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5 Best Passport Photo Apps for Android: Save Time and Money

Passport photos are important. But we don’t normally keep them handy.

Chances, you don’t have one in stock right now. Why should you when you can just head straight to the nearest photo studio and have your picture taken and printed, right? But do you know how much a single set of passport photos costs? The average is $12 and could be as much as $20. Why spend that much when you can use the best passport photo apps for Android?


You really have to go to a photo studio just to get a professional-looking standard-sized ID or a passport photo. For a quick print, you can also go to a nearby photo booth.

But now:

There’s no need to do all that. You can make and save your own photo ID and still get the same professional result. And you can do it anywhere. Just use your Android smartphone to take photos.

If you’re worried that you might not achieve the right format or size, the apps are pretty easy to use. You can choose the right VISA or Passport size and format according to the standard of a particular country.

The best passport photo apps for Android allow you to take a photo from your phone’s camera and automatically transform it into a proper passport photo. You can even use an existing photo and remove the background to make it professional-looking.

Worried that you’re not knowledgeable about basic concepts of VISA and Passport photos?

Don’t fret. You don’t need to be an expert photo editor. There’s no need to understand the format.

The apps make it easier for you. So if you think you’ll be needing a passport photo soon or sometime in the future, download the passport photo apps on your phone.

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5 Best Passport Photo Maker Apps

The passport photo maker apps not only save you time. It’s not only designed for your convenience. It also allows you to save money because you’ll only be paying for the printing cost. And if you have the printer at home or in your office, you can print the photos yourself.

Check out the apps below.

1. Passport Size Photo Maker

The Passport Size Photo Maker is best known for its easy-to-use editing tools. You can create ID and passport photos from a picture you’ve taken on your phone or from any existing photo. If you only have a group photo, don’t worry. You can easily crop it, change the background, and enhance the photos.

Worried that you’re not skilled at photo editing? The app is designed for everyone. It’s very easy to use. You can even just take a selfie and transform it into a studio-quality passport photo. Its editing tools include change background, saturation, contrast, whiteness, and more.

Since countries follow different standards, formats, and sizes, you can easily choose a country to conform to their standards. It supports OCI, PAN, ID, Visa, and Passport photos in more than 150 countries.


  • Auto editing tools
  • Easy sharing option
  • Enhance photos to accepted Visa Standards
  • 150 countries passport support
  • Create passport photos from any photo or camera

Save time and money by using this app. You can combine different photo sizes and formats into a single paper (A4, 4×6, or 5×7). Once ready, all you need to do is head to a local photo booth and have what made printed. It features an easy sharing option too. Give it a try and download it for free.

2. Passport ID Photo Maker Studio

This app is a passport photo maker and editor. With this app, you can create a print-ready photo that is complaint with Visa, ID, license, and passport photo standards in all countries across the globe. Just choose a particular country to make your photo conform to that country’s standard and format.

The basic features are free. This already allows you to create a simple passport photo and save it in the appropriate file and size. After this, you can just print it at home or rush to the nearest photo booth to print. If you need different kinds of ID photos, you can combine all of them. That way, you can just print a single set on an A4, 5×7, 4×6, 4×4, or 3×4 paper.


  • Passport ID compliant in all countries
  • Ink and money saver
  • Automatic background removal
  • Print different photos together
  • Choose file type and size

It also comes with a photographer’s guide to help you get that perfect, professional-looking shot. No need to be an expert, as long as you have the app installed on your phone.

However, the premium features are not for free. You’ll need to make in-app purchases in order to enjoy advanced editing tools like Automatic background removal, as well as the Ink and money saver feature.

3. Passport Photo Maker

The Passport Photo Maker is a wonderful app that is easy to use. Crop a photo, enhance it, make the background white, and follow the right size. Do all these basic features in just a matter of a few minutes. Take a photo or use an existing photo. Whatever it is, you can transform it into a standard-compliant ID or passport photo.

Adjust the contrast and brightness with just a few steps. No need to have advanced editing skills. The app is meant for everyone. Just simply choose a country in order for your photo to conform to that country’s requirement in terms of size, format, and others. It supports all countries. So you can use it accordingly, wherever you might need your passport photo.


  • Standard photo sizes of all countries
  • For Passport, VISA, License, and other ID photos
  • Background removal
  • Ink-and-money saver
  • Good photo-detector

However, like the Passport ID Photo Maker Studio,  this app is not totally free. While the basic features are great, you’ll need to pay for its premium features such as Background removal. Other than this, it’s a pretty neat app.

4. Passport Photo ID Studio

The Passport Photo ID Studio may not be as great as the first 3 apps featured here. But it’s a great alternative for those want to try something else. Like the others, it allows you to create ID and passport photos using your phone.

However, there’s no background removal feature. You’ll need to take your photo with a white background. What it does is that it enhances the contrast, brightness, and overall look of the photo to make it look professional. It’s super easy to use, especially with the help of its ID photo-taking tips.


  • Create ID and Passport photos from any camera
  • Create ID and Passport photos using your existing photos
  • Supports photo size standards in over 100 countries
  • Export digital copies of the photos
  • Print the photos directly from your phone

The upside is that it’s completely free. The downside is that it lacks advanced editing tools and it lacks a higher-photo quality setting to make it compliant with online applications.

5. Passport Photo Maker by Appwallet

This app is completely free. And for a free app, it has pretty decent features. It’s user-friendly and is packed with the essential features that you’ll need for making a professional-looking passport photo and other ID photos. It supports most countries especially in terms of the appropriate passport size and format.

This mobile app is not only for making passport photos. You can also use it for other ID photos such as office ID, license photo, school ID, Pan Card, Visa photo, Election card, and others. Use it as a stamp photo editor or create custom photo designs.


  • Supports standard in over 122 countries
  • Over 111 VISA and Passport photo standards
  • Background Changer and editing tools
  • Customize photo size

Meet the standards using its editing tools: tilt image and change the background, contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, and more.

What People Ask

What’s the best passport photo app?

It depends on what you need. If you’re looking for a free app with great editing tools and high-quality results, we recommend the Passport Size Photo Maker. However, if you want to go premium and are willing to make in-app purchases, Passport Photo Maker is great too.

Are passport photo apps free?

Yes, they are. Some apps are completely free. However, for some apps, only the basic features are free. Advanced features like automatic background removal come with a price. But still not as much as when you have your photo taken and printed in a photo studio.

How does a passport photo app work?

Basically, you just choose an existing photo from your phone or take a photo using your phone’s camera. Select a passport, Visa or any size, check a country, rotate your image to fit and align it accordingly, adjust the color, brightness, contrast, and others. For other apps, you can simply automatically remove the background and change it to white. Then save. Your photos are now ready-to-print.

Make, Save and Print Passport Photos

Why go to a photo studio or why hire a professional photographer when you can do it by yourself? Save time by just taking the photo of yourself using your phone or just using an existing photo in your gallery. No need to hurry to the nearest photo studio. You just stay right where you are and complete the process in just a matter of minutes. Using the best passport photo apps for Android is much faster and easier.

You don’t even need to be great at editing photos. Just follow the tips and guidelines that each app provides. And if there’s one thing these apps have in common. It’s that they’re pretty user-friendly.

Now all you have to do is print the photos in your home or office, or have it printed at a local photo booth at a much cheaper cost.

Did you find this article helpful? Which of these apps have you tried? Share your experience and let us know your suggestions by dropping your comments below.

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