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7 Amazing Quiz Apps to Test Your Knowledge in 2023

Want to test your knowledge on various topics, including technology, sports, news, education, companies, and celebrities? Check out these Quiz apps available on the Android platform that have great quality questions, user interface (UI), and personalized quiz-making options. 

A quiz app is fun, especially when waiting for a flight or just resting for a few minutes. A quick trivia refreshes your brain and keeps your mind active. Whether the questions are easy or hard doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it is necessary for us to gain some knowledge and never stop learning.

Android OS is one of the top platforms that provide a friendly UI experience and promotes developers to create innovative applications that refresh the minds of people during their busy days. 

In this article, let us briefly review the quiz apps available on the Google Play Store.

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Quiz Apps

List of Products for Quick Navigation: 

  1. Quizizz
  2. Quizland
  3. Quizpot
  4. General Knowledge quiz
  5. 94%
  6. Quiz Maker
  7. Kahoot

1. Quizizz: 

Quizizz is a technical quiz app users can log in as a student or work organization to create a custom quiz. The topics are educational and informative under various categories, including history, English literature, mathematical equations, language, and creative arts. 

Just select a topic that you’re interested in learning. Presentation slides are pre-loaded in the app to give you basic knowledge on the topic, and move on to the set of questions to test your knowledge.

OS requirements: Android 5.0 and above

Quiz apps- Quizizz


Quizizz allows you to create a custom quiz using a Quizizz account. Apart from conducting quizzes, the app provides classes where you can gain knowledge on every educational topic.

2. Quizzland:

Not a fan of technical and educational quiz apps? Well, Quizzland is what you need to relax your mind by solving trivial questions. If you don’t know the answer for a question or are confused between two options, earn coins and use them to unlock hints. 

Every time you choose the wrong option, there is a detailed explanation to each question. Challenge your friends with fun trivia questions from various topics and general knowledge to tease your brain.

OS requirements: Android 4.4 and above

Quiz apps- Quizzland

3. Quizpot:

Moving on to something not totally dependent on studies or trivia, the Quizpot app is a group GK quiz app that allows users to participate in multiplayer (2-4 persons) quizzes. The major topics include politics, general knowledge, information technology, history, sports, films, grammar, logos, brands, and much more.

The recent update from the developers is the current affairs section which helps you stay updated with the events that happen around your locality. Create an account or use the log in option to start playing the quiz online with people from anywhere around the globe.

OS requirements: Android 5.0 and above

Quiz apps- QuizPot


4. General Knowledge Quiz:

With no trivia questions, the GK Quiz app contains questions that are factual and education-based. Increase your ELO number and compare them with players by answering the questions spread across various topics such as technology, social awareness, history, literature, etc. 

All the topics related to the questions have external links to Wikipedia articles, which you can refer to study the topics with more clarity.

OS requirements: Android 5.0 and above

Quiz apps- General Knowledge Quiz
General Knowledge Quiz


5. 94%:

This app is quite interesting as you only need to guess 94% to answer it correctly. The questions are framed more non-conventionally than you will find in a normal quiz. You need not worry about giving wrong answers since the app accepts only the right answers until you guess them correctly.

OS requirements: Android 5.0 and above

Quiz apps- 94%


6. Quiz Maker:

The Quiz Maker app allows users to create custom quizzes by setting the number of options to your questions. The customized quiz is then stored as a .qcm file. The .qcm file can be shared with anyone; however, the user taking the quiz has to have the Quiz Maker app to open the .qcm file. 

Two modes are available, namely, exam and challenge mode. This app is not strictly technical; it can be used as entertainment while learning.

OS requirements: Android 5.0 and higher.

Quiz apps- Quiz Maker
Quiz Maker

7. Kahoot:

Kahoot is one of the top quiz apps that allow users to create custom quizzes by adding images and videos, polls, and puzzles to make them more interesting rather than just multiple-choice questions. It covers a wide range of topics, such as superheroes, trivia, and studies, all in one place.

Kahoot is not just a quiz app. You can log in as a teacher or an employer and use this platform to assign virtual classes.

Quiz apps- Kahoot

App Classification:

AppCategory and quick reviews
QuizizzEducational purposes – includes presentations
QuizlandTrivia – general knowledge
QuizpotVarious topics – covers most topics
General Knowledge QuizPurely GK – Informative  
94%Unconventional but fun questions – fun to explore
Quiz MakerCustomize quizzes – make your own quiz in an instant
KahootVarious topics – Professional and entertainment guaranteed
App Classifications

Frequently asked questions

Are there any quiz apps for students to learn as well?

Yes. There are many quiz apps that provide learning along with quizzes. Quizizz app is one such recommendation to educate students in a fun way.

How do I share the quiz I created using the Quiz Maker app?

The quiz will be saved in .qcm file format. Just share that file with your friends.

Free quiz apps for teachers?

Apps like Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizpot, and GK Quiz are useful for teachers to test their knowledge on various study topics.

Quiz apps to create a quiz?

There are a number of apps that provide options to create your own quiz and share it with your friends and families.

Fun trivia quiz apps?

Quizzland is a quiz app containing trivia questions uniquely made for entertainment purposes.

Wrapping up:

Staying refreshed is a challenge amidst our busy schedule, traveling from place to place to get to our work or even free time at our workplace. Giving us a laugh out of the question is a huge task, especially when you put more effort into thinking of a brilliant answer, only to find it so silly and simple. 

While there are wide collections of mini-games that one might go for, nothing refreshes our brain like sharing knowledge while making the process fun to learn. The apps mentioned in this article will never leave you empty without sharing the proper resources from where the questions have been derived.

If you’re on the quest for quality quiz apps that are both fun and informative, try out these apps and share your favorite app with us.

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