The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is, without a doubt, one of the best phones on the market.

Its huge screen makes for an almost tablet-like experience, which is very easy on the eyes and perfect for working on the go. Added to this are the device’s awesome touchscreen capabilities, long battery life, and excellent durability.

However, like all smartphones, this Samsung offering is still susceptible to dents, cracks, and other damage if dropped without protection. You spent a lot of money on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, so don’t gamble with its safety. Go for extra protection.

Luckily, there are cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus currently on the market. They come in all kinds of colors and types, with some great features to boot.

I’ll show you some of the best ones below!

1. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
SUPCASE – Where Style and Durability Meet!

This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case with a built in screen protector is meant to protect each and every part of your phone.

It’s part of the coveted Unicorn Beetles series, with prices varying according to the color you choose. The default black is the cheapest, but the colored options only cost around three dollars more.


  • Dual Layered
  • Shock resistant due to polycarbonate shell and flexible bumpers
  • Sturdy inbuilt screen protector that doesn’t interfere with touchscreen experience
  • Detachable belt clip holster that swivels around for convenience in carrying without hands or pockets
  • Sporty and rugged design
  • Several color options
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Not too good at keeping dust, dirt, and grime away from the phone
  • Gap between camera slot and phone
  • Front part plastic screen protector gets scratched up

2. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
OtterBox – A Multi-Purpose Case

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case Otterbox definitely has a lot going for it. It’s a bit on the pricey side, especially if you go for the special color combinations such as the case Purple Nebula (a mixture of Night Purple and Winsome Orchid).

It’s designed to be screenless in order to accommodate the curved touchscreen of the S9 Plus. You’d have to get an Otterbox glass screen protector if you want extra security for your screen.


  • Dual purpose of belt-clip holster that also serves for kickstand purposes
  • Port covers for protection against dust, debris, and dirt
  • Lifetime Warranty from Otterbox
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Refined and rugged design
  • Durable


  • No integrated screen protector
  • No screen protection on sides
  • Some may find it too bulky for convenience

3. FLYEE Samsung S9 Plus Case

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
FLYEE – Every Traveler’s Best Friend

This is a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case wallet, which means you literally get two convenient products in one go! If you’re mostly a pockets person or just like to travel light, a wallet case may be all you need.

Besides holding your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, this case will hold your cash and cards, and even has a nice mirror for checks and retouches on the go.

It’s got a magnetic cover and many other attractive features that would make any Galaxy 9 Plus owner very happy.


  • Available in a wide range of colors, including Gold, Green, Pink, and Purple
  • Wristlet strap included for easy access and use
  • 9 card slots for debit cards and identity card
  • Separate money slot for convenience
  • Strong magnetic closure
  • Closure strap is made of strong and tough leather
  • Can be used as a stand case as well
  • Precision cutting for camera, ports, and buttons.


  • Could be tricky to use with cards and cash inside, especially when taking pictures
  • Some complaints of folds splitting
  • Runs larger than expected

4. Nuomaofly Galaxy S9 Plus Case

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
Nuomaofly – The Complete Phone Protector

This phone case is constructed with liquid silicone gel rubber that makes for protection without scratching. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case silicone would make sure neither the device nor itself gets damaged even with rough use.

The microfiber lining simply enhances this offering with an extra layer of protection. If you’re a clumsy one, this just might be the case that saves the day!


  • Microfiber cloth lining to keep phone clean and cushioned
  • Can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth
  • Flexible TPU bumpers and polycarbonate panel to protect the phone from front and back
  • Fingerprint-resistant and shockproof
  • Protection from dust, abrasions, and collisions
  • Lightweight
  • Available in several vivid colors
  • Easy to press buttons
  • Precise cutting for buttons, ports, and camera


  • Too slippery for some users
  • Some issues reported with button fitting
  • Some instances of petrol smell

5. ProCase Galaxy S9 Plus Genuine Leather Case

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
ProCase – The Magic of Leather

ProCase’s Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case leather is a folding flip case complete with a kickstand, cardholder, and a magnetic closure. It’s also available in a few classic colors; Red, Black, and Brown. These are certainly the perfect choice for a leather case, and the elegant textures further contribute to the luxuriousness of this choice among different phone cases.


  • Detailed and vintage craftsmanship
  • Made with premium genuine leather
  • Soft feel
  • 2 card slots and a separate pocket for cash
  • Magnetic closure for securing belongings inside
  • Inbuilt kickstand with several positions for media-viewing or gaming
  • Gives clear access to all features of phone
  • Durable and shock-resistance, especially on edges


  • Might be some inconsistencies with button lineup
  • Doesn’t hold many cards
  • The leather exterior is vulnerable to scratches

6. Caka Galaxy S9 Plus Case

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
Caka – The Glittery Sensation

With this Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case glitter in your hand, you’ll be the envy of everyone! This glitter case is one of the Starry Night series and is an excellent buy for those who like some glitz in their life. The TPU bumpers and acrylic material are more than enough to protect your phone from quite a few bumps and drops.


  • The liquid used is white mineral oil, which is safe for the skin
  • TPU bumper protection is all around
  • It has a mixture of high-grade acrylic and TPU
  • Protective yet lightweight
  • Precise cutting to allow easy access for buttons and ports
  • Freely-moving liquid
  • Unique, beautiful design
  • Choice of several colors, including case Rose Gold, Blue, and Silver


  • Some problems with fitting reported in customer reviews
  • A few issues with button control in some cases
  • Some may find it too bulky

7. Make Mate Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case Ultra Thin

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
Make Mate – So Thin That You’ll Barely Notice It

This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case flip provides that old-school yet utterly protective feel you need with a phone like this. It gives you a window view, sand feature, magnetic closure, and several other convenient features. It’s also made of quality leather, which is a treat to look at and feel!

No more worrying about your Samsung; it’s in good hands with this one.


  • Natural quality leather that’s comfy to hold and absorbs shocks
  • Phone operation possible through the viewing window
  • High-quality PC material inside for extra protection
  • Magnet closure is sturdy and firm
  • Fashionable and elegant
  • TPU protection on all sides without making the case too bulky


  • A few complaints about not lasting too long
  • Might be some trouble operating the phone

8. MoKo Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus S9+ Case

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
MoKo – Convenience Defined

A Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case with kickstand included is like a dream come true, especially if you love watching videos on your Android device. What’s more, this case comes with a holster belt clip that swivels around according to your preference. The armored cover looks almost military, it’s that rugged. All in all, not at all a bad choice for the price.


  • Well-placed high ridges that protect the camera from collisions
  • Dual layer with a hard shell and soft inside for double shock protection
  • Rotating holster belt clip
  • Inbuilt kickstand for horizontal viewing
  • Precise cutting for easy access to all phone features
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight yet sturdy and durable
  • Several color choices


  • Edges collect dust
  • Phone doesn’t slide smoothly into the holster
  • Some complaints about lack of holster swiveling

9. SMASS’s Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case Card Holder

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
SMASS – Keep Everything in One Place

This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case card holder is an excellent addition to any phone case. Plus, if you’re always on the go with your Android watch, but love to travel light, this dual-purpose case will make sure to hold all your important cards as well as your precious phone. All you’d need to do is slip it in your pocket or purse, and you’re ready to go out into the world!


  • Equipped with high-quality TPU for extra protection
  • Elastic back pouch for holding an extra card
  • High elasticity ensures extra durability
  • Comfortable grip that doesn’t wear out the case
  • Attractive, slim look that’s easy to put into a pocket


  • Some complaints of vinyl coming apart from the plastic part

10. Miniko Galaxy S9 Plus Case Pink Ring

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
Miniko – Show Your Style!

With this Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case pink ring, you get a little something different. The floral crystal TPU plating is awesome enough, but the diamond-like ring holder would really have all eyes on you! The ring is also detachable in case you want to save it for special occasions. All in all, this can be the perfect purchase or gift for a girly girl.


  • Positive reports on fitting
  • No interference with buttons or any functions
  • Rhinestones and other embellishments are firmly fixed
  • Unique design
  • Soft case enhanced with TPU for extra impact resistance
  • Shock dispersion
  • Smooth finish with glitter inlay
  • Slim, fashionable, and luxurious
  • Highly reasonable price


  • Glitter can come off on hands
  • The clear base might not go well with gold shades

Going Forward

After reading the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case reviews above, you must have noticed the huge variety of options available. If you prefer such options, you may be able to find a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case gold or even a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case Disney variety.

It can be easy to get confused, but not when you know what you’re looking for! There should be a perfect case for every Samsung and Android lover out there, especially with the increase in glass-backed phones.

Be sure to get your hands on a good case sooner rather than later; it’s not a good idea to risk destroying that lovely piece of technology!

What’s your go to Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case and why? What other cases have you used for your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and what did you like and dislike about them? Tell us in the comments, then share this post with your friends who also have an S9 Plus!

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