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4 Best Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch Faces: Customize with Taste!

We cannot deny it!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can really be a big help with our day to day activities. Not to mention that some claims the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is one of the best Android smartwatches.

The only downside is…

It is built with a simple watch face. Some stylish people might find it too plain for their tastes.

And let’s be honest, shall we?

You are buying the smartwatch for countless reasons. It might be because you want it as your gym buddy, personal assistant, or a fashion accessory.

But, of course, everything could be improved! And it would be best to have the freedom to customize its watch face, right? Now, does Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active2 allows you to customize how it looks?

The answer is yes, yes, yes!

There are different Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 watch faces available for you. They will definitely give your watch a new look and somehow, its own identity. It can be as unique as you!

Here’s the thing.

There are different Samsung galaxy active2 watch faces available to date. Here’s our guide to help you find which watch face is the best for you!

Astonishing Watch Face for Galaxy Active2

1. My Day

Best Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch Face - My Day
My Day Watch Face

If you could remember the My Day was the first to watch face the public has seen when the Galaxy Watch debuted. It may be a simple and minimal watch face but it will make you glance and be interested in your day!

What is the deal with the My Day watch face? It will sync with your calendar. You will be given a notification regarding the events of your day or prior to the day. With our example, the user is reminded that he has an exercise appointment from 11 am to 12 noon. It notified that the user has 52 minutes more until the said appointment.

You can customize the complications of My Day watch face. Since it is developed by Samsung, you can toggle and customize the watch at your preference. Moreover, you can have the My Day watch face by navigating at the Galaxy Wearable options.

2. Large

Best Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch Face - Large Watch Face
Large Watch Face

The Large watch face is a straightforward theme. In just a glance, you can easily determine the time with its large display. It has left the classical analog display for a large digital display. You can customize the time format by 12-hour or 24-hours. Moreover, font colors can be changed.

A heart rate monitor sits above the time to help users easily monitor their heart rate especially when they are exercising. Meanwhile, under the time is the battery status making it easy for the user to know whether the watch can still survive throughout the day. But, you can customize the widgets and change it to something more necessary for you. You can have the heart rate and date combination, heart rate and steps combination, or leave the widgets blank.

The Large watch face is developed by Samsung, you can toggle and customize it at the Galaxy Wearable options.

3. Hitoshi Engine

Best Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch Face - Hitoshi Engine
Hitoshi Engine

Do you want a robot engine inspired watch face? Broda has developed the right watch face that will fit your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

The Hitoshi Engine watch face provides different feature combinations for the wearers. Hitoshi satisfies the sporty users as it displays the daily step goal and heart rate of the wearer. It has a seconds-feature to guide you in doing your exercises.

Moreover, it shows the date, weekday, and moon phase to keep you reminded of the day. The hour format depends on what is in the format of your smartphone! You can have a 12-hour or 24-hour format depending on your preference.

You only need to single tap the application to open it and double-tap to customize the app shortcuts. Lastly, it indicates the battery level of the watch to help you recharge it ahead of time.

Watch Face Features:

  • 12-hour or 24-hour format
  • Customize application shortcuts
  • Change theme
  • Hide element

If you like the Hitoshi Engine for your Galaxy Watch Active 2, you can download it at the Galaxy Store.

Samsung Galaxy Store Button

4. All in One Analog

Best Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch Face - All in One Analog
All in One: Analog Watch Face

The All in One analog provides every information you need. You can customize the font, background, and date format according to your preference. The watch face allows you to decide at least 5 app shortcuts on the main screen. The simplicity and customizable application slots give the users ease in navigation.

Moreover, it helps users have a healthy lifestyle. It displays the calorie count, the number of steps, distance covered, and heart rate. You can customize the data in metric or imperial units.

Watch Face Features:

  • Customizable application slots
  • Customizable background
  • Customizable date formats
  • Customizable fonts
  • Weather data
  • Health data

Do you want a simple analog clock for your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2? You can download it at the Wearable App.


App Logo - PhotoWear Photo Watch Face
App Logo

PhotoWear Photo Watch Face

Do you want to have a personalized design for your watch face? We recommend the PhotoWear Photo Watch Face! You can have an interactive watch face with PhotoWear. It allows you to display 9 photos from your album. Moreover, the developers made it easy for the users. You can instantly connect to Instagram and grab pictures from your account.

  • Compatible with Android Wear OS
  • Crop photos
  • Apply photo filters
  • Interactive watch face
Google Play


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For some people, the watch face is a small gripe. But, for some, a solid watch face for the Galaxy Watch gives motivation. Nothing can beat the active face and feature of the watch face to motivate yourself to exercise!

Do you have any watch face suggestions? We would love to hear it from you, tell us about it in the comment section below! We also hope our list helped you decide the best watch face to accustom to your Galaxy Watch Active2. Tell your family members and gym buddies about our article, share it with them!

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