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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases: Perfect Phablet Protection

The Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s latest offering in the phablet market, and it is the company’s signature phablet device of the year. Like other Samsung devices, the Note 3 also suffers from a plastic back, which not many people like in a premium smartphone. However, the Note 3 is still a gorgeous Android device with some top-notch features. While the device is designed for people who prefer the phablet, or the big design, this does come at a cost. The HD 5.7 inch screen is incredible to look at, but since the screen is big, there is a greater chance of it getting damaged when the device is dropped by accident.

Cases are a great way to protect your device from unusual accidents, and getting a case for your Galaxy Note 3 would be the smart thing to do, considering the value of the device. We have done our research in finding the best cases available for the Note 3. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of these cases. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases.

9. OtterBox Defender Series Case – $59.95


The ultimate case, protecting the device from the most extreme drops

At 10, we have the defender series case from OtterBox. The company has made some incredible cases over the years for various smartphones, and the case for Note 3 does an exceptional job at protecting the device. At $59.95, the case is a bit expensive but offers ultimate protection. It would have ranked higher on our list if the price was lower. The case features three layers of protection and has a built-in rugged screen protector.

The case can basically protect your device from anything including dust, scratches, drops and shocks. The case features polycarbonate as the inner layer, a membrane screen protector as the second layer and a rubber slip third layer for absorbing impact. You can get the case in black.


8. Spigen Non-Slip Slim Ultra Fit Matte Hard Case – $9.90

spigen non slip

Non-slip, good grip with urethane coating

At number 9, we have the non-slip slim case from Spigen. As soon as you hold the phone with the case on, you feel the smooth and soft texture on the back, which also gives you a good grip in the hands.  At $9.99, the case features premium urethane coating which does a good job at making sure that the color of the case doesn’t fade away.

The case is slim, lightweight  and fits the phone perfectly, with cut-outs available for all the relevant ports on the device. Made from polycarbonate, the case has raised edges so that the screen doesn’t come into contact when lying flat on a surface. You can buy the case in either black or white.


7. Spigen Slim Armor Case Series – $19.99


Metal polycarbonate buttons with the ability to change the colors

At 8, we have the slim armor case from Spigen. At $19.99, the case does a fantastic job at protecting the device from accidents while offering a classy feel. Made from durable TPU and polycarbonate, the case is extremely slim and doesn’t add much thickness to the device. The metal polycarbonate control buttons don’t only look good, but also feel good while pressing.

Basically, the case has two layers and the outer layer is made from polycarbonate, which can be easily separated from the inner primary TPU layer. This means that you can easily change colors of the glossy polycarbonate layer whenever you want. You can buy the case in seven different colors including red, blue, white, metal slate,  soul black, smooth black and smooth white.


6. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case – $24.99

neo hybrid

Hybrid of polycarbonate and TPU

The neo hybrid case from Spigen comes in at number 7. Spigen has done a fantastic job at making cases for various devices, and this is the third one from this manufacturer on our list. Available for $21.99, the case comes with advanced shock absorption technology with its web pattern TPU material.

The case is thin and doesn’t change the overall shape or size of the device. The case is made from TPU, which acts as a back cover. It also includes polycarbonate, which acts as the frame of the case. The neo-hybrid case is available in seven colors including gold, red, white, satin silver, metal slate and yellow.


5. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Premium Hybrid Case -$13.99


Incredible protection with a sporty design

At number 6, we have the unicorn beetle premium hybrid case from Supcase. Made from TPU and polycarbonate, you will find that the cover has all the relevant cut-outs for the ports on the device and that it fits the device perfectly. The case offers a more sporty design and provides good shock absorption and protection against scratches.

Available at $13.99, this is a snap-on case that is extremely easy to install. You can get it in nine colors including black, red, blue, clear, grey, light blue, red-black, yellow and white-grey.


4. Caseology Premium Matte Leather Shock Absorbent TPU Bumper  Case – $7.99

premium leather case

Superior protection in unusual but amazing colours

Next, we have the premium matte leather case from Caseology. At $7.99, Caseology has done a great job at making sure that the case protects the phone from regular accidents and gives out a very attractive feel to the device. Made from TPU, this case is resistant to oil, dirt and scratches.

Also, the matte-backed surface does a good job at keeping away any fingerprints on the device. The bezels are raised over the screen so that the screen doesn’t hit the surface directly when the device falls on a flat surface. You can get the case in 15 different colors including  navy blue,turquoise, carbon champagne, carbon gold and leather black.


3. Spigen Bounce Premium Soft TPU Case – $10.99

spigen bounce

Ultimate protection with a classy look

At number 3 for best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases, we have the fourth offering from Spigen, the bounce premium soft TPU case.  The flexible TPU provides incredible grip in the hands. The case is lightweight and fits the phone perfectly, maintaining the overall shape of the device. Also, the case does a great job at absorbing shock.

The matte UV coating at the back does a good job at keeping away fingerprints, while the non glossy surface with a cross pattern on the back contributes to the classy look of the device. You’ll also find the right cut-outs for ports on the device. Available for $10.99, the case comes in black and grey.


2. Caseology Retro Flex Series Slim Fit Bumper Case – $2.99

retro flex

Solid protection with attractive, bright colors

At number 2, we have the slim fit bumper case from Caseology. Like most other cases from Caseology, the case is made from durable TPU which provides resistance to oil, dirt and scratches. The edges of the case are also raised over the screen, meaning the screen is protected all the time.

At $2.99, the case does a great job at shock absorption as well. While providing superior protection, the case definitely adds attractiveness to the device with its bright colours. You can buy it in 7 colors including pink, black, hot pink, lime, blue, white and turquoise mint.


1. Diztronic Matte Back Flexible TPU Case – $21.22


Matte surface, resistant to fingerprints

Finally, the matte black flexible TPU case from Diztronic comes in at number 1 for our best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases. It is light and fits the Note 3 perfectly, with all the relevant cut-outs for ports on the device. The matte surface on the back provides a great grip while keeping off fingerprints.

Made from durable TPU, the case does a great job of absorbing shock and has raised edges to protect the screen when the device hits the ground. Available for $9.99, you can get the case in matte black and high gloss clear designs.



While the Note 3 is a gorgeous smartphone, you want to protect your investment with a stylish and durable case. All the cases available are of superior quality and provide solid protection for the price that you pay. Feel free to use this list and choose the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases that fit your needs.

Let us know in the questions if you think we missed a great case for the Note 3. Tell us if you have any questions.

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  1. I have read many reviews and watched many YouTube videos in order to select a case for my upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 purchase. Reading your reviews convinced me to go with your number one choice of the Diztronic Matte Back Flexible TPU Case. Now I just have to decide the color of the phone.

    1. Mitch, glad that we helped you narrow down the choice. With respect to color, if you prefer a little fashionable you might want to go with plasma or rust. If you want a little professional you might want to choose from the other options. Good luck !

  2. I was thinking that Neo Hybrid is the best case for Galaxy Note 3 but I changed my mind when I came across Slim Armor S View, so beautiful and protective as well.

  3. I want a slim, not bulky case but with grip, not slippery. Which has better mom slip grip between Diztronic Matte or Spigen Bounce or Spigen matte leather?

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