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5 Best Selfie Apps for Android to Strike a Pose

It’s a selfie world we live in and there are a lot of selfish looking selfies out there. Take a gander at your Facebook feed and you will see 80 percent of people have selfies as their profile pictures. The atrocity is most of them are taken at odd angles and are blurry. Thankfully we have a solution, the 6 best selfie apps for Android! Sometimes the best camera apps just don’t cut it.

Taking selfies is no big deal, but taking ones that actually look great…well that’s what this article is about. Did you know that I used to look extremely fat when taking selfies? That was because I was using the “worm-eye” for taking the pictures. Now after the amazing selfie apps for Android, I still look fat, but a little less.

Note: The 6 best selfie app for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone running on a custom ROM based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The apps performed fine and there were no problems faced during the testing phase. I’m a pretty shy guy (minus the pretty) so you won’t be seeing me in the selfies.

1. Candy Camera – Free

Candy Camera selfie apps for Android

Sweet pictures!

Don’t be turned off by the bubbly appearance of this app, it packs a real punch. The interface is amazing to look at and the camera controls range from easy to expert. If you love to apply filters on your photos and are not happy with the square pictures Instagram takes, Candy Camera is the app for you. With dozens of great looking yet natural filters you will be able to get the look you were aiming for. A little professional warning though (from an actual pro at National College of Arts), don’t go mad with power. This means too many filters will ruin the shot.


  • Adjustable brightness, saturation and contrast.
  • Cutting, cropping and rotating is easy.
  • Lomo effect and out focusing is convenient.

Notable Feature:

The real time filter means that you get to see the results even before you snap a picture. Photo editing options are nice and all but checking out filters beforehand makes things a little faster.


2. You Cam – Free

You Cam

Do you cam?

You Cam is one of the best selfie apps for Android because it is amazingly easy to use. Not everyone wants to tweak with options and filters and then take a selfie, sometimes you just need to get a quick snap. But we can’t have ourselves looking like hobos right? This is where You Cam comes in handy and with just one tap of a button, can make us look pretty. What the app does is makes your skin brighter and teeth whiter and the contrast appropriate. The result is a well exposed natural looking selfie.


  • A real-time skin beautifier.
  • Applying effects is easy.
  • Sharing selfies is even easier.

Notable Feature:

Want to beatify all the people in a selfie (also called a group-selfie)? This selfie app for Android can detect multiple faces in a photo and automatically make them look pretty.


3. Perfect365 – Free


Picture perfect

This one is not strictly a selfie app but can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Take a selfie and play with it until you get the desired look. Perfect365 allows you to use over 20 tools which can banish blemishes to erase under eye circles. These days we all have sleep bags under the eyes and it is good to know that Perfect365 can remedy that. Softening complexion and changing eye colors is all game in this amazingly designed app.


  • A great interface which is easy to use.
  • A, almost non-existent learning curve.
  • Anyone can use this app.

Notable Feature:

I recommend this app to anyone who asks me to process their photos in Photoshop. They never bug be again and their Facebook pictures start to look amazing.


4. Bright Camera – Free

Bright Camera

Liven it up yo

This one is aimed at the young teens and the kids inside us. If you want to go overboard with anime like effects and frames, this is the best app for you to use. Featuring great options to make your photos over the top, Bright Camera is a great app to use with friends. The fact that it is well-integrated with Facebook makes it an excellent option for shutter bugs. From pixel art to mosaic picture effects, all are included in this great package.


  • A ton of photo effects are available.
  • Frames range from classy to whacky.
  • Glow art photo filers and lens sweet hearts.

Notable feature:

Bright Camera is one of the more insane selfie apps for Android and it shows. None the less, the app features an incredibly powerful radial tilt shift tool with backlight and blurring.


5. The Signature – Free

The Signature selfie apps for Android

Stylish effects

The Signature is a unique app in the 6 best selfie apps for Android list because it gives valuable tips. This app was made with the help of a professional fashion photographer which means that you will have sound advice from a pro. The app follows all the tropes of a traditional selfie app so you can expect a slew of filters and editing options. What sets it apart is the 5 signature looks which are designed by a professional. In no time, your standard selfies will start to look gorgeous.


  • Simple and clean interface.
  • The filters are great.
  • Glamorous looking results.

Notable Feature:

The 5 signature filters really look amazing when applied to everyday normal selfies.



The 6 best selfie apps for Android strive to make you better in capturing that handsome/pretty face of yours. All of them have something to offer and we suggest that you try them all before picking a favorite. With front facing cameras getting stronger and better day by day, we are sure to see the booming selfie trend take a hike. Be sure to ride the tide in style and take selfies in a bright environment to avoid grains and blurriness. Snap away dude! Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.

Next up: Send your selfies with a high-quality messaging app, and include an emoji to strengthen your sharing.

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  1. The Candy camera app they put for number one I very much agree on that statement sorry if you do not

  2. I would like to recommend Facey Camera as the best app for making selfies.This app has unique feature of taking pictures when face(s) are detected. So, You don’t have to worry that someone will be left out of focus even if You capture with back camera.

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