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12 Best Outdoor Speaker-Must Have in 2022

Are you bored at home and can’t think of something to do? Turn that backyard into a small party with your family!

It’s pretty clear what every party needs: music. And to enjoy the music, you would need speakers so that everyone can hear your playlist.

Only a few people would enjoy a quiet party, am I correct?

Don’t worry because we’re here to help you pick because we’ll be sharing our selection for the best outdoor speaker. Outdoor speakers are usually large and loud, so if you think you only need a small one, you can always get a Bluetooth mini speaker.

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Let’s get back to the chase.

Choosing an outdoor speaker is hard because there are many factors to consider before buying one. Of course, we should select a speaker that can withstand the outside temperature for a long time.

Not only that:

It might be the quality of sound, loudness of music, the aesthetic of the speaker, and many more. We shared examples, but the last decision and criteria are still yours to make.

We had a large speaker before, and it was still working even after five years of usage. The sad part is we only used it during Birthdays and Christmas, and it’s what broke it: the wirings and internal chips got damaged because of months of un usage.

Fact: Gadgets and appliances get shorter lifespans when we don’t use them. Everyone had that appliance that broke while stocked.

That hurts, right?

We’re pretty sure that everything we’ll share with you in this article will be worth your money. Turn that dull backyard into a party place or a family entertainment zone immediately.

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Without further ado, here’s are the choices for the best outdoor speaker. Consider the factors that would benefit your vacant lot and choose wisely!

The Best Outdoor Speakers

Best OverallJBL Boombox Portable Speaker
CheapestDual Electronics LU 53
Best ValueSonos Outdoor Speakers
Highly RecommendedBose Soundlink Portable Outdoor Speaker
Runner UpsPolk Atrium 5
 Klipsch AWR 650-SM
 AP 650 by OSD
 Bose 251 Outdoor Speakers
 Yamaha NS-AW150BL
 Definitive Technology AW 6500
 Niles PS6SI PRO
 Klipsch AW-650

Top Outdoor Speakers

1. Bose Soundlink Portable Outdoor Speaker

Best Outdoor Speaker - Soundlink Front
Bose Soundlink Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

Do you need a speaker for your outdoor adventures? Here is the right choice.

This relatively small speaker can produce a balanced sound that is unrivaled by any regular Bluetooth speaker. It’s perfect for your beach or hiking trip.

It has a built-in mic that can take calls out loud, and its wireless connection is uninterrupted to a range of roughly 30 feet. The speaker is waterproof; you don’t need to always think about it getting wet because it won’t.

Amazing, right?

Best Outdoor Speaker - Soundlink Back
Bose Soundlink Back-Best Outdoor Speaker

Bose is one of the powerhouse brands when it comes to speakers, and we’re thankful that they made something outdoor, which is also portable. It has a built-in strap that can easily cling on to your bag or your bike handlebar.

The speaker can play continuous music for around five to six hours, and it is also easy to charge with a power bank. It easily pairs with your Bluetooth device too.

One great thing about this speaker is that it can also connect to multiple SoundLink devices to produce that ultimate party mood.


2. Polk Atrium 5

Best Outdoor Speaker - Polk Atrium 5
Polk Atrium 5 Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

This speaker from Polk is all-weather resistant. It can withstand outside factors like extreme sunlight, rain, dust, and many more.

But that doesn’t mean you should not maintain it. To prolong the functionality, it should also get monthly check-ups for possible causes of damage and sorts.

It has excellent coverage for large outdoor spaces, and it’s also easy to install. You can even put the mounting bracket with one hand.

Convenient, right?

Best Outdoor Speaker - Polk Atrium 5 Horizontal
Polk Atrium 5 Horizontal Orientation-Best Outdoor Speaker

The orientation of the speaker can be vertical or horizontal. You’ll only need to choose the perfect spot for this speaker.


3. Klipsch AWR 650-SM

Best Outdoor Speaker - Klipsch 650SM
Klipsch AWR 650-SM Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

Do you want something that can surprise your guests? With this speaker, you can astonish your family by suddenly playing music out of nowhere.

The stealthiness of this outdoor speaker is on a different level. It can immerse with your backyard plants, and you’ll just think of it as a single rock for design. Little did they know it’s an outdoor speaker.

Isn’t that incredible?

This speaker can also withstand extreme temperatures and heavy rains. Leaving it in the backyard is not a bother.

Best Outdoor Speaker - Klipsch 650 Design
Klipsch AWR 650-SM Design-Best Outdoor Speaker

It’s not only tough on the outside; it also delivers quality sounds. You can also connect multiple Klipsch 650 speakers to produce louder music.

The design choices for this speaker is granite and sand finish. The disadvantage of this speaker is that it has no transmitter for wireless connection.


4. AP 650 by OSD

Best Outdoor Speaker - AP 650
OSD AP 650 Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

OSD is a company that focuses on design and high-quality audio products. The AP 650 is their creation for the perfect backyard set-up.

This speaker is rated IPX6, which gives it protection from dust and water. But sadly, IPX6 only gives it water resistance, not waterproofing, so you should put it under a roof to get more protected.

It has a flexible wall mount that is easy to adjust, which in turn can help you maximize the sound quality for your desired space. With 150 watts of power, it can produce powerful sounds at low and high volumes.

This speaker is truly a stunner!

Best Outdoor Speaker - AP650 Horizontal
OSD AP 650 Horizontal Orientation-Best Outdoor Speaker

The catch here is that it needs to connect to an amplifier before functioning. Some users also recommend it only placed vertically because the horizontal position cannot utilize the strength of the wall bracket.


5. Bose 251 Outdoor Speakers

Best Outdoor Speaker - Bose 251
Bose 251 Speakers Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

Another Bose speaker on this list is not surprising because the company proved its reliability many times in the past. Hanging out isn’t that dull anymore with this speaker.

You can easily set-up this speaker beside your pool, your home gym, or by the garden.  Buying an amplifier or receiver can upgrade the features of this speaker because you can now connect your smartphone via Bluetooth easily and stream your favorite playlist.

Isn’t that convenient?

Best Outdoor Speaker - Bose 251 Installed
Installed Bose 251 Speakers-Best Outdoor Speaker

This speaker can produce clear sounds at low and high volumes. A user said that they could hear it through a boat’s machine, and the quality is still high.

Like other outdoors speakers, this speaker also has a water resistance through its casing. It helps prolong the life of your outdoor speakers.

If you want to purchase this, here’s the link:


6. Yamaha NS-AW150BL

Best Outdoor Speaker - Yamaha
Yamaha NS-AW150BL Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

This speaker is one of the cheapest outdoor speakers in the market. Although it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the other outdoor speakers, it can still resonate with quality sounds.

It is shielded with magnets to provide water resistance. Although some reports say that the speaker is not immune to extreme temperatures, so make sure to consider this factor when choosing an outdoor speaker.

The speaker has a 120-watt maximum capacity, and it is enough for an average-sized backyard; if not, you can always purchase two and connect them so that the audio plays simultaneously.

You also need to purchase an amplifier to utilize this speaker. If your amp has Bluetooth connection, then you can easily play music from your phone.


7. Definitive Technology AW 6500

Best Outdoor Speaker - Definitive Technology
AW 6500 Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

The design of this outdoor speaker is just genuinely eye-catching. It is sealed fully with aluminum and PolyStone for maximum protection against different outdoor elements like sunlight and heavy rain.

Its steel brackets are outstanding too. The speaker can rotate 360 degrees; you can orient it to the desired listening area freely.

The physical features are not all these speakers have to offer. It has low-bass radiators that doubles the performance of bass output.

Amazing, right?

It has a well-balanced music output, and it is a good deal for its price point.


8. Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Best Outdoor Speaker - Sonos Outdoor
Sonos Architectural Speakers-Best Outdoor Speaker

These speakers are exceptional because Sonos and Sonance teamed-up to produce this. To optimize the use of these speakers, you need to pair it with a Sonos amplifier.

The amplifier can significantly ease the usage of the speakers. It would only take minutes to set-up everything, and in a few clicks, you can already play your favorite music.

It is also easily connectable to other Sonos speakers to produce an extreme home sound system. Now it’s easier to connect with everyone in the household.

Best Outdoor Speaker - Sonos Installed
Sonos Outdoor Speakers Installed-Best Outdoor Speaker

Sonos created these speakers to withstand the outside temperature, rainwater, UV rays, and freezing temperatures. It can last for years without the quality degrading.

The sound that it produces is outstandingly brilliant. The details are hearable at any volume.

This outdoor speaker has many good qualities, but it also has a relatively high price range compared to other speakers.


9. JBL Boombox Portable Speaker

Best Outdoor Speaker - JBL Boombox
JBL Boombox Front-Best Outdoor Speaker

This speaker is truly versatile. Not only portable, but it can also deliver loud sounds no one would expect.

It has four transducers and two bass radiators, which helps deliver a monstrous bass sound that can reach up to 50 feet in distance. It is also IPX7 full waterproofing, which makes it perfect for that beach trip you’re planning.

With a 20,000 mAh battery capacity, this speaker can continuously play music for up to 20 hours. Though we should also expect a long charging time with around 7 hours using the right charging accessories.

Best Outdoor Speaker - JBL Boombox Back
JBL Boombox Back-Best Outdoor Speaker

The speakers can also charge other devices with its built-in charging ports at the back.


10. Niles PS6SI PRO

Best Outdoor Speaker - Niles PRO
Niles PS6SI Pro Speaker-Best Outdoor Speaker

This speaker is something that can function in two ways: a speaker and a plant pot. Its design can support live plants without damaging the speaker.

Amazing, right?

It doesn’t look like a speaker at first, but the quality it gives will leave you astonished. Users say that the left and right speakers were heard even at long distances.

The sound coming from this speaker may not match the other speakers we included, but the design of this is just marvelous. If you’re a plant lover, this is a must purchase for you.


11. Klipsch AW-650

Best Outdoor Speaker - Klipsch AW-650
Klipsch AW-650 Vertical Orientation-Best Outdoor Speaker

This speaker from Klipsch has a UV-resistant outer covering that is paintable. Now you can customize your speaker to your preferred colorway and design.

Installed with a horn tweeter, it can produce precise highs. It also helps in the speaker’s sensitivity; it can deliver louder sounds with lower use of power.

Best Outdoor Speaker - Klipsch AW-650 Side
Klipsch AW-650 Side View-Best Outdoor Speaker

Like other speakers, this speaker is durable and can last for years. It has UV-protection, extreme weather, dust, and intense rainfall.

Audiophiles would surely love the quality of music toughness this speaker has to offer.


12. Dual Electronics LU 53

Best Outdoor Speaker - Dual Electronics
Dual Electronics LU53PB Speakers-Best Outdoor Speaker

The LU53PB speakers have a maximum power of 100 watts, which is enough to turn any space into a different mood with music. These speakers are UV-resistant and are enclosed with a casing to give protection against damaging outdoor elements.

It comes with easy install brackets that can be adjusted up to 120 degrees to maximize the output to your desired location. It can also mount in a horizontal or vertical position to fit different kinds of spaces.

The sound it produces is crisp and superb because of its 3-way design. It is best when paired with a DBTMA100 amplifier; connect through Bluetooth with your smartphone easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wire to use for an outdoor speaker?

Any wire used for outdoor should be CL2/CL3 certified. It has a specialized coating that gives protection from heat, dust, water, and many more.

What can I connect to my outdoor speakers?

You can connect your speakers to your Smart TV and enjoy a show or play music. Some speakers also have Bluetooth, which makes it connecting to smartphones a lot easier.

What should I consider when buying an outdoor speaker?

ou should always consider the amount of space you want the sound to resonate. Always choose something that is not too loud or too soft for the said area.

Other factors are the sound quality it produces, range of volume, size, connectivity, and protection against outside elements.

Buy These Best Outdoor Speakers Now!

Speakers, in general, bring the mood up because everyone has the feeling to connect with the music. Choosing the right volume is also a significant factor because if it’s too loud, your participants cannot talk to each other, and if it’s too soft, no one could vibe with the music.

Thanks to technology, there are already speakers that can withstand external factors like sunlight and rain. Now you won’t worry how long your speakers will last.

Isn’t that amazing?

Designing your vacant lots would be easier plus, you won’t need to carry the speakers all the time because it is sturdy enough to be left on the outside. We hope our list helped you in choosing the best outdoor speaker.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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