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Top 5 Racing Drones for Ultimate Aerial Experience

Are you fond of racing? Does watching drone races make you sit on the edge of your seat?

Drones are used in almost all important events to capture awesome moments that a conventional camera fails to record. However, the true potential of drones is tested through competition known as the drone racing league.

Yes, drone racing is an actual event where high-speed drones are made to compete with others for various lapses, and the winner gets the prize money.

FPV racing drones offer real-time control of your drones using the pre-installed drone camera. Let’s discuss more racing drones in this article.

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FPV Drone Racing:

FPV (first person view) drone racing has become more popular among the younger generation, becoming an official sport heading toward the world games championship. However, it is safe to operate drones in your neighborhood under the restrictive guidelines provided by the government.

Some of the important guidelines include the following:

  • altitude restriction under 400 feet
  • do not fly your drone over a group of people
  • the time limit for flight operation after sunrise and before sunset
  • stay away from emergency sites and airspace
  • authorization of the product and pilot license if necessary
Racing Drones

Top 5 Racing Drones Available

  1. DJI FPV Quadcopter
  2. DJI Mavic Air
  3. Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone
  4. Serenelife Predator Drone
  5. Vivitar FPV 

1. DJI FPV Quadcopter

The DJI racing drone offers 1500 coverage of your flight in 4K resolution. The product comes with V2 VR goggles that take real-time virtual control to the next level, along with the remote controller. 

It is equipped with the OcuSync 3.0 transmission system, allowing you to transmit live HD  video capture with Low Latency. The transmission range limit is 6.2 miles. The DJI FPV racing drone has S mode, which simplifies the manual flying controls of the drone.

racing drones- DJI FPV Quadcopter
DJI FPV Quadcopter

Image Source: Amazon

This drone is loaded with safety features like obstacle detection, safe flight mode when operated at higher speeds, the Return To Home option when the battery is low, and the Smart RTH.

Product Specifications:

Weight1.75 pounds
Control TypeRemote as well as motion control support
Video Resolution4K at 60fps
Flight Time20 minutes
ConnectivityBluetooth & WiFi
Transmission range10 kilometers
Specifications for DJI FPV Quadcopter

2. DJI Mavic Air

The DGI Mavic Air series is well known for its flight safety and stabilization features. Flight safety includes five vision sensors, GLONASS, monitoring over specialized computers, GPS, ultrasonic range finders, and much more.

The camera offers 12MP HD video recording in 4K at 30fps, seamless even at high speeds, and 32MP sphere panorama image capture for a particular use. The operating distance for the  DGI Mavic Air racing drone is 6562 feet. 

racing drones- DJI Mavic Air
DJI Mavic Air

Image Source: Amazon

The Mavic Air reaches up to 43 mph in sports mode with automatic obstacle detection. It also allows control over a smartphone through the DGI Fly application. The compact design of the Mavic Air allows you to fold the drone and the controller, making it comfortable to carry.

Product Specifications:

Weight0.95 pounds
Control TypePrimary remote control and control over smartphone
Video Resolution4K at 60fps
Flight Time21 minutes
ConnectivityBluetooth & WiFi
Transmission range2 kilometers
Specifications for DJI Mavic Air

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3. Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone

The Sky Viper racing drone is specifically made for stunt purposes, making it light and aerodynamically perfect for racing. The Viper Fury is pre-loaded with eight different stunts that are visually stunning. It has both flight and stunt modes.

The flight mode uses Surface scan technology that offers stable and safe flight with obstacle tracking. It also comes with the Auto-Pilot mode, so you don’t have to worry about learning the controls all at once. 

racing drones- Sky Viper fury
Sky Viper Fury

Image Source: Amazon

The stunt drone scans and recognizes the surface patterns at 200 times per second, which makes it best for racing. The flight firmware installed in this drone is professional grade and enables users to operate the best flying experience in its class.

Product Specifications:

Weight1 pound
Control TypeRemote control
CameraSurface scan, stream, and record in HD 
Flight Time15 minutes
Transmission range200 feet
Specifications for Sky Viper Fury

4. Serenelife Predator Quadcopter Drone

The Serenelife Predator racing drone is capable of moving in any direction through the Headless mode function and provides a seamless flying experience at different speeds. It records 720p HD resolution video during the flight, and the transmission frequency of the drone is 2.4 GHz.

This racing drone can be operated through a WiFi connection using your smartphone. Apart from the specifications, this racing drone has a low battery indicator, a durable build, connectivity through the app, and a 6-axis gyroscopic controller for a smooth flight experience. 

Serenelife Predator

  Image Source: Amazon

The product’s light weight is achieved with no compromise in the quality of the material as it is made up of engineered ABS material. The drone performs stunts during racing, such as 3600 barrel rolls and flips.

Product Specifications:

Weight0.73 pounds
Control TypeRemote control
Flight Time10 minutes
Connectivity2.4 GHz frequency, WiFi
Transmission range325+ feet
Specifications for Serenelife Predator

5. Vivitar FPV 

The functions and key features of the Vivitar FPV racing drones are off the charts. It has an auto hover option, HD video capture, long flight duration and range, stability at high speeds, and much more.

The product comes with FPV goggles for an immersive flight experience and an icon-coded remote controller for easy access to the controls of the racing drone. It has the instant RTH (Return to Home) key, which brings the drone back to the user. The VTI drone has built-in GPS, an additional advantage.

Vivitar FPV

Image Source: Amazon

The controls of this drone are coded to make it easier for beginners to operate. The racing terrain could be bushes, obstacles, or corners; this drone can easily pull it off. The motors have adjustable speed settings which allow you to use them indoors.

Product Specifications:

Weight3.37 pounds
Control TypeIcon-coded control
Flight Time28 minutes
Video Resolution720p transmission
Flight range3200 feet
Specifications for Vivitar FPV

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are FPV racing drones hard to fly?

No. The first-person view drone controls are easy to learn and operate within a few practice rounds. In terms of professional racing, you need to understand the drone’s aerodynamics to complete the laps in a league.

Can racing drones hover?

Usually, racers don’t need a stable drone that hovers instead of racing through at high speeds, but Racing drones do hover and fly at high speeds.

Can you boost the speed of racing drones?

Although it is possible to boost your drone speed using high-speed rotors, it may affect the aerodynamics of the drone. Some factors you can consider mitigating are weight, wind direction, and the body of the drone.

Are there any restrictions on flying FPV drones?

Yes. You must register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration and receive your license.  

How do I sign up for drone racing tournaments?

The Drone Racing League is the biggest championship in the world. Here hundreds of drone pilots travel from all over the world to the location shared by the DRL when signing up for the tournament. The registration fee varies on which part of the world you’re located in.

Final Lap!

Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush through your flight experience. In this article, we have listed the best racing drones for commercial and professional use.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of the racing drones listed in this article and start your racing journey. 

Give us feedback on your flight experience with racing drones and which is your personal favorite. 

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