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5 Best PC Games on Android – Touchscreens Instead of Keyboards

As the power of Android grows each year, we will see more and more PC games ported to the platform. This list celebrates five awesome PC games that were ported to our beloved mobile platform by the companies themselves. Sure, some programs allow you to play retro PC games on your Android device, but they are not officially supported.

To be honest, there is no way a touchscreen can emulate the responsiveness and precision of keyboard and mouse inputs. This is exactly why these great PC games on Android were selected because they transferred the controls to the touchscreen with an immaculate design.

I hate to disappoint you, but if you are here looking to play Crysis on Android, you won’t be able to do so, at least for a couple of years. Android is growing, there is no doubt in my mind that within half a decade we will be able to run amazing looking PC games on our smartphones.

There was a time when we couldn’t even imagine some of the games on this list running on a smartphone, but here we are. This is a great time to be a gamer, either PC or Android because the technology is evolving really fast and the gap between both platforms is decreasing. Imagine playing an Elder Scrolls title on your Android tablet in a cozy winter evening, that day is not far off. For now, we can enjoy these great PC games on Android.

Note: The best PC games on Android were tested on an LG G4 smartphone. All of the games ran fine, and no problems were faced during the testing. Unfortunately, porting can be a costly process, especially if you’re a big studio and want to do justice to the title. Therefore, all of the games on this list are paid games. I understand not many people are excited about paying a lot for an Android videogame, especially if it’s an old game ported to the platform, but I assure you they are all worth your time and dime. Some of the games may require an active Internet connection for some features.

1. XCOM®: Enemy Within

XCOM is a long running series and has done really well on PC. So, it was a surprise to see a direct port of the game on Android and that too running superbly well. I purchased the game when it first launched on PC and played around 2-3 hours of it. But getting it on Android suddenly made it more accessible and fun.

There is something convenient about playing games in your bed as opposed to on a gaming chair. Don’t get me wrong, long gaming sessions are best tackled with proper arm and back support but for games like XCOM: Enemy Within, there is not a big need for long sessions.

It is a strategic role playing game which marries good graphics with sometimes challenging gameplay. The game comes with story element as well, that is engaging enough but can use some improvements. The enemies are clever and adapt new tactics to counter your moves.

All in all it is a robust AAA game that does really well on the touch screen. I recommend that you use a tablet for this game as it can be a bit hard to navigate on the smaller screen of a smartphone.

Paid Version

2. Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne is one of those games which are unique and provide a gameplay mechanic that captures your attention. Max Payne was released many years ago but still holds up to the standards we are accustomed to these days. It was a well-polished and action paced third person shooter that not only brought amazing storytelling to the table, but also bullet time.

These days a lot of games use stylized slow motion sequences to stimulate action, but it was Max Payne that brought bullet time to mainstream video games. It was simply amazing to play through the game again on my Android smartphone. While I admit, shooting was not that great due to touchscreen controls, but once I plugged in my controller the game really shined.

Max Payne is a game about a detective who lost his wife and child during a drug-related crime. Just like in the 90s action movies, Max decided to take revenge by killing every drug dealer there is in New York.

Sure, the story might be a little cheesy, but the developers added in extremely moody dialogue which made it an incredible game to play through. The monologues delivered by the voice actor alone are worthy of your time. Max Payne was ahead of its time when it was released, and it still stands head and shoulders above the usual third person shooting games we get these days. The game truly deserves a spot on the best third person shooting games for Android as well.

Paid Version


If you are an old school gamer and love old-school video games on Android, then R-Type is just the game you need. Back in my arcade trotting days, this game determined who was a real man. That’s right, even I got sweaty when playing this fast-paced retro shooter. Now, I felt confident because I’m older and very agile in videogames.

However, the game ravaged me once more. Thankfully, this time around, I don’t have to pump quarters into the phone to play the game.

This is an old school side scrolling game that involves a lot of skill and sharp reflexes to do better. If you love twitch reflex games like Call of Duty, this one will certainly be an interesting game for you. Because it is an old school game designed to make you lose money in arcades, the difficulty is very hard.

But if you are an actual old school gamer and not 8 years old, you will love the challenge. The graphics are 2D, and the controls are surprisingly well crafted. One of the best things is that the game is fully optimized to be played with controllers.

Paid Version

4. The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games are some of the best modern storytellers of gaming. Their brand of videogames relies on an amazing story and unique graphics. Back when the game was released on PC (wasn’t that long ago), I skipped it because I always play Telltale games on my tablet, and boy am I glad I did this.

The game looks phenomenal on an Android device and works well too. The game follows the adventures of characters plucked straight out from fairy tales. It is, however,  a mature and adult oriented take on the characters so, keep your kids away from the game.

The game is divided into episodes, and it is hard to resist the urge to purchase them all. I have to warn you, though, start the game only if you have enough cash in your wallet, otherwise,  you will feel incomplete after finishing the first episode.

Free Version

5. Crazy Taxi

I remember endless summer afternoons and a video game called Crazy Taxi. This game turned my summer vacations with cousins a fun ride. Taking turns playing this arcade game was amazing fun, especially when everyone is cheering you up or booing you down.

While that atmosphere is long gone, the spirit of the game remains the same in this PC game for Android. Crazy Taxi is exactly like its name sounds, its crazy arcade fun.

The game is simple, you have to carry passengers to their destination just like in real life. However, the passengers can get mad for several reasons and that is understandable. If you get late or ram the taxi too much they will run out of your cab.

The game, however, allows you to pull off insane stunts as well. So you are at least covered at the fun aspect. The game runs amazingly on newer smartphones and tablets and the controls are well designed.

Paid Version


These were a few great PC games that are officially available on Android and are supported by the companies. Sure you might see some counterfeit Doom in the store from time to time but rest assured, until the real company behind the game supports it, it is better to play it on PC.

So, do you have any more games in mind that should have made the list? Feel free to share them with me and rest of the readers in the comments below.

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