10 Best Password Manager Apps (Updated)

Are you the forgetful type? If you’re the one who forgets why you opened the fridge and stand there for 5 minutes trying to remember – then the best Android Password Manager Apps are for you. I’m a proud owner of at least two different Gmail accounts which I forgot. Not the password, but the actual usernames! God, I wish I used any of the Android Password Manager Apps before.

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The most amazing thing about these apps is that they help you remember everything – not just the passwords, but the usernames too! This is a very common problem, as you probably know. So let’s see what we have here!

1. Dashlane Password Manager – Free with In-app Purchases

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This app is simple and secure. It comes with one of the best interfaces you can get. The app does require a mandatory login which is kind of ironic but, hey, you need your passwords to be safe, don’t you? But once you remember the details, it is pretty amazing. It shows you your most accessed apps and websites with their address and logo, so you can find them easily.


  • Can secure any type of information
  • Create strong passwords for your apps
  • Auto-filling is surprisingly seamless

This Android Password Manager allows you to protect your data with AES-256 encryption. For those not familiar with tech gibberish, this means the app saves your passwords by using the leading industry standard encryption.

Google Play

2. LastPass Password Manager – Free with In-app Purchases

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LastPass has a lot to offer. Besides saving your passwords on the app, you can also save and auto-fills passwords along with their usernames for all the online accounts you have. This app started as a desktop one and now is branching into devices so you can synchronize all your passwords.


  • An easy to use and simple interface
  • Autocompletion for forms
  • You only need to remember one master password

One notable feature is that the app comes with a strong password generator which will help you create competent passwords. You know most people use predictable passwords – this encourages you to increase your level of online security.

Google Play

3. aWallet Password Manager – Free with In-app Purchases

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This is a simple app that’s quite intuitive to use. If you only need a good password manager, this is the most hassle-free app there is. You can store credit card information, web accounts or even e-banking details with ease. If you need to update the password, you can do it within the app.


  • You can backup and restore your passwords
  • You can move unencrypted data in a CSV format
  • The auto lock feature can be a lifesaver

If you’re like me and have a ton of accounts you will really appreciate the category feature of this app. It lets you create custom categories and bundle in the passwords together!

Google Play

4. Password Safe – Secure Password Manager – Free with In-app Manager

Password Safe Logo
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It comes with a bit more complicated but great looking interface. Besides saving passwords, the app allows you to create categories beforehand and then assign them the passwords also. You can also color code them.


  • Categorizing the entries is very easy
  • Only need to remember one password
  • Comes with a password generator

This app also provides easy backup and restore features. This makes it simple to save the passwords in case you may need to change the device you are using.

Google Play

5. Keepass2Android Password Safe – Free

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If you want a password manager that can attach itself to any good browser on Android, this is the app for you! The app can seamlessly integrate with almost every browser and fills passwords for you automatically.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quick unlock feature is a nice touch
  • Some advance entry editing features are included
Google Play

With this app, you don’t have to fiddle around your keyboard entering special characters just to gain access to your account. Also, you can access files from iCloud like apps on Android. Additionally, it comes with its own secure keyboard which intends to keep you safe from third-party password sniffers.

6. 1Password – Free with In-App Purchases

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This app comes with a simple and easy to use interface. You only need a master password to access your other passwords and you can sort them into multiple vaults.


  • Password Generator
  • Autofilling
  • Synchronization about devices
Google Play

You can try this app for free for 30 days, but after that, you will be required to buy a subscription.

7. Bitwarden Password Manager – Free

Bitwarden logo
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Bitwarden also lets you sync your passwords on different types of devices. It also helps you create unique passwords, store and manage them.


  • Multiple vaults
  • Generates passwords
  • AES-256 encryption
Google Play

One nice thing about this app is that is an open source project. Its code is hosted on GitHub where anyone can review, audit or even contribute to the Bitwarden codebase.

9. RememBear – Free with In-app Purchases

Remembear logo
App Logo

As the name suggests, the developer claims that it’s so easy to use that even a bear can do it! Just like any other Password Manager app, it helps you feel forms, stores your passwords and synchronizes across any devices.


  • Touch ID and FaceID
  • Auto-locking after a period of inactivity
  • One Master Password
Google Play

With this app, you can use it for free for 30 for the Premium version and then upgrade, or stick with the free version that doesn’t have the sync, the backup and the priority support.

10. Keeper Password Manager & Secure Vault – Free with In-app Purchases

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App logo

This app is simple and intuitive. Like the others, it provides vaults, auto-filling options, and unlimited storage. What is different is that you can have 5 trusted people access your account in case you can’t.


  • Multiple layers of encryption
  • Data storage on a secure cloud
  • Integrates with two-step verification providers
Google Play

Another nice thing with this app is that you can share your passwords and files with other Keeper users or trusted groups.

If you’re a person that prefers to have a physical device rather than an app to help you with passwords, we suggest the YubiKey 5 NFC-UBS-A- Two Factor Authentification Security Key, like this one on Amazon.

All these apps are great if you usually need to use the best To Do list apps for Android to help you remember things!

Yubico – Yubikey


What is the best password manager for Android?

Each of the apps we’ve presented has unique pros and cons, but if we were to choose, we’d pick RememBear, because this app has all the features you’d want, wrapped in a pretty and cute interface.

Are password managers safe?

Well, as in everything, there is a risk factor, having all your passwords in only one place. But most of the apps are encrypted with the latest technologies and your personal data is stored securely, so we’d say the risks are quite low.

What is the best way to manage multiple passwords?

Well, obviously, that would be remembering your passwords! But since not all of us have the memory of an elephant, we’d recommend using a Password Manager that encrypts your personal data safely.

Android Password Manager – All Your Passwords in One Place

Now that you know which Android Password Manager could be great to use, there is no need to save them on note taking apps! The general advice to keep you safe is to change your passwords every year, and also have a healthy one with all the known conditions.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send them in the comments below!

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  1. You might want to check nswallet / ns sync, and KeePass (that remains the reference application because it is open source)

    Also, worth mentioning, apps that store vaults locally VS cloud, synchronization,…

  2. Ok, I am sure there are a lot of password memory programs out there. Many will work quite well, But I have one question that is never answered.How do I know that some hacker wont crack the code and them be able to dump all my passwords and have access to everything I own. Or even worse, the company that is putting out the “free” password manager has to make money somehow so in the back room they are hacking all the bank accounts.

    1. You’re smart to be cautious, Jim. These password managers keep your information well protected. Even if a hacker does manage to get beyond the ample protective measures to access the database, your personal information is encrypted to make it useless to anyone who doesn’t know how to reverse the encryption. As for the company accessing your accounts, that just isn’t worth the money. They can make far more money with less legal and therefore monetary risk by selling ads or premium upgrades than by selling your information or robbing your account. Hope that puts your mind at ease.

  3. What about Keepass2Android?

    Being able to use the same database across multiple devices, including Windows desktop, is crucial. Especially when there are easy plugins to save to all the major cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Jon. You’re right, it is incredibly useful to be able to use the same cloud services across devices.

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