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10 Best Pebble Smartwatch Apps You Must Know For Android

Did you just get a new Pebble smartwatch and are looking for some cool new apps? Are you confused after looking at so many apps available in the Pebble App Store and you just want to install the best apps?

Pebble’s new app store has made a big difference for users as you can now install and manage your apps directly from your Pebble smartwatch. Previously, users had to use third party methods in order to find out about new apps. While the Pebble is still a relatively new device, there are various apps already available in the Pebble App Store, with developers focusing on creating newer apps.

Whichever way you want to use your Pebble smartwatch, there are certain apps that are likely to be useful for the majority of users and here are the 10 best Pebble smartwatch apps that you should install.

1. Music Boss

Pebble MusicBoss

One of the best things about having a smartwatch is that it can make your music playback much more convenient. While there are default buttons on the Pebble for controlling music on your Android device, these are limited to functions like Play, Stop and Forward. Music Boss, on the other hand, gives you access to various additional controls and it even displays music or video information on your Pebble smartwatch.

Aside from letting you control music from within a particular media player on your Android device, Music Boss also lets you launch various media apps on your Android device, meaning you can launch apps like Pandora or PowerAmp. Music Boss is also integrated with Tasker, Nav Me and Canvas.

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2.  Evernote

Pebble Evernote

Evernote is possibly one of the most popular advanced note taking apps available across various devices including iOS, Windows and Android and the great news is that you can now use Evernote on your Pebble smartwatch as well! One of the best things about the Pebble smartwatch is that you are likely to wear it all the time, while laptops and smartphones are easy to forget at home when you’re on the go.

Using Evernote, you’ll be able to access all your notes directly on your Pebble smartwatch even if you don’t have the device with you that you used to create the notes. Imagine forgetting your laptop to a business meeting or forgetting the list of items while shopping for grocery. The Evernote app will help you overcome all such problems.

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3. Pandora

Pebble Pandora

This is another app for the Pebble smartwatch that makes listening to music more convenient. If you’re a Pandora junky, then this is probably the first app that you should get on your Pebble smartwatch. Basically, the Pebble Pandora app lets you do most of the stuff that you can do on the official Pandora Android app without actually having to use your Android device.

All the major functions such as changing stations, viewing song information, ratings and play & pause are supported. One of the major advantages of using Pandora from your Pebble smartwatch is that it makes it easier to access functions while you’re exercising, working out or casting Pandora to another audio device.

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4. Pebble Locker

Pebble Locker

This is one of the most useful apps for Pebble smartwatch users who want to make sure that their Android devices are locked. While Android does have several options for locking the screen including passwords, PINs and patterns, you need to access your Android device in order to set up such a lock. If, for example, your Android device is not locked and someone else has access to it, there is practically no way to lock your device’s screen.

Pebble Locker lets you set PINs and passwords on your Android device using a Bluetooth connection without physically interacting with your phone. This can be a great way to instantly lock your device when someone using your Android device is about to do something that you don’t want them to do, such as view your Emails. Unfortunately, the Pebble Locker app currently doesn’t support patterns. In order to use the app, you need to enable the app as device administrator after which you can easily set PINs and passwords through your Pebble smart watch.


5. Multi  Timer

Pebble Timer

Multi Time for Pebble is one of the simplest apps, however, it can be extremely useful in monitoring workouts or checking cooking time. While there are many specialized timer apps on the Pebble for various tasks, this particular app is a general timer app that you can use for various tasks. The app also features a resume feature if you leave the app and you can run 8 different timers at once.

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6. Yelp

Pebble Yelp

Yelp is another popular app available on the Pebble App Store and it lets you load entire Yelp directories directly on your Pebble smartwatch. On the main screen of the app, you’ll find the major categories such as restaurants and drug stores which you can use to locate the nearest place that you want to visit. The app also features a new Discover feature which automatically tells you about the best places nearby when you flick your wrist, triggering the Yelp Pebble app.

After selecting a particular business or restaurant, you’ll be taken to the business’s page with all the important details such as telephone numbers and reviews by others. Yelp is another one of those apps that you can use without actually interacting with your Android smartphone.

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7. Pebble Cards

Pebble Cards

Pebble Cards is a great way to display certain information on your Pebble smartwatch’s main screen. You can customize the cards according to your  preferences and information including stocks, RSS feed, weather, notes calendar appointments can all be displayed on your Pebble smartwatch’s screen. Basic information such as date and time will always be present on the screen and you can use the Up and Down buttons to navigate between various cards.

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8. Tiny Bird

Pebble TinyBird

Tiny Bird is a popular game available for the Pebble smartwatch and is quite similar to the Flappy Bird game. While apps are great for the Pebble smartwatch, you might want to spend some time playing this game directly from your wrist. Obviously, the graphics and gameplay functions will be limited as it is just a smartwatch, but the game is definitely addictive and it can help you kill time when you’re on the go. The game is extremely challenging and most users have been unable to reach  the end of the game.

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9. Morpheuz Sleep Monitor

Pebble Morpheuz

Morpheuz is an excellent Sleep Monitor app that lets you monitor your sleep using the accelerometer. This is a great app for people who are looking for monitoring their sleeping patterns. The app displays information using graphs and focuses on deep and light sleeps using movements.

Aside from displaying information, the app also features a smart alarm app that automatically sets an alarm according to your sleep pattern. In order words, the app sets an alarm according to what it thinks should be the perfect sleep amount for you based on your movements and sleeping patterns.

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10. Pong

Pebble Pong

This is another game available for the Pebble smartwatch. Pong is one of the oldest and most poplar games and you’ll easily get used to the game. This classic arcade game is highly addictive and can help you kill time while you’re on the go. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the basic objective of the game is to keep hitting the ball while waiting for the computer to miss a shot in order to get a point.

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The Pebble smartwatch can do a lot more than just make your smartphone use more convenient. The arrival of Pebble’s app store lets you download various apps for a variety of tasks that you can do directly from your Pebble smartwatch and the best thing is that you can find and install these apps now directly through the smartwatch, without using any third party resources.

While different users like different types of apps and have different preferences, there are some apps that should be useful to most Pebble smartwatch users. The 10 best Pebble smartwatch apps mentioned above might fit into your ranking differently but they are certainly useful to Pebble smartwatch users. If you feel that we’ve missed out an app or you are having problems with a particular app, feel free to advice us or shoot any questions below!

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