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7 Best Showbox Alternatives (2023)

One of the best ways to end an exhausting day is to relieve all the stress and chill with movies. Many of you may have heard about the free streaming app Showbox, which is used by millions of users. Since it was closed, many other similar apps have been developed and used all over the world as a Showbox alternative.

So, if you are a movie enthusiast, you should definitely read till the end and find which will be your ultimate choice of the next best Showbox alternative. 

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What is Showbox?

Showbox Alternative
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Showbox was a pioneering streaming app that is not available now. With Showbox, you can stream your favorite movies and shows online, and you can also download them to watch later. It was an illegal streaming service, but it was used worldwide as it had a wide variety of shows and movies. ShowBox stopped working a long time ago, and there are many similar alternative streaming apps that have been developed and used by many people since then. 

Showbox Alternatives in 2023

If you are a Showbox fan who is unsatisfied with any other movie apps or services, these Showbox alternatives are just the ones for you. The features and functions of each app may differ, but you can search and find your favorite shows and then watch them for free in one or another app.

These are some of the best Showbox alternatives:

  1. Pluto TV
  2. Hulu
  3. Tubi TV
  4. Crackle
  5. Cinema APK
  6. Film Rise
  7. Mega Box

Let us see each and every app in the list in detail.

1. Pluto TV Showbox alternative

Showbox Alternative
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Pluto is a versatile streaming app in which you can stream and download movies, shows, and sports for free. It has a very diversified combination of content that covers almost every possible preference. 

Pluto is absolutely free and non-restricted app to use in the US. But if you want to use Pluto from anywhere else, you can use a VPN to access its entire catalogue without restriction.

Pluto is totally free to use.Pluto has very limited traditional cable channels.
Pluto has a variety of content. Pluto has lots of advertisements.
Pluto does not require sign-up.Pluto lacks some basic and essential features.
Showbox Alternative

2. Hulu Showbox alternative

Showbox Alternative
Image Source: Hulu

For starters, Hulu is free to use for the first 30 days if this is your first time subscribing to Hulu. You need to pay to enjoy the whole experience the app provides. Hulu regularly updates its content, and it is only a web-based service.

When you are enjoying a free trial, it can be either an ad-free plan or can have an ad-supported plan. Once your free subscription is over, Hulu starts to charge you. There are three types of add-ons available for you to choose from:

  1. Partner Add-ons
  2. Live TV Add-ons
  3. Private Add-ons       
Hulu has a series of TV selections that are excellent.Some of the paid plans include advertisements and do not have Bally Sports RSNs and SportsNet.
Hulu has an extensive lineup of live TV channels.Only premium account holders can have access to download features
You can access Hulu on every streaming media available.The app’s content is not high-quality compared to its competitors.
Showbox Alternative

3. Tubi TV Showbox alternative

Showbox Alternative
Image Source: Tubi Tv

Tubi TV is an absolute deal breaker because it is a legal streaming app, and you don’t have to subscribe to enjoy the whole experience. With Tubi TV, you can stream your favorite movies and shows online for free. Tubi is available on most platforms, like iOS, Android, Samsung smart TV, and Apple TV.

You just need to sign-up to get the free service. Tubi includes ads. They offer various TV channels, like sports channels, entertainment, and news. 

Tubi is free for anyone to use on any platform.Tubi TV has a bit of dated content.
It has movies from exclusive film studios.You cannot anticipate when the commercial breaks will be.
Every week there will be a newly released movie on the platform.The resolution is low compared to paid streaming apps.
Showbox Alternative

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4. Crackle Showbox alternative

Showbox Alternative
Image Source: Crackle

Crackle is a free and on-demand platform for streaming movies and shows that provides access from a wide variety of content makers. You can easily jump from one device to another because of its availability on any platform. 

With this Showbox alternative, Crackle, you can enjoy unlimited high-quality movies in higher resolutions like 720P and more. The only downside is that you have to suffer through a lot of advertisements in between, which will be super irritating.

Crackle is free all over the US.Crackle has advertisements that start even before the show begins.
You can find a good selection of content on demand.It has a very small library.
You can find original Hollywood stars’ content.It has no option to stream live TV.
It has a separate library full of contents just for kids.The resolution of the content is low.
Showbox Alternative

5. Cinema APK Showbox alternative

Showbox Alternative
Image Source: Cinema APK

Cinema APK is a movie torrenting alternative for Showbox. This site updates its available titles regularly, and they have a huge collection of content. As the name suggests, it is an APK file that you need to download to your device directly. But make sure you have a VPN before downloading so that you protect your device from viruses. 

Your device has the chance of acquiring dangerous viruses along with the download of APK, so make sure you have a VPN and anti-virus in your device just to be sure. Other than that, you can download and enjoy this amazing Showbox alternative absolutely without any other issues.

You can download your favorite movies and shows to watch them offline without the problem of buffering.Cinema APK crashes sometimes, but that issue may have been solved in the last update.
It has a built-in Google voice assistance feature.It does not show up on Android devices sometimes after downloading.
You can have unlimited content in your downloads.You should definitely use a VPN if you want to use Cinema APK.
It is accessible worldwide.
Showbox Alternative

6. FilmRise Showbox alternative

 Showbox Alternatives
Image Source: FilmRise

Film rise is an app that you can download and use on all platforms. It costs you absolutely nothing, and they have a variety of content that they update constantly. Before you start to watch FilmRise, it is recommended to install a VPN for the privacy and security of your device.

FilmRise has a variety of content that gets updated often.Like every other free streaming app, the ads are very frequent.
It has cartoon shows for kids.You need to use a VPN for safety.
The quality of the videos is high. 
Easily accessible and free to use on all platforms.
Showbox Alternative

7. Mega Box Showbox alternative

Showbox Alternative
Image Source: Mega Box

Mega Box is an app for Android that has hundreds of series, shows, and films, so you will never run out of content to watch. You can choose to watch movies online or can download them to watch later. The Mega Box offers a range of video resolutions for you to choose from.

Mega Box is very safe and secure to use.It takes a long time for downloads.
You can sync your Mega Box account on all your devices.Mega Box can be a bit slow for web users.
Third parties cannot access your files because of the encrypted system Mega Box provides.Overall performance lag.
It has apps for not only Android but also for windows and iOS.
Showbox Alternative

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Showbox still around?

No, Showbox stopped working suddenly, and there is no assurance that it will ever work again. There are many streaming services and apps that are similar to Showbox. 

Can you still download Showbox?

The answer is yes. You can download Showbox but not from Google Play, as it is no longer available on that platform. But you can download Showbox from some websites, and for that, you need to allow your browser to enable installing unknown apps. 

What are the Legal Movie Streaming Apps?

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are legal, paid streaming apps you can use if you don’t want to use any other free streaming services.

Let’s End the Show

So, these are some of the streaming services that can offer unlimited movies and shows for free instead of paid subscriptions. All these streaming services are free to use, and you can choose if you want to pay for the subscription or not after using the free trial. You can search for your favorite movies and shows and see which app is best to watch them.

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