Best Samsung Pay Rewards

4 of the Best Samsung Pay Rewards

Are you having a hard time thinking of how to use the Samsung Pay Reward points you have earned?

Well then, worry no more. We have found the best Samsung Pay Rewards, and we are here to share them with you.


Samsung is a well-established electronics brand around the world, and we have discussed some of its products and services in some previous articles. We looked into the mobile phones, smart home devices, watches, and many more.

However, in this article, we are going to focus on the service Samsung provides called Samsung Pay.

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What exactly is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile paying system offered by Samsung. It’s a great digital wallet app that lets users pay for the things they buy using only their Samsung phone. This payment system has been available in the US since 2015, and it has also become available worldwide.

Now, we also discussed how and where to use Samsung Pay, but we have not tackled the rewards system that this service provides.

You see, when you use Samsung Pay, you earn points. And when you get enough amount of these points, you can use them to buy some great Samsung Pay Rewards.

But, there are tons of rewards to choose from, and you might be having a hard time choosing the best reward you can get from the points you have saved up. So, we curated a list of the best Samsung Pay Rewards we have found. Now, without further ado, let’s get to it!

The Best 4 Samsung Pay Rewards

The following 4 items are our picks for the best Samsung Pay rewards.

  1. Samsung Rewards Card
  2. Partner Store Gift Cards
  3. Samsung Coupons
  4. Instant Win Items

1. Samsung Rewards Card

samsung pay rewards store
Buying a Samsung Phone at a Store

First off our list, is the Samsung Rewards Card that can be used in purchasing Samsung products.

Here’s the deal:

Once you earn enough Samsung Pay Reward points, you can choose to exchange them for a Samsung Rewards Card. This card can be used in buying other Samsung products like smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, accessories, and more. You can also use this card at any Samsung physical and online stores.

Cool, right?

This Samsung Rewards Card’s worth can range from $5.00 to $500.00. You can avail this card on the Samsung Pay Rewards page in the Samsung Rewards app. If you are still torn on what to purchase using the Samsung Rewards card you have, then you can check out this article of some of the best Samsung products we found.

2. Partner Store Gift Cards

samsung pay rewards gift card
Adidas Gift Card

If you want to buy other products other than Samsung items, then you can also exchange your Samsung Pay Reward points with Samsung partner store gift cards.

You might not need to buy other Samsung devices since you have enough of their products. And you might be thinking that all the Samsung Pay Reward points you have saved up will go to waste.

Well, you don’t need to worry.

Samsung has partnered up with other stores like Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, and more. This way, you can exchange your Samsung Pay Reward points with gift cards from these stores. Amazon is one of the stores you can get gift cards from, and in Amazon, you can buy different items from clothes to electronics to food. You can also do this on eBay and BestBuy. So, with this, the things you can purchase with your Samsung Pay Reward points are not limited to Samsung devices.

samsung pay rewards gift cards
Samsung Pay Reward Cards

You can even buy gift cards for and Airbnb that can let you have discounts when you book rooms from their site or app. Also, you can buy gift cards for restaurants like Chili’s, Domino’s, BJ’s restaurant, and more. With this, you can pay less cash for the food you consume in these restaurants.

You can do this by going to the Samsung Pay Rewards app and looking at the gift cards tab. Then, you can select the gift card you prefer from the store you want. After that, you can use the gift card however you like.

Note: You can check out the list of Samsung’s partner store by clicking this link.

3. Samsung Coupons

samsung pay rewards coupons
Samsung Coupons

If you are looking for coupons to buy Samsung devices, then you can also exchange your Samsung Reward points for Samsung coupons.

Some of these coupons can let you buy Samsung exclusive items that are at a discounted price. Some of the items that you can choose from are fast charge battery packs, Samsung Gear VR, smartwatches, and smart things.

Here’s the thing:

You can choose an item that you want to buy at a discounted price by using the Samsung Pay Rewards app. Then, go to the Samsung Coupons tab. After going to that tab, you can select the coupon you like and purchase the items you prefer with discounts.

The discounts you can get starts from $50.00 off of Samsung devices available at the Samsung website and the Samsung app store. This $50.00 off discount cost 10,000 Samsung Pay Reward points. You can also buy some devices using only the coupons since there are items you can purchase by just using the Samsung coupons. But, these coupons are worth 12,000 Samsung Pay Reward points and more.

4. Instant Win Items

samsung pay rewards notebook 9 pro
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

If you want to buy Samsung products that are not in the list of the Samsung coupons, then you can also try the Instant Win Items feature of the Samsung Pay Rewards app.

This feature gives customers a chance to win cool and expensive Samsung products for only 10 to 30 Samsung Pay Reward points. The products you can get from this feature are SmartThings a WiFi 3-pack, a mixed reality headset, a 32 inches space monitor, and a notebook 9 pro.

samsung pay rewards space monitor
Samsung 32″ Space Monitor


The negative thing about this feature is you have to bet a lot of your Samsung Pay Reward points in order to win any Samsung products. It is also not definite that you will win anything after betting hundreds of the Samsung Pay Reward points you have.

Still, if you want to take a chance in winning amazing devices, then you can go and use the Samsung Pay Rewards app. After that, fo to the Instant Win Items tab and click the button to bet your points.

Note: Check out the items you can win using the Instant Win Items by clicking this link.


How to earn Samsung Pay Reward points?

You can earn Samsung Pay Reward points by purchasing Samsung products from the Samsung online store. But, you have to pay for the products you want with your Samsung Pay account. Also, you can earn some points by using Samsung Pay when buying anything from any of the stores partnered with Samsung.

Do Samsung Pay Rewards points expire?

Yes. Samsung Pay Reward points expire at the end of the month one year after you have earned them. Note that your points will be added to your Samsung Pay Reward in 24 hours after you bought something.

How to redeem Samsung Pay Rewards?

You can redeem the Samsung Pay Reward points you have earned by using the Samsung Pay Rewards app. You can install the app by clicking the link we have provided below. After installing the application, you can check out the rewards offered by Samsung on the app, and you can select the reward you like. Once you have chosen an item, you can exchange your points for your selected item. Then, you can use your selected item however you like.

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To Sum It All Up-Best Samsung Pay Rewards

Earning Samsung Pay Reward points is not that easy, so wanting to know which is the best reward you can get is only natural. Now, to help others, we went ahead and searched for the best rewards, and we are here to share it with you. We made sure that the rewards we have included in our list are worth your points, so do not hesitate to check them out.

Did our article help you in deciding which Samsung Pay Reward to choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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