Best Rental Car Apps for iPhone in 2022

Best Rental Car Apps for iPhone in 2022

Traveling? Here are some of the Rental Car Apps for iPhone you to choose from, for your safety and comfort. Choose from a totally unique variety of cars, and drive for an important day, meeting, or event like a pro.

Whether it’s a truck for you to use on moving day, a fancy getaway for a luxurious weekend, a classic perfect road trip with your loved one, or a romantic late-night drive with your partner, let’s find the perfect vehicle rental app on iPhone for your next adventure.

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  1. Turo for iPhone.
  2. Enterprise rental Car App for iPhone.
  3. Hertz car rental for iPhone.
  4. Sixt for iPhone.
  5. Zip car for iPhone.
  6. for iPhone.

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Here is the collection of carefully picked best Rental Car Apps for iPhone

1.  Turo Rental Car App for iPhone

Rental Car Apps for iPhone - Turo for iPhone
Turo for iPhone

Turo by turo inc.  Turo is the world’s largest peer-to-peer car-sharing platform. You can book any car, any design, or any model that you want from a local host in the US, Canada, and the UK.

You can book your cars any time, and at your desired location starting from $25 per day. Contactless check-in options are available for safe accessibility. You can book any trip, anytime, and anywhere by getting a car delivered to you. 

Car Sharing Business

You can also share your cars in the Turo app to earn money or start a business of your own with Turo. Don’t worry in case of an emergency or accident Turo has $750000 in liability insurance from the Travelers Excess and Surplus lines backing each trip.

Flying afar, but thinking that traveling expenses might get high? Don’t worry about the Turo car rental app. You can make your trip possible with a minimal amount for your traveling expenses. Not to worry about walking for a long time but not wholly enjoying your trip.

Pros: Has any brand from medium range to luxurious cars.

cons: Continuous use of GPS in the background can decrease battery life.

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2. Enterprise Rental Car App for iPhone

Enterprise Rental Car App for iPhone
Enterprise Rental Car App for iPhone

Enterprise Rental Cars by, with over 9,500 car rental locations around the world, makes it easier to rent cars while on the go. The Enterprise Car Rental app is for you and your partner’s free travel planner across the US, Canada, and Latin America.

From luxury car rental to economy vehicles, there is high-end excellent customer service for you to travel worry-free, take your time to enjoy, and explore every place you want. Enterprise works with a leading industry for the complete cleaning and sanitizing of each car.

Offering Free Rental Rides

There are even more options on the Enterprise Car Rental app, like renting a car, viewing or modifying upcoming reservations to extend your travel plans, or getting easy directions to your rental car’s place or branch. You can also call roadside assistance 24\7 for help on the go.

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3. Hertz Car Rental for iPhone

Hertz Car Rental for iPhone
Hertz Car Rental for iPhone

The Hertz Car Rental app is a fast car rental app for emergency needs. Hertz can help you like no one else in an emergency, with fast bookings and car delivery. Hertz makes renting a car fast, easy, and stress-free with their Hertz Rental Car app for iPhone.

Get on the Road

Hertz can save time and get you on the road faster with the rental car app for iPhone. Modify and review your reservation with only a few swipes of your finger. The Hertz app is designed for you to spend less time in lines, so you can get to your destination as quickly as possible. 

A unique option that is available in Hertz is one-touch login. One-touch login can help you save a lot of time for a fast booking. For effortless navigation, the Hertz app has a special menu and features designed for iPhones. It also has the option for saved searches to book your next car rental even faster. With the Hertz Car Rental app for iPhone, you can easily find any location anywhere in the world, hours of operation, contact information, and directions to the location.

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4. Sixt Rental Car App for iPhone

Sixt for iPhone
Sixt for iPhone

The Sixt car rental app for iPhone is where you can ride, book, and be your own driver. You should feel relaxed as you sit back and enjoy being your own driver. You can book your ride in advance in only a few minutes. You can make payments through your credit card for any ride, such as a  ride on-demand, taxi, or ride on-demand with no need for cash. Users have the option of choosing from economy to first class.


Track Your Flight

Arriving at your vacation? There is a track option on the Sixt rental car app that tracks your flight for delays and makes sure to greet and pick you up at the arrival airport lounge at the right time, with the welcome sign on, and they will help you with your bags, even when the flight is delayed or early. 

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5. Zip Rental Car App for iPhone

Zip Car for iPhone
Zip Car for iPhone

The free Zipcar rental app is free in the Apple store, In the Zipcar rental app, you can find different models of cars and vans in your neighborhood and across the globe. If you are a paying member, you can reserve and unlock gas, mileage, dedicated parking, and insurance options that are included in all your membership reservations. 

Cheap and Best Rental car

With the membership, you can book or reserve a Zipcar for an hour or a day. You can choose from a variety of vehicles and brands, view your upcoming reservations, and easily get directions to your Zipcar location. With the Zipcar app, you can unlock or lock your Zipcar from any place, and double-check if you want for more safety. Change, extend, or cancel your reservation on the go in your Zipcar app as well.

Zipcar is one of the leading car sharing and lending networks, which enables you to live a simple and responsible life. Zipcar brings freedom, flexibility, and convenience to urban areas and university campuses in about 500 cities and towns across Canada, France, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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6. Rental App for iPhone for iPhone for iPhone

Nearest and Lowest Price

With around 49,000 locations worldwide, if you needed a car in another country or continent? Or just around the corner? The app will get you the right rental car in the right place at the best and cheapest price. The phone goes for all, you can book and show the voucher to pick up your rental car just by using the app. is an ideal companion for anyone who loves the independence and freedom only a car can provide. is an all-in-one app that can compare and let you buy a cheap rental car, so you don’t have to compare and spend more time on them. can connect you to the biggest brands in the rental car apps platform, and get you connected to cheap deals, no extra fees, flexible rentals, and a price match guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is the car rental app safe?

Yes, since all the listed rental car apps have GPS working all the time, it is saved. Aside from GPS,  many apps have the save driver and quality check, plus you have a safe option always enabled in your app.

Are rental cars expensive?

No, rental cars in the apps are equal to what you spent on local transportation and currency exchange through cash payment. App payable online have no currency wavery. You can also save time by renting a car, instead of waiting in a queue or walking miles in the rain or sun.

How old do you have to be to rent a car?

You have to be above 21 in order to rent a car. In many cities, the age system differs, so check it out before with all the apps that are options on your mind before you land to avoid last-minute confusion.

How do you book a rental car?

Search for rental car apps for iPhone or android on your device and download them. Register and log in, choose your preferred car, pick it up, and there you go. As simple as that. Since the app uses GPS all the time, battery usage may be high.  So carry a power bank or another emergency phone.

What are the best rental car apps for iPhone?

Here are the top best Rental Car Apps for iPhone that are carefully picked for you. Turo for iPhone, Enterprise rent a car for iPhone, Hertz car rental for iPhone, Sixt for iPhone, Zip car for iPhone, and for iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Tired experiences traveling on crowded buses and tirelessly walking nonstop while on vacation, and not wholly enjoying the vacation or seeing places and wonders? Rental car apps are best for all vacations, meetings, days out, late night taxi unavailabilities, night drives, and many more activities that a car can make easier and faster to reach your destination.

Hope you liked the article and choose the right one, Let us know if any queries in the comment section.

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