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9 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case

We all experienced this…

It’s summer and you can’t wait to leave for the beach and splash some water.

Of course, some of us might like to show off to our friends what we’ve been up to.

But what if you can’t afford the sophisticated water-resistant cameras?

Worry no more!

With the Samsung Galaxy S9, we can get the pristine images we are looking for. This smartphone provides a rear camera resolution of 12-megapixels and front at 8-megapixels. This means you don’t actually need to get a separate one to do the job.

The only catch is…

It is intolerant to water. Even a single drop may cause serious damage and you may kiss it good-bye. Yikes!

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Fret not!

There are solutions to battle that and stay calm and cool during the summer.

Here are some of the best Waterproof Cases compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, so you won’t ever have to say goodbye to your precious phone

The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case

Best OverallXBK Waterproof Case
CheapestTomplus Waterproof Case
Best Value for MoneyLifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case
Highly RecommendedLanhiem Waterproof Case
Runner UpsIanwow Waterproof Case
 AMORNO Waterproof Case
 Temdan Waterproof Case
 iThrough Waterproof Case
 Eonfine Waterproof Case

Note: When you buy any of the waterproof cases in this list, you must first do a water test according to the user manual before you can install it. This is to ensure that it is fully sealed.

The built-in waterproof screen protector in the case doesn’t require you to add an additional protector, otherwise, it will compromise touch sensitivity.

Best Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Ianwow Waterproof Case

Ianwow Waterproof Case

Provide waterproof to your Samsung Galaxy S9 with Ianwow Case. This one is designed to offer submersible protection underwater of up to 10ft or 6m deep. It is made up of rubber-like materials which is more durable compared to other impact protection cases.


  • It has a classic black/ white color design
  • It provides IP68 certified waterproof level of up to 10ft/6m deep
  • It is thin and lightweight: 56g with 0.3 inch
  • It has a built-in curved screen protector which leaves no gap between.
  • It covers the front and back
  • It is easy to install and snap-off
  • It provides 100% accessibility to all ports, touch ID and buttons.

Extra features

  • It has a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • It supports wireless charging
  • It provides shock protection
  • It provides snow proof and dustproof

2. LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case

LifeProof FRE Waterproof Case

Enjoy the chromatic design of LifeProof FRE Series Case while saving your phone from water damage. It will keep your phone sealed from the water and snow and provide protection once submerged into water of up to 6.6 inches or 2 m for an hour.


  • It is easy to install once you follow the user manual
  • It has a chromatic design to choose from
  • It has a built-in screen protector completely visible to the eye
  • It provides full accessibility to buttons and controls. (You can charge and sync through USB)
  • It is fully submersible to 6.6 inch or 2 m for an hour

Extra features

  • It protects your phone from snow, ice, dirt and dust particles
  • It is shockproof and can withstand drops from 2m
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty is provided

3. AMORNO Waterproof Case

ARMONO Waterproof Case

ARMONO Waterproof Case helps guard your phone against all that may cause its damage. It is equipped with a screen protector with a touch ID compatible with your S9 smartphone.


  • It is designed with a classic color
  • It feels comfortable while pressing the buttons
  • It has a waterproof level of IP68 and can survive underwater up to 2m for 30 minutes.
  • It supports wireless charging
  • It has a built-in screen protector that is transparent, prevents scratches and a perfect fit for Samsung Galaxy S9

Extra features

  • It is made of premium materials that provide shockproof from a drop of 3m
  • It is snow proof and dustproof
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty included

5. Temdan Waterproof Case

Temdan Waterproof Case

For those who like to hit the beach or participate in snorkeling activities, the Temdan Waterproof Case is the number-one choice for you. Engage with your hobbies while using the Samsung Galaxy S9 and it will keep it dry throughout.


  • It is easy to install
  • It keeps your phone safe in water under 6.6ft for almost an hour with a rating exceeding IP68
  • It supports wireless charging
  • It is slim and provides a sensitive touch

Extra features

  • It protects your phone against impact even after 1000 times drop from 6.6ft/2m height
  • It is snow, dirt and dustproof
  • It has a 1-year Temdan Warranty

6. XBK Waterproof Case

XBK Waterproof Case

For a full seal and transparent design, grab yourself this XBK Waterproof Case. You won’t worry about water leaking through your phone any longer and destroying it. Cover it with this gem and take it with you whenever you go out swimming or surfing.


  • It provides a full seal
  • It has a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches
  • It provides wireless charging

Extra features

  • It is shockproof
  • It has 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

7. iThrough Waterproof Case

iThrough Waterproof Case

Looking for a great fit for your Samsung Galaxy S9 while saying no to water? This iThrough Waterproof Case will keep it dry at all times. Take pictures or videos and also listen to music near water without getting in a fluster.


  • It is slim and lightweight
  • It provides easy access to buttons, sensors, touches ID and functions on the phone
  • It has an IP68 level rating and can resist water once submerged to 6.6 inches or 2m for almost an hour
  • It supports wireless charging

Extra features

  • It provides full protection from shock and drops
  • Manufacturer’s warranty is included

8. Eonfine Waterproof Case

Eonfine Waterproof Case


  • It has an IP68 waterproof rating, submersible to over 6.6ft for 30 minutes
  • It made of durable TPU that doesn’t fall off easily

Extra features

  • It is shock, snow and dirt proof
  • It has enhanced sound quality. This mean there is no echo or muffled sound while listening to music

9. Lanhiem Waterproof Case

Lanhiem Waterproof Case


  • It is portable and slim
  • It is a perfect fit with touch ID function, speakers, buttons, sensors, and cameras fully sealed
  • All buttons and controls are easily accessible
  • It has an in-built screen protector made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which provides dust, dirt, grease, scratch-proof

Extra features

  • It provides full protection for the phone from shock and heavy drops
  • Product Warranty included

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You don’t have to worry about your phone whenever you go out snorkeling, or even placing it near water because these Waterproof cases will save it from water damage.

What were your favorite picks? for me, the Ianwowand Tomplus Waterproof Cases are my picks. They are cost-friendly and you can use it to seal your phone from water while swimming and doing other water activities.

On top of that, they are lightweight which makes it feel like a feather in your pocket. The case also provides easy access to all the buttons and functions on your phone while providing anti-scratch protection.

Have you tried any of these Waterproof Cases for your Samsung Galaxy S9? Did it work out for you as it did for us? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. Why are your prices so low in the review? Even with the exchange to Canadian Dollars the prices are too low. When I check the amazon links, the prices are more than double.

  2. Hi I definitley want to buy one of the waterproof/floatable Galaxie S9 phone covers but need one that has a laynard so I don’t have to hold the phone all day in my hand. Do you have one?
    Thank you
    [email protected]

  3. “It is intolerant to water. Even a single drop may cause serious damage and you may kiss it good-bye.”

    Wow, really? ‘Cuz the Galaxy S9 is actually rated IP68…

  4. I have the Lifeproof Fre’ case. I like it mostly. The screen cover gets scratched easily, dust gets between the phone and the case through the usb port area. Also, I’ve gotten moisture inside the case from the case coming loose after being dropped. Lifeproof has a great warranty and great customer service, replacing my case 4 times now. I think it’s time to try a different brand though.

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