10 Best Shopping Apps for Android to Pick, Purchase and Save

Some people simply dread going shopping with their significant others or moms. I never really hated the activity but I can surly understand the pain. Thanks to the best shopping apps for Android there is actually no need to get out of your comfy bed on a Sunday afternoon. You can simply boot the app (or apps) and browse to your heart’s content.

One of my cousins only liked to window shop for hours on end. And I had to be the chauffeur, and boy it was painful. But ever since Amazon launched their app she never bothered me again.

Curious, I also tried the app, and man, it is additive. I have been looking at stuff I never intended to buy, reading about it and then simply moving on. Did you know they sell stylish curtain hooks?

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. A reliable shopaholic was also consulted during research. Most of the fashion apps were suggested by the trusted source (my cousin who likes shiny things).

1. Amazon Shopping – Free

Amazon Shopping apps for Android

The Forest of Products

Amazon is a jungle of items you never need but still are going to buy. I recently purchased a nice blender which is sitting on the kitchen counter packed. The thing with Amazon is that they have almost everything listed under one convenient app.

One of the best things about the app are the reviews. I highly recommend that you take a look at the reviews before purchasing anything, even if it costs $2. The reviews have saved me from purchasing pure junk. Granted, these features are available on the website too and not exclusive to the Android app itself, but they are too amazing to ignore.


  • Gazillion products are listed.
  • Some reviews are better than professional ones.
  • One click ordering helps you in impulse purchases.

Notable Feature:

Find a product that your dad needs? Send him a link via email, text message, twitter and even Facebook. You can also order the product yourself and sign up for automatic shipment notification.


2. eBay – Free


Watch, Bid, Buy

The best shopping apps for Android list won’t be complete without an obligatory eBay app. The app has a great looking interface which makes it easy to locate what you need. One of the best things about this app is that it looks remarkable on tablets as well.

As a matter of fact, I recommend that you use the app on any Android tablet if you can. Searching, purchasing or even bidding is very easy on this handy app. You can even track your packages with convenience and ease.


  • You can read and respond to eBay messages.
  • You can list items for sale too.
  • Set alerts for things you are interested in.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a great barcode scanner which can be used to find items or compare prices. You can also start a new listing by using the barcode scanner.


3. Wanelo – Free


Social Shopper

Wanelo is unique among the best shopping apps for Android because it is not purely a shopping app. The app leans towards being a social media app more than it wants to be a shopping one. The app allows you to find stuff you want, need or love and sometimes shows things which you never knew you needed.

The app is simple in its premise and does deliver some compelling suggestions. The main page comprises of new stuff from stores you have liked on the app. Think of this app as a shopping guide that allows you to follow stores and outlets you are interested in.


  • Follow stores or even people on the app.
  • You can either purchase or save things for later.
  • Creating mindless wish lists is amazingly fun.

Notable Feature:

Spotted a thing you know your mom will love on her birthday? Don’t forget about the item dude! Either use of the best notepad apps for Android or you know save it right on this app.


4. Etsy – Free


Simple and Unique

This shopping app for Android is for those who need unique gifts. The app has a warm cuddly feeling to it, at least to me. This is an app which your mom or aunts will love to browser for hour on end (of you if you are a mom). The app lists some of the most beautiful looking stuff which is made by independent businesses.

This means from knitted sweaters to handcrafted tables all can be found here. I believe that the indie scene creates the best ideas into reality and this app proves it right.


  • Great personalized items for sale.
  • Looks great on tablets.
  • Can save favorites for easy access.

Notable Feature:

The Ask a Question feature of the app makes it easy to correspond to the seller directly. If you have doubts about a listed product, the seller will be glad to hear from you.


5. ASOS – Free


Brands Glore

The best branded clothes shopping app for Android, ASOS has more than 850 brands listed under one app. If you love to check out the latest trends in fashion, this is the app you should have on your smartphone.

Even though you are not going to actually shop, this app can be a great window shopping experience. One of the best things about the app is the search feature. You can search the item by its size, brand, price, type and even color. This makes it extremely easy to match crimson shoes to go with your expensive bag.


  • The app has an easy checkout.
  • Saved items can be synced between devices too.
  • Share your finds with friends via Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp.

Notable Feature:

Set an alert on an interesting item and the app will send you a push notification when there is a sale on it. No need to check the amazing wedding dress daily when the app will tell you exactly when the sale starts.


6. Polyvore – Free


A Great Choice

Looking for some new hand bags, or jeans or shoes? Polyvore is a great app to go shopping. The app makes it easy and fun to explore and shop for trendy new things which you love.

Clearly this app is aimed towards ladies and boy it does cater to their needs. From clothes to fashion and from beauty to home décor, all are listed on the app.


  • Great details on products.
  • Get inspired by thousands of listings.
  • Share what you find with friends.

Notable Feature:

The app also boosts a thriving community of people with fashion taste. There are people who have curated stuff already and all you need to do is take a look.


7. Wheretoget – Free


I Need That Too!

Where to get that hoody you saw last week? This is a very serious question which can be answered by the Wheretoget community.

If you want to know where Jennifer got her new prom dress but can’t ask her (because she is mean), snap a picture of the dress and the community will be happy to help you out. This is not directly an Android shopping app per say but it does help you shop.


  • Amazing looking interface which is easy to use.
  • A personalized feed made just for you.
  • Ask and you shall receive the answer.

Notable Feature:

The people are active and are willing to help each other out. With a half a million members already on board, there can hardly be a question left unanswered.


8. Mama – Free


Such a Cute Baby

An app called mama can’t be a grocery shopping app for Android that’s for sure. Mama is an app made not for moms but for their little kids. From tiny little frocks to cute little shoes, everything associated with babies, toddlers and young kids is here.

Warmers, blankets and some stuff which I don’t even know are listed on the app. The interface is serviceable but there is nothing remarkable about it.


  • Big pictures of products.
  • Easy access to all the functions.
  • Regular sales which allow you to save money.

Notable Feature:

If you are expecting a baby soon, this is the app you should visit at least once. Even though you don’t buy anything from the app, you will have some awesome ideas about how your new kid is going to look adorable.


9. Geek Smarter Shopping – Free

Geek Smarter Shopping apps for Android

Electronic Geek

You are reading this article on a site where everyone involved loves technology. Chances are, you too are interested in getting some sweet gadgets at good prices. The Geek app knows that too and brings you the best deals on electronic gadgets.

There is a lot of cheap stuff you can get from this app and by cheap I mean dirt cheap. But this comes as a downside too because if a thing is too inexpensive to be true, there will be corners cut somewhere.


  • A ton of inexpensive earphones.
  • Some geeky things which you never knew existed.
  • Big pictures of stuff displayed right on the main screen.

Notable Feature:

On the top left corner of every listed item’s picture you can see how much the product is discounted. But don’t fall for the trap and impulse-purchase everything; use a budget app to make you actually have the funds first.


10. Wish – Free


Great Discounts

Want to get discounts on stuff? Get Wish on your Android device and your wish will be granted. The app is going strong in both North America and Europe and promises some hefty discounts on things. This is one of the best clothes shopping apps for Android and it shows.

There are numerous brands listed on the app and often go on sales. The only bad thing I can notice is the interface. While it does a great job of showing stuff, there is not much detail displayed initially.


  • Big photos of stuff are displayed.
  • Easily buy things right from the app.
  • Save things to purchase when you have the funds.

Notable Feature:

They can even bring stuff from China. Although it will take some time for the items to arrive but that is understandable.



These were the best shopping apps for Android that will not only help you find the item you need but also purchase it. I am aware that there are some apps I have missed, but these are the ones that ship internationally (almost, no North Korea supported). Now whip out your calculator or consult a coupon app and go shopping, right from your bed.

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