10 Best S-Pen Apps for Samsung Galaxy Devices

When Samsung first released the Galaxy Note smartphone, people were skeptical (including yours truly). Fast forward a few years and Galaxy Note series is immensely popular.

The 10 best S-Pen apps for Galaxy devices celebrate the usefulness and utility of the most prominent feature of the series; the S-Pen. The S-Pen is a remarkable tool especially if you are a creative person.

Unfortunately most of the people I know don’t even use the best feature of their device and continue to use the Note phones as regular ones. The 10 best S Pen apps for Samsung Galaxy devices will try to rectify that and make you love the under-appreciated feature more.

Note: All the apps in the 10 best S-Pen apps for Galaxy Note devices were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The phone runs on Samsung’s own take on Android 4.4.2 and is rooted.

1. Autodesk SketchBook – Free with In-app Purchases

Autodesk Sketchbook - best S-Pen apps for Galaxy Note

Be Creative!

The Autodesk SketchBook is the only app which fully uses the pressure sensitivity of the S-Pen. This means you will be able to draw some incredible stuff with this app and the S Pen. I’m not an artist by a long shot, I did some sketches for Game Designing but that was it.

But I think this app made me improve from doodling stick figures. The screenshots above show some of the stuff I was able to make with this amazing app. The interface, the design and the ease of use are remarkable.

The only crippling downside of this app is its inability to export PSD files (Files to be used in Photoshop). The pro version of the app shipped with my smartphone and I’m sure almost all the Note devices will have this app.


  • A simple to use yet deep interface.
  • Ability to upload directly to DeviantArt, which is a site for art showcasing.
  • Some quality brushes are available.

Notable Feature:

The app allows you to work in layers, making most of the menial work easier for you. If you are pro in Photoshop, this feature will make your Galaxy Note device into a portable canvas.


2. PicSay – Free and $3.99

PicSay - best S-Pen apps for Galaxy Note

The Pics that Talk

2.A Free Version

What if you need something easier and fun to use than the Autodesk SketchBook? Then I recommend PicSay Photo Editor. This is a fun and easy to use app which can make your photos come to life in mere seconds.

The app doesn’t come with elaborate image manipulation tools but it does host some of the most funny and entertaining tools I have used. I made a fig into an expressive specimen with just a few taps of the S Pen. The pen helped me immensely in resizing and rotating the props.


  • Some fun image editing options.
  • Pixelating stuff is satisfying.
  • The spotlight is…well spot on.

Notable Feature:

The talk bubbles make good pictures amazing if you have the imagination to match. You can make your friends say what they won’t say in real life.


2.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app adds more props and effects to the already great collection. If you are deeply invested in the app, go for the paid version. Otherwise the ad-supported free one is great.


3. MyScript Calculator – Free

 MyScript Calculator

Do the Math

This is one of the best S-Pen apps for Galaxy Note thanks to its ability of recognizing your bad hand writing. Usually the apps which recognize hand writings are bad at numbers and symbols; this is where MyScript Calculator shines.

This is a must have app if you are always calculating stuff and need immediate answers. Simply write the equation down and the app will try to find the answer for you. The app is not always accurate but it does give you a general idea of the results.


  • A clean and easy to use interface.
  • Can recognize small symbols.
  • Is fairly accurate in simple calculus.

Notable Feature:

The app is lightning fast in getting the results to you. This means it doesn’t rely on internet or remote serves to figure out the results. It does it locally and in real-time.


4. Papyrus – Free with In-app Purchases


A Sleek Design

Papyrus is a simple note taking app which allows you to use the pressure sensitive S-Pen. I particularly like scribbling down elaborate ideas on the app and it not just use it as a simple sticky-note. The app is responsive and fast which is great because who would want a laggy diary.

The app is great for taking school/college notes as well. You can even snap a picture of the whiteboard and attach it to the note, this way you can actually learn what the teacher is teaching and actively participate in class.


  • Extremely simple to use.
  • If you have good handwriting, this app will be amazing.
  • You can add photos to the notes and resize them.

Notable Feature:

You can export notes as PDF files or images. This is a tremendously easy way to make presentations look more personal and enthusiastic.


5. Draw Cartoons – Free and $4.99

Draw Cartoons

Become Disney

5.A Free Version

If you want to make some simple animations on your smartphone, this is the only app in the 10 best S Pen apps for Galaxy Note devices which can do that. Even if you have zero experience in animation, this app will allow you to make some really entertaining animations.

Want to make stick figures fight? You can do so with this great app. Take it from a person who has worked on Flash-based animations, this is some quality stuff right here.


  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Easy to make cartoons come to life.
  • The animations are smooth and beautiful.

Notable Feature:

The S-Pen allows you to target the precise location of joints and make it easy to do animations in very short time. The app can work with fingers too, but that is just messy and clumsy.


5.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app opens up all the fancy props and animations for you. If you are having fun with the free app, go ahead and support the developers.


6. TouchRetouch – Free and $0.99


Erase the Errors

6.A Free Version

TouchRetouch is a handy tool to use if you want to make a picture perfect. That wayward balloon ruined the birthday photo? Simply draw over it and hit the Go button, the app will do the rest. This almost magical app removes almost anything from a photo.

Take a look at the screen caps above to get the idea. You can even have some fun with this great app, remove the chair under your friend and make him/her float. Check out these great photo editors to further hone your game.


  • Good interface with easy to use controls.
  • The S-Pen can be used for precise targeting.
  • The process is done in seconds, which is amazing.

Notable Feature:

The app uses a great algorithm to remove anything you want from a photo. The remaining image is amazing considering you just selected the object and pressed go.


6.B Paid Version

The Paid Version of the app removes the ads from it. This may not be a big deal but if you hate ads, this is the way to remove them.


7. Makeup – Free and $2.99


Helps You Makeup Your Mind

7.A Free Version

Import your own photo and start doing makeup in this fun yet addictive app. Unfortunately, this app confirmed my suspicions of me looking hideous in makeup.

But for all the ladies reading this, this is a perfect app to check out a new hairstyle without actually risking a haircut. Same goes for makeup styles. After you are done, get featured on a stylish magazine cover.


  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Numerous hair styles are featured.
  • The S-Pen can be used for precise adjustments.

Notable Feature:

You can try out many looks and makeup in seconds and select the one which suits you. No more doing Egyptian eye makeup only to find you look like a cat.


7.B Paid Version

Adds just a few new features like changing eye colors.


8. Scribble Racer – Free with In-App Purchases

Scribble Racer

Draw the Line

Scribble Racer is the only game in the S Pen apps for Galaxy Note devices list. This is because it is incredibly hard to play with fingers. This game can be played without the S-Pen. But the S-Pen remarkably improves your performance in the game.

You need to trace a path with your S-Pen without touching the boundaries and post a high score.


  • Exciting and requires fast reflexes.
  • Using the S-Pen feels like cheating.
  • The graphics are easy on the eyes.

Notable Feature:

Invite your unsuspecting S-Pen-less friends to play the game and post high scores. Now beat them easily and be the best (what an evil plan). The game also has upgrades and standard endless-runner tropes.


9. Infinite Painter – Free and $4.99

Infinite Painter

A Detailed Option

9.A Free Version

If you require a bit more detail and professionalism in your art, Infinite Painter is the best app for you. The app uses almost every tool available in any top of the line image editing or illustrating software and brings it to your Galaxy Note device.

The app comes with pressure sensitive brushes and makes your smartphone into a canvas. Here are some more drawing apps if you want to take a look.


  • Advanced features are amazing.
  • Unlimited layers are available.
  • 100 plus brushes placed into categories.

Notable Feature:

The app allows you to export your work as JPEG or PNG images and PSD files. This way you can continue your work on your Photoshop housing PC as well. This feature is a must have for any professional digital artist.


10. GMD SPen Control – $5.56

GDM SPen Control

Take Control

This app requires a rooted Galaxy Note device. It basically allows you to map custom gestures to functions or apps. The app expands the S-Pen functionality by allows you to make your own gestures to be used anywhere on the TouchWiz UI.

If you are into making your S-Pen much more useful in daily life, this is the best way to do it. The app is compatible with other launchers as well.


  • This app works on all custom ROMs as well.
  • Graphical gestures are a neat addition.
  • You can enable or disable figure gestures.

Notable Feature:

You can a lot starting zones on the screen. This allows you to use the same gesture for different purposes.



These are the 10 best S Pen apps for Samsung Galaxy devices I found to be useful or entertaining. I’m sure there will be many more apps which can be enhanced by the use of S-Pen. If you have any great app installed, do recommend it in the comments. I always look forward to hear from the real experts!

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