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6 Best Navigation Apps for Samsung Gear S3

Let’s admit it.

The Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best smartwatches that you can wear on your wrists. At least up to date.

It has two versions that you can choose from: Classic and Frontier. It is fully compatible not only with an Android device but also with iOS. Totally amazing, right?!

Now hear this out:

The Gear S3 is built with an impressive technology that lets you do several things. Moreover, it is equipped with apps that can make the Gear S3 even more productive and useful. For reference, you can check our list of the best apps that you can install in your Samsung Gear S3.

But for now…

Let’s dig into the list of the best navigation apps for your Samsung Gear S3!

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6 Best Navigation Apps for Samsung Gear S3

1. Google Maps

Google Maps Sample Image
Find your way with Google maps

You can navigate faster with Google Maps, it has mapped 220 countries and millions of business places on the map. Everywhere in the world, Google Maps can offer you known places to eat, drink, go and explore like a local neighborhood.

Advanced features of Google Maps:

  • Real-time updates: You will not be late with your appointments because you can beat traffic with Google Maps’ real-time updates. The traffic conditions, transit information is updated in Google Maps. Moreover, live traffic, road closures and road incidents will be detected and automatically reroutes will be offered by Google Maps.
  • Discover new places and explore it like a local: Google Maps gives an idea of which places in the vicinity are best to go to. Follow the must-try places it recommends, you will surely enjoy your trip.
  • There is an available offline map that you can search without an internet connection.
  • Street view and indoor images of shops, hotels, restaurants, and others.
  • Indoor maps that can help you navigate through big places.

However, there are features of Google Maps that are not available to some countries. But still, the app can still provide you with the best navigation services. Download it on Google Play Store for free!

Google Play

2. Find My Car

Find My Car navigation app for Gear s3
Find My Car saves the location of your parking slot

We cannot deny that it is difficult to look for your car in a jam-packed urban street or in a parking lot. It would really buy you some time.

However, Find My Car app can help you deal with that problem.  The Find My Car app will help you mark the location of your car when you have arrived at your destination.

The application can amazingly save the GPS location of hotels, parks, theaters, and your car. It can be integrated with Google Maps and other navigation apps, but it also has offline navigation to use in remote areas.

Advanced features of Find My Car:

  • It can show you existing parking lots around the area.
  • The exact location of your parked car is saved. You can check the address and the distance between you and your parked car.
  • You can set an alarm to notify you that your parking meter is almost done.

You can get the app for free on Google Play Store. You do not have to find your car by then!

Google Play

3. HERE WeGo

Here WeGo navigation app for Gear s3
This Android mp3 player is great for travel and outdoors

If you find Google Maps too awkward to use in your Gear S3 smartwatch, then you can install this amazing app for free. HERE WeGO is surely handy, you can save your route to use it later.

Advanced features of HERE WeGo:

  • You are provided with countless options with HERE WeGo. If you are running late, you do not have to worry as it will show you options on how to get to your destination easily and what route is best for you.
  • The app will give you information that you can use before you go. It tells you the easier route to take, the fares, bus and subway tickets, and the traffic situation.
  • Offline maps are available with HERE WeGo, it can be downloaded for free. This is recommended for those who are going to international travel and have limited data plans.

You can get the recommended app on Google Play Store for free. Use the app when you run errands or for your travels. You will be more than prepared with HERE WeGo.

Google Play

4. Glympse

Glympse navigation app for gear s3
The navigation app lets you share your location with family and friends so you are constantly changed.

There is no greater app that has a simple user interface yet highly useful. Glympse makes everything easier for you. You can share and request a location through the app, that’s what makes it one of the best navigation apps for Gear S3.

You can share your real-time location with your friends and family with Glympse. You can even make a group at Glympse to monitor your family members on where they are.

Key Features of Glympse:

  • FREE: There are no sign-ups or subscription payments required to use the app.
  • Safe: You do not have to worry about sharing your current location, it will automatically expire.
  • Live: Glympse allows you to share your current location using its dynamic map.
  • Open: Your friends can openly know where you are just by sharing your location. There are no apps required for them to check on you.
  • Passive: The application runs in your device background. It does not mean it’s not on, it is not working.
  • Global: It will work perfectly as long as your data connection and GPS is enabled.

Use Glympse when you are about to go out on a night out with your friends or let your family know you are safe when you are on the road alone. Moreover, what makes Glympse one of the best navigation app for Gear S3 is, when in an emergency, you can call a roadside or direct emergency personnel.

If you have a Gear S3 or any device that can be compatible with Glympse, install it through Google Play Store!

Google Play

5. myPlaces

We all have the desire to travel frequently. However, do you have the right app for your Gear S3? myPlaces enables you to save a list of locations that you want to visit during your trips.

Key Features of myPlaces:

  • Manage locations: You can manage the places you want to go over the holidays! You can save as many locations as you want.
  • Navigation: It gives out the direction to the desired destination.
  • Integrates with Maps application: It can help you manage the locations in myPlaces and integrate it into the Maps application of your choice.

You would surely enjoy your vacation with a less hassle trip to the places you wanted to visit. Download myPlaces on Google Play Store for FREE!

Google Play

6. Navigation Pro

Navigation Pro is compatible with Galaxy Watch, Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Gear S. It gives you a display on the Gear watch of the instructions or directions. It automatically starts the navigation, it has voice output, vibration, and an option to display real-time updates.

You only have to install the application on your smartwatch and on your phone to allow the app to read notifications and synced to your smartwatch.

Google Play


Is Samsung Gear S3 compatible with an iOS device?

Yes, an Android smartwatch and an iOS smartphone can be the weirdest duo.

How to turn on or enable the GPS on Gear S3?

It is easy to turn on or turn off the GPS service of your Samsung Gear S3. Just follow the following steps:
1. Open the apps screen by pressing the Home Button on the watch screen.
2. Tap
3. Go to
4. To enable or disable the GPS, tap
5. Check the box to agree on the usage agreement.
6. Also, check the box to agree on the legal notice.
7. Select the following methods:
– Wireless network
– GPS and Wireless network

What can you say?

The mentioned navigation apps are one of the best for Samsung Gear S3. Some of the apps are already known with Samsung Gear S2, but it has now been improved by its developers to deliver an outstanding service to the users of Samsung Gear S3.

Do you already have these apps? We want you to be safe during your trips or when you are running your errands in town. Feel safe and directed with these best navigation app for Gear S3.

Are there things you want to share? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Are you sure that google map can be downloaded in galxy watch with os Tizen? If there is no app store , how can you install google map ?
    Please guide me.

  2. The Here We Go navigation for the watch is good, but it can’t be used without a paired mobile phone, though various sites say it can be used on its own, maybe I’m wrong somewhere?

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