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10 Best Free Online Card Games to Play with your Friends

Do you miss having quality time with your friends by playing card games?

Well, we do.

That is why we searched for the best online card games app. So, if you also want to try these apps with your friends, then you should read on to know more.

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Playing card games like UNO, hearts, spades, werewolf, cards against humanity, and more are one way to bond with your friends.


Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hanging out to meet friends is not possible. So, we searched for some Android apps that can help solve this problem.

Here’s the thing:

As we searched for apps, we found out that there are online multiplayer card game apps that users can download on their Android devices. Using these apps, playing card games with your friends is now possible regardless of distance.

Cool, right?

Now, there are a lot of online card games to choose from in the App Store, and you might have a difficult time choosing which one is the most suitable for you. So, we curated a list of the best online card games for playing with friends.

If you are interested to know the apps we found, without further ado, let us get started.


10 Must-Try Online Card Game Apps

1. UNO!™

best online card games for free uno app logo
App Logo

Are your friends fans of the classic game called UNO?

Well then, they will surely be happy once you share this app with them.

You see, Mattel163 Limited made an official application so that UNO fans can play their favorite game anytime and anywhere. The Android game is just like the original game. The only difference is the game is played digitally.

best online card games uno in-app
In-Game Look of the App

How cool is that?

So, if you miss playing UNO with your friends, you can now do it at the comforts of your home regardless of distance.

Now, to download the game, all you have to do is click the Google Play button we placed below.

download online card games on Google Play

2. Exploding Kittens® – Official

best online card games for free exploding kittens app logo
App Logo

Are you looking for a new and exciting card game to play with your friends?

We have got the perfect game for you.

best online card games exploding kittens in-app
Sample Cards in the Game

This online card game is called the Exploding Kittens. It’s an Android game based on the original card game. The rules are quite simple, each player is given a set of cards that has cute kittens on them with laser beams and bombs.

How exciting is that?

Players will attack each other until only a single player survives. And the last man standing wins the game.

download online card games on Google Play

3. Spades Royale – Online Card Games

best online card games for free spades app logo
App Logo

Classic card games are games that people often play during get-togethers. And, Spades is one of these card games.


This game is quite popular in the App Store, so there are a ton of developers that produce this game in the market. But, not all the apps in the Play Store have an online feature that lets users play with friends.

best online card games spade royale in-app
In-Game Look in the App

So, we looked for a Spades app that has this feature. And, with that, we found Spades Royale. In this app, you can play the original Spades game with other people from all around the world, including your faraway friends.

download online card games on Google Play

4. Werewolf Online

best online card games for free werewolf app logo
App Logo

You have got to admit:

Werewolf is one of the best party games you can play on any occasion.

best online card games werewolf in-app
In-Game Voting Period

It’s a fun game that kids and adults can play if they want to have a fun and enjoyable time. Good thing, there are also werewolf card games that you can play right now using only an Android device. And, this app we found is one of those.

So, invite your friends to download this game. And with this, you guys can play werewolf even if you’re at the comforts of your home.

download online card games on Google Play

5. Bid Whist: Free Trick Taking Multiplayer Card Game

best online card games for free bid whist app logo
App Logo

Bid Whist is an app based on the classic card game Trick Taking.


The game requires at least two players. And, with this app, you can do that. Not just with your friends, but with millions of people from all around the globe.

best online card games bid whists in-app

What sets this app apart from other Trick Taking multiplayer apps is the top-notch graphics. Also, the user interface is simple for anyone to understand, including beginners.

download online card games on Google Play

6. Zynga Poker – Free Texas Holdem Online Card Games

best online card games for free poker app logo
App Logo

Playing poker is now possible even if you are not in a casino with Zynga Poker.

Here’s the thing:

best online card games zynga poker in-app
Playing Poker with Eight Other Players

This app follows the rules of a regular poker game. Also, the app lets you play poker with just a few clicks on your Android phone. You can invite your friends to play with you anywhere they are. And, if you want to gain new friends from all around the globe, you can also do that with this app.

download online card games on Google Play

7. Skip-Bo

best online card games for free skipbo app logo
App Logo

Are you familiar with a game called Skip-Bo?

Then you should try this app. But, if you have no clue about this app, you do not have to worry. Aside from being able to play Skip-Bo with your friends, you can also learn the gameplay through a thorough tutorial provided by this app.

best online card games skipbo in-app
In-Game View of the App

This card game will rid you of your boredom as it gives you a chance to bond with your acquaintances and build new friendships with people from all over the world.

download online card games on Google Play

8. Hearthstone

best online card games for free hearthstone app logo
App Logo

If you are looking for a card game that is also an RPG at the same time, this app is the one for you.

HearthStone is an online multiplayer card game, where you play as a hero. You can improve your character’s skills and powers by defeating enemies with your friends. Your team can play with the AI as the enemy team or a different set of players.

best online card games hearthstone in-app
Card Deck View

So, if you are trying to find a unique card game, then we highly suggest that you go ahead and download this game with your friends.

download online card games on Google Play

9. Plato

App Logo

Now, you might be thinking that there are so many card games that you want to download, but with limited phone storage, you cannot download each game separately.

Using Plato that is not a problem.

best online card games plato in-app
UNO Game and Other Games to Choose From

Plato is an online group chat app where you can play board and card games. And, with this app, you can play almost all of the online card games we have previously mentioned on our list. What’s more, there are even games like soccer, bowling, sketch n’ draw, and pool, that you can also do with friends and other users.

download online card games on Google Play

10. Houseparty

best online card games houseparty app logo
App Logo

Houseparty is also a group chat app like Plato. But, with this app, the only card game you can play is chips and guac.


best online card games houesparty in-app
Chips N’ Guac Game in Houseparty App

There are other games you can play like heads up, sketch n’ draw, and trivia. Also, what makes this different from all of the applications we mentioned is that you can video chat while playing. How cool is that?

And, If you are into video games and emulators, you can try and check out these articles:

download online card games on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

What online multiplayer card games can you play with friends?

There are tons of online card games that you can download on your phone to play with your friends. Games like UNO, spades, werewolf, poker, and more. If you wish to play these games with your friends, then go ahead and check out the items we listed.

Where can you play online card games for free?

Google Play Store provides apps that you can download on Android devices that let you play free online card games. All of the apps we mentioned in our article are free. So, you do not have to worry about that.

Is there an online card game you can play without downloading it?

Yes. Some online card games can be played on your computer without having to download an app. There are games like poker, old maid, cards against humanity, and spades.

What are digital game cards?

Digital game cards is a computer or a video game that emulates collectible card games. This played only online.

Is there a virtual deck of cards?

The virtual deck of cards is built for playing online. It also contains tools to play anywhere.

Can a Chromebook run hearthstone?

You can run hearthstone on a Chromebook by using it on an android device.

Is Hearthstone a pay-to-win app?

Hearthstone is a pay to win app if you are planning to unlock all the hearts in the game.


Here’s the thing:

There are times when we are not able to meet with friends. But, missing them and the enjoyment we feel while playing with them is unavoidable. And, to solve this, social messaging apps have been a big help.

But, you can only do so much with messaging apps. So, we looked for online card game apps where you can try to play with your friends. With these apps, you can bond with your friends even if they are far from you.

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