The 11 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases: Carry All Your Essentials

We all know this…

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is, without a doubt, one of the best Android phones around.

And of course, it’s therefore essential that you have a good case to keep it protected yet looking good when on the go. And if it’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet cases, then that’s even better.


Having a good wallet phone case by making a choice from one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet cases is a wise decision.

You get to keep all your essentials in one place without having to bulk up your pockets or purse.

Sounds great, right?

Consider my example:

I have to carry around several small items with me. If you have the same habit like mine, it means that you should also choose a wallet case from the following list of cases.

The best part?

Why not show off your Android phone with style and flair when you have one of these amazing Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet cases available?

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases

CheapestBelk Minimal Flip Case 
Best ValueV VRS DESIGN Case With Hidden Storage
Best OverallMaxboost Professional Wallet Case
Highly-RecommendedKaleidio Wallet Case With Soft Interior
Runner UpArae Premium PU Leather Wallet Case
Runner UpAKHVRS Zipper Pocket Card Case
Runner UpUSHAWN Card Holder Wallet Case
Runner Up FLYEE Magnetic Wallet Case With Flap
Runner UpProCase Folio Folding Wallet Case
Runner UpAKHVRS Leather Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases

1. Belk Minimal Flip Case

Belk Minimal Wallet Case

This flip case has a sleek, minimal design for those who don’t want to compromise on their storage space. It’s slim enough to fit into any pocket and is a highly popular choice among Samsung Galaxy S9 users. Belk is easily one of those brands where one can trust that the design and quality are impeccable.

This professional case is no exception. It boasts a smooth exterior with a retro-looking texture, along with a durable inner casing. The magnetic closure ensures that everything stays right and tight inside.


  • Includes an RFID blocking layer
  • Anti-throw body design
  • PC inner casing resists wear and tear
  • Meticulous craftsmanship
  • Unique magnetic closure for safety and security
  • Several options in color and design are available
  • Protection from all angles
  • Stitching adds to the value
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Room for just two cards
  • Might bulk up the phone

2. V VRS DESIGN Case With Hidden Storage

V VRS DESIGN Case Purple

Wallet cases that come with a screen flap may not be the most user-friendly. This uniquely designed case seeks to break those limitations by providing a hidden flap especially constructed for storing your cash and cards!

This case has a strong, hardback made from PC material and a soft, flexible inner layer of TPU material. There’s also Air Cushion Technology which ensures that the phone remains safe at all times. There are perfectly precise cuts to make sure everything can get plugged in without the case getting in the way.


  • Hard and durable PC back
  • Flexible, soft, and wear-resistant TPU interior
  • Provides absorption of shock against impact from all sides
  • Precise cuts
  • Perfect fit
  • Drop Protection of military standards
  • Several color options
  • Hidden slot for cards and cash
  • Fit 5 cards with some cash
  • Bumper frame absorbs major shocks


  • May get extremely bulky

3. Maxboost Professional Wallet Case

Maxboost Wallet Case

This is a wallet case that’s perfect for professional settings. It’s simple and straightforward in design, yet eye-catching due to its premium quality and beautiful make. It has a magnetic flap that holds everything securely together.

As a cash and cardholder, this folio case provides ample protection from any sort of impact as well as the dirt from outside. To this end, it’s equipped with a PU leather outer and an inner casing made of TPU. It’s highly resistant to everyday wear and tear and possesses precise cuts for your earbuds and charging slots.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in two beautiful color options (Black and Pink)
  • One sleeve for cash and three slots for cards
  • Lightweight
  • Secure and stable magnetic flap
  • Sleek style


  • The magnetic flap may not be durable
  • The screen gets easily scuffed

4. Kaleidio Wallet Case With Soft Interior

Kaleidio Hybrid Book Case

This offering from Kaleidio is an amazing design that’s simple yet attractive at the same time. In addition to the beautiful colors, there are precise cuttings for easy use and two slots for cards. There’s even a separate cash sleeve that can hold your emergency money. A magnetic closure closes on the whole thing and clips it shut.

The flip on this case makes it both protective and durable. The inner layer is soft, offering safety from every kind of shock.


  • Several options for color
  • Magnetic closure for extra security
  • A hole for wrist strap
  • Stitching in design for extra attraction
  • Reasonable price


  • Makes the phone quite bulky

5. AKHVRS Leather Wallet Case

AKHVRS Wallet Case

Here is a case for your Samsung Galaxy S9 that’s made of high-quality cowhide that lends a retro look to the case. The design is detachable, giving a professional look for business environments and a hard PC shell that’s attached with a magnet. The whole shell is made of anti-slip material and includes several slots for cards. There’s a whole other money pocket for more convenience.


  • Makes answering and operating phone extremely comfortable
  • Able to store a large number of cards (around 10)
  • Snug and perfect fit
  • Keeps phone safe during hikes, parties, and other events
  • Outer is made of premium leather, giving a professional look and making it anti-slip


  • Takes away the sleek shape of the phone
  • Extremely bulky

6. AKHVRS Zipper Pocket Card Case

AKHVRS 2 in 1 Wallet Case

Most of the Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet cases featured here have a magnetic enclosure. However, this one takes the wallet experience to the next level. It has a zippered enclosure for maximum and complete protection. While it might be a bit bulky to carry around, it certainly serves the purpose of a wallet as well as a protective and attractive phone case.

The case itself is handmade, with high-quality cowhide and a PU leather exterior. It also features a TPU casing that can act as a case by itself if needed. Even the card slots have a zippered pocket, making for extra security, safety, and space. In fact, this case is so spacious that you can even carry a small power bank around with you.


  • Perfect and precise cutouts for charging ports and earbuds
  • Outer shell prevents a slippery grip
  • Spacious
  • Sturdy magnetic buckle
  • Has the space for several cards at once
  • Easy to use with detachable magnets
  • Flexible viewing option for both landscape and portrait orientations


  • The material is not too durable or resistant

7. USHAWN Card Holder Wallet Case

USHAWN Wallet Case

This wallet case comes from one of the best collections for Samsung Galaxy S9 on the market today. It can give great protection from all outside elements as well as any careless drops and bumps. This is due to the hard and durable PC shell on the outside as well as the flexible silicone on the inside. When combined, these materials provide excellent protection from every possible angle.

The card compartment is another unique feature here, having peripheral access and a sliding card option. There are even tactile buttons in order to provide a complete layer of protection.


  • Wide range of colors available
  • Provides easy access
  • Precise cuts for ports
  • Protection from drops
  • Construction is impact-resistant
  • Unique silicon lining inside


  • Could be a bit bulky
  • Room for just two cards

8.  FLYEE Magnetic Wallet Case With Flap

FLYEE Wallet Case

This is a wallet case that’s a bit on the bulky side. If you don’t mind that, this case just may be the one to protect your Samsung Galaxy S9. This offering from FLYEE comes in several colors from which you can select your preference.

This case has several features that recommend it to an Android user. You’ll love the secure protective magnetic flap that keeps your phone, cash, and cards perfectly safe. There’s even a mirror tucked away inside to touch up your makeup when necessary.

The card slots and kickstand enhance its usefulness for every phone user. It’s helpful for using video chat, watching shows, and messaging as well as calling. At the same time, it will protect your precious Samsung from dust, debris, scratches, and shocks.


  • Several color options to choose from
  • Can store a whopping nine cards
  • Wrist strap for easy carrying
  • Supportive of wireless charging
  • Protection from all angles
  • Precisely-cut slots and openings
  • Unobtrusive cash sleeves


  • Extremely bulky
  • Feminine style; not suitable for masculine or neutral needs

9. ProCase Folio Folding Wallet Case

ProCase Wallet Case

This wallet case offers a highly simple yet beautiful design that will surely last for a long time. This case is protective and stylish, making it suitable for casual events like trips or formal occasions like parties.

There’s a highly durable exterior made of PU material and a TPU casing built right into the case. This makes it completely safe from the wear and tear of everyday use. It even boasts a useful kickstand for horizontal viewing, as well as a card slot with a side pocket. A magnetic clip makes sure the phone and all other essentials are secured together.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple in design
  • Stylish
  • Suitable for both formal and informal occasions
  • Several color options available
  • Perfect fitting
  • Easy installation of the snap-on variety
  • Offers anti-slip, wear-resistant function


  • Features room for just three cards
  • Cards can sometimes scratch phone screen

10. Arae Premium PU Leather Wallet Case

Arae Wallet Case

This Arae wallet case has a wonderfully stable kickstand and an impressively professional appearance at a highly reasonable price. It has a PU leather outer case with a TPU casing on the inside. With the hard shell and the soft lining, your phone is sure to be protected from every kind of shock, dust, and dirt.

What’s more, you get places for four cards as well as a cash sleeve for your money inside. The openings are precisely cut and won’t get in the way of any earbuds or charging cords. Plus, the magnetic clip will close up everything and keep it secure. There’s even a strap you can use to hang the case on your wrist for easy carrying.


  • Protects phone from dust, scratches, and other forms of damage
  • Precisely-cut openings for ports
  • Options for comfortable hands-free
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Storage slots for four cards


  • Doesn’t retain the slim profile of the phone
  • The magnetic closure isn’t too sturdy
  • Some complaints of leather indicate that it lacks strong durability

11. Belemay Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case - Belemay Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
Belemay Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

Belemay Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case comes in vibrant colors that perfectly sync with the color of the Samsung Galaxy Note S9. The cowhide leather, handcrafted with superfine stitches, makes the phone look more luxurious at a decent price. As it comes with a dual-layer TPU shock protection case, it makes the high-end Samsung Galaxy Note 9 sustain unexpected falls.

Ever got irritated by the oil and sweet dust spoiling the phone screen? The case offers maximum protection against oil and sweet. It has separate spaces for different cards and a comfy pocket for having cash. This durable case can become even a hands-free phone stand.


Well built shockproof case

Precise cuts

Good spaces for holding cash and cards

Use as a Hands-free stand


Limited color options

Broadens phone

Buy this multi-useful case on Amazon from the button here.

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The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases

One thing’s for sure; a wallet case is a choice you won’t regret! Choose a sleek case if you simply need to carry a couple of cards and a few notes; a bulkier one might even easily carry your earbuds. Similarly, you can opt for synthetic leather if the genuine options are out of your budget.

Do you already have a Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case? Share the experience in the comments section below! Do you want to recommend one to your friend but are not sure which one to choose from a large list of wallet cases? Share this post on your social media and let them know!

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