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Chalk Up Your Digital Cue for These Pool Games for Android

Pool, Snooker, Billiards, whatever you want to call it, is what I like to think is a perfect sport. It achieves a rare, perfect balance, between the mind and the body. You don’t have to concentrate really hard like chess, or have to move much physically like football.

But, most of us don’t have a pool table lying around for you to use, right?

Wrong! Technology has evolved to such an extent that the fine line between reality and fantasy is blurred. If you want something real emulated on your phone, it’s likely an app like that already exists like that.

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Today, we’re going to list the most exceptional pool apps for Android that give you the most realistic digital version of a physics based game that’s difficult to reproduce accurately.

Without further ado, here are the best pool games for Android currently available free on the Google Play Store.

1. 8 Ball Pool

What’s the big deal about this pool game, you ask? Nothing much other than the fact that the big-time online game developers, Miniclip made it! I’m not sure how other developers of pool game apps for Android expect to compete.

Seriously, the sheer amount of players playing this game as we speak is unbelievable! I am not surprised that this game is the highest rated pool app on this list.

You can compete 1 on 1 both locally, and in online mode. Then, there are the tournaments, which take place with 8 participating players.

The main currency of this game is the Pool Coins, which you can earn through gambling in the game and can also be bought using real world money.

You do have to sign up to enjoy all the various aspects of this game and save your progress, or you may not be able to challenge your friends. You can sign up either through Facebook or Miniclip.

The coins can be used to buy cues, with various properties and power-ups. You can also buy new Pool tables, which are completely customizable.

Although the gameplay is not in 3D, this is not a drawback at all. The portrait-based gameplay is well defined, along with real life physics, which is all the best for beginning players.

Free Version

2. Pool 8 Ball Billiards Snookers

This is sort of like an alternative for the 8-Ball Pool for Android game we talked about earlier, but that doesn’t make it any worse. Personally, I find it a very addictive version of pool.

It features more than 220 different pool challenges. It has an amazing computer AIs to beat in single player mode. You also have the option to challenge your friends.

You can improve your skills in training mode. Otherwise, there are multiple game modes to choose. You can even perform tricks using the very accurate steering system!

Long story short, it has a good user interface, great graphics, and is easy to learn and use.

Free Version

3. Pool Billiards Pro

This application takes a break from traditional 2-dimensional renders and replaces it with beautiful, and realistic 3D animations.

Like many other Pool games on this list, you use the touchscreen on your Android smartphone or tablet to control the cue and other aspects of the game.

It features 2 famous versions of pool, 8-ball and 9-ball. There are various modes in this particular app, ranging from single player and practice modes all the way to challenge and multiplayer modes.

Although you can’t go online and challenge other experienced players from around the globe, the arcade and versus mode is sure to keep you busy with the 180 + levels.

Pool Billiards Pro features different rule sets mentioned below:
Single Player – no rules
Challenge – 2 minute time lit with high score record
Practice – No time limit and no high score record

All in all, Pool Billiards Pro is user-friendly, has good gameplay, and mediocre graphics.

Free Version


Well, that’s that. The best free pool games for Android smartphones or tablets. Personally, I feel this is a game that is worth trying, at least. Some people play it as a recreational sport while others are somewhat competitive.

Whatever is the case, the game of Pool is a game that not most people know about, but, I figure they should. Well, what’re you waiting for? Rack up some conversations about your greatest pool match in the comments below.

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