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They say exercise is only half of the job, the rest of it is nutrition. After using Android fitness apps and diet apps, I can safely say, nutrition does play a huge part in your physical fitness and wellbeing. The best nutrition apps for Android will guide you towards a healthier and more fulfilling diet that will not only help you achieve your body goals, but also feel energetic throughout the day.

I’ve been using two of the best nutrition apps for Android and have never felt better. Turns out I was not getting the proper amount of nutrients in a day and my sugar intake was just disgusting. After a relatively short period of adjustment, I was able to enjoy nutritious meals without compromising on taste. The best nutrition apps for Android are a great way to train yourself to eat better and as a result live better. After a few weeks you will be counting calories, without the need for calorie counter apps. Many of the apps double as calorie counters as well, so you are getting a well-rounded experience with most of the apps on the list.

Note: The best nutrition apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Sony Xperia Z smartphones. The apps work perfectly fine and no problems were faced during testing. Some of the apps need an active internet connection to work properly. The apps are not in any particular order, they all essentially provide the same information, so it’s down to your personal preference.

1. Low Carb Diet and Calorie Counter – Technutri

If you are in the market for a well-designed nutrition app for Android, then Technutri is one of the better choices out there. I really enjoyed how the app looks simply because of its material design that is instantly familiar. It’s a standard design most Android apps use these days and works well, especially when displaying a lot of information on one screen. Technutri is a good calorie counter app and a carb tracker that allows you to improve your nutrition and either gain mass or lose weight.

I really like how this app allows you to follow a diet with other users as well as share your pictures with them. If you have a friend that also has nutrition goals, this app is perfect for you. Not only you’ll be able to share recipes and diet tips but also keep track of each other by sharing pictures of your meals. Technutri also provides you with a detailed plan about your calorie intake and recommends changes in your daily diet. All you need to do is select the meal from an extensive list and the rest is done by the app itself.

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2. YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan

Yazio Nutrition has some amazing recipes for you to try. Although you are on a strict diet and are controlling your nutritional intake, doesn’t mean that you have to eat bland foods. Just looking at the simple egg recipe is enough to make you drool.

The interface is clean, everything is presented in a very manageable manner and you can easily check the total calories of a meal. I also really like how the app displayed distinct options right on the landing screen, if you want to lose weight, build muscles, or stay healthy, you can select the appropriate option from the get-go. There are 2 million foods that come with a calorie table on Yazio Nutrition.

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3. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal is without a doubt the number one nutrition apps for Android. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it hasn’t failed me yet. The interface is amazing, entering foods is really easy, and you get accurate calorie counts for all of your foods.

If you are not from any Western country, you know the struggle of entering local foods into nutrition apps. There are many foods that are simply not available or are not recognized by most apps, but MyFitnessPal has almost everything. From local foods to slightly differently made popular foods, the app knows them all, thanks to the awesome community. Tracking food and reaching your goals is highly achievable with MyFitnessPal.

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4. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

A simple yet beautifully designed interface makes MyPlate one of the best nutrition apps on Android. Right from the start, you can select your calorie goal: easy, moderate or challenging. That also uses material design that makes navigation a breeze for veteran Android users.

One of the best feature of this app is the barcode scanner that enables you to find and track your foods easily. Creating custom foods and meals is also handled nicely, you won’t have any trouble tracking your weight and progress over time with this app. If you want to keep track of your daily goals for nutritional intake, the app meticulously calculates proteins, carbs, fat, fiber, sodium, sugar, and more.

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Final Bite

These were some of the best nutrition apps for Android that will surely help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of them provide some unique features, so I highly recommend that you check them all out before selecting one or two for your daily usage. I highly recommend Technutri and MyFitnessPal, both of them are quite capable of providing great results. Also check out the best cooking apps for Android as well as the best running apps for Android to further enhance your fitness.

Like always, if you have some interesting nutritional recipes or apps to share, leave a comment below.

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