. AdventureQuest 3D

Best MMORPGs for Android - Adventure Quest 3D Logo

AdventureQuest 3D is a quickly improving MMORPG. With its cool-looking swords, diverse magic, and with an open-world setting, it is a game where fantasy MMORPG fans would surely enjoy. Along with fully customizable characters, PvP events, and dungeon raids, you can have a genuine MMORPG experience.

Because this game does not require you to pay for winning, obtaining powerful skills and items is attainable through gameplay. Multi-classing characters are not a problem, and switching classes are available anytime. Collect characters such as the Necromancer, Ninja, Paladin, and Mage.

What’s interesting is you can play the game across different platforms. You can now play with friends, raid dungeons together, and kill boss monsters from anywhere and with various devices.

With the game’s different events, good graphics, and real-time gameplay, it is a game worth to try! Check it out on Google Play below.

Google Play

2. Lineage 2: Revolution

Best MMORPGs for Android - Lineage 2 Revolution Logo

“Lineage 2: Revolution” is an auto-play type of MMORPG. Auto-play meaning that your character can finish quests and equip items without directly controlling them. If you’re looking for an MMORPG that requires little of your attention but enjoys slowly improving heroes, this game is perfect for you.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Lineage 2 Revolution Gameplay

Although the game can be auto-played, you can still play it manually if you want. Along with its stunning graphics, you can do the regular stuff you see in MMORPGs such as questing, join clans, doing PVPs, and more. Getting stronger takes a lot of time, but you can enjoy watching your character getting powerful items and leveling from zero to hero.

What’s unique with this game is the game’s massive 50v50 Fortress Siege that’s epic because of the game’s graphics. If you’re looking for an MMORPG with remarkable graphics, an auto-play feature, and epic battles, you would surely enjoy this game.

Are you interested? Get it now on Google Play!

Google Play


Best MMORPGs for Android - MU ORIGIN2 Logo

If you’re a fan of the classic MMORPG called MU Online, this game is for you. The MU kingdom is now back with reinvented gameplay and improved graphics.

Best MMORPGs for Android - MU ORIGIN2 Gameplay

MU ORIGIN 2 includes real-time PVP battles, live auctions, idle gameplay, and you can also play with your friends with no problem. With its autoplay feature, you can finish quests and take massive experience points even without actively using your phone.

There are tons of items, gear, and wings to customize your character the way you want. With its astonishing graphics, you can disable the autoplay feature and enjoy this massive fantasy world and go on a fantasy adventure.

With its amazing features, this game is worth a shot! Download it now on Google Playstore.

Google Play

4. Old School RuneScape

Best MMORPGs for Android - Old School RuneScape Logo

If you’ve played Oldschool RuneScape before, this classic MMORPG is now playable through your mobile phone and is offering cross-platform gaming. You can now play and explore this vast MMORPG anywhere you want with your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone without creating or changing accounts.

The game is free-to-play, but you can subscribe monthly to get more skills, a larger world map, and more quests. Play with friends to raid dungeons and fight epic bosses together or enjoy and explore the vast fantasy world alone and make a name for yourself.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Old School RuneScape Gameplay

What’s interesting about this game is that the developers listen to the community. The game developers add proposed features that have been voted by the majority of the players in the game.

Can’t wait to play? Click on the Google Playstore button below for more details!

Google Play

5. Toram Online

Best MMORPGs for Android - Toram Online Logo

What separates Toram Online from other mobile MMORPGs is its flexible customization. The game provides you a “Skill Tree” where you can choose your path to enhance and develop your character to your liking.

Decide your unique playstyle as this game as you there are different weapons you can choose and freely change the skills of your items. With numerous combinations available, you can create the character of your dreams with this level of customizability.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Toram Online Gameplay

You can play together with friends and defeat powerful with your party. Forming a party even when playing alone is possible through the “mercenary” system where you can borrow other people’s characters to join you in your adventures.

Do you want this game? Please check Google Playstore for more details.

Google Play

6. Grow Stone Online

Best MMORPGs for Android - Grow Stone Online Logo

Enjoy 2D retro-style MMORPG with Grow Stone Online. With its idle game features, you use auto skills in-game and collect rewards even if you’re offline.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Grow Stone Online Gameplay

Experience the 2D MMORPG feels by playing with friends, doing co-op battles, competing in the arena, fighting with your clan, and killing boss monsters. Customize your character with different armors, weapons, and accessories.

Grow Stone Online features various events like fishing, mining, and co-op battles. It has a “couple” event where different characters can have “couple rings” that symbolizes their relationship.

Does this unique retro-style MMORPG suit your taste? Download it now on Google Playstore!

Google Play

7. World of Prandis

Best MMORPGs for Android - World of Prandis Look

If you don’t prefer auto-play mobile MMORPGs, World of Prandis is the best choice. This game, unlike most mobile MMORPGs, doesn’t offer have an auto-play feature and must be controlled in real-time to attack, move, and use skills.

Best MMORPGs for Android - World of Prandis Gameplay

Create your favorite character by choosing a starting tribe and picking from seven different classes that include Warrior, Hunter, Paladin, Assasin, Mage, Priest, and Warlock. Enjoy the game further by summoning mounts, pets, and crafting items with your character.

Explore the world by using flying mounts for a faster and more convenient way of traveling. What’s more interesting is, there are no VIP options in this game for balanced battles and competitions.

Does this pique your curiosity? Get this incredible game on Google Playstore now!

Google Play

8. Dragon Nest

Best MMORPGs for Android - Dragon Nest M Logo

If you’ve enjoyed playing Dragon Nest on PC before, you would love its optimized mobile version. Experience good MMORPG, great stories, and exciting combat with this game.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Dragon Nest M Gameplay

Start your journey in Lagendia by choosing between seven classes that include Archer, Warrior, Academic, Sorceress, Assasin, Cleric, and Oracle Elder. With over 70 skills to choose from, you can create different skill combinations and fight other players in PVP to test your skills.

You can get powerful items with your friends by clearing dungeons and slaying boss monsters. Combine various costumes to customize your character and to impress other people.

Do you want to re-live your moments in Lagendia? Download it now on Google Play!

Google Play

9. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Best MMORPGs for Android - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Logo

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a mobile adaptation of the game classic game called Ragnarok Online. Explore the massive world of Rune Midgard and complete quests as the fate of the world is in your hands.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Gameplay

Start the game by choosing between a variety of characters like Archer, Swordsman, and Acolyte. After creating a character, start your journey by taking quests or finding mobs to get experience points and gold.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Ragnarok allows users to explore the world right away and choose quests that they prefer. Enjoy this vast world with your friends and form guilds with other people for the best experience.

Are you thrilled to play this game? Check it out on Google Play below!

Google Play

10. Aurcus Online

Best MMORPGs for Android - Aurcus Online Logo

Explore the fantasy world of Levaria on your mobile! Enjoy the game with its real-time combat system and take full control of your character to release its potential.

Start your journey by choosing between four classes that include Swordsman, Cleric, Magician, and Scout, which advances to stronger jobs as you progress in the game. Play the game actively by manually controlling your character to dodge enemy attacks and perform combos.

Best MMORPGs for Android - Aurcus Online Gameplay

Test your skills in the PVP arena that lets you battle other players in real-time. You can play with your friends by joining guilds and slaying boss monsters on the field.

Check this exciting game on Google Play below!

Google Play

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To Summarize

Choosing the right MMORPG that you would enjoy that fits your gameplay and taste is time-consuming and difficult. To help you decide, we chose the ones that we think are the best in terms of gameplay, graphics, and features.

All these games are free-to-play but offer in-game purchases. In-game purchases make your character strong quickly, but it lessens the thrill of seeing your avatar get stronger step by step.

Is your favorite game on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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