3 Best Sign Language Apps for Android

Do you have a hearing-impaired friend? Hearing-impaired people are some of the loveliest ones around. In our experience, we found them to be more honest and expressive than other people.

This is why we believe that learning sign language should be prioritized over another language. The three best sign language apps for Android are designed in such a way that you will not only be able to translate the signs but also in the process learn the language.

However, just like every language has different dialects, sign language also has some inconsistencies according to the region.

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Many countries use ASL which means American Sign Language. If you’re going to learn, it is better to go with the most common language. Unless you are in Britain, where you have to use the sign language being used there.

Thankfully, the differences are not drastic, and you can, with a little effort, learn both of them. Having a sibling or a child who is hearing-impaired can be challenging but with the proper use of sign language and training, you will be able to communicate with them freely.

Best Sign Language Apps for Android

1. ASL American Sign Language – Free with In-App Purchases

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ASL American Sign Language comes with clear and distinct categories that will allow you to learn words that you need most. The app is completely free and does not invade your privacy, and it doesn’t even need extra permissions. This is a huge plus in my books because almost every app around wants to intrude in one way or another.

Learning alphabets and numbers is included in the app. commonly used phrases which are essential in conversation and vocabulary are also explained very well. The best thing about the app is the videos of basic signs. This actually allows you to see a person act out the action making everything easier to understand. We found it hard to follow pictures because static images do not translate well into motion.

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2. Sign ASL – Free

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This one here is all about videos. It is true that videos will help you learn sign language faster and more efficiently. However, it would have been nice to see some actual instructions in text form. I know I’m being nitpicky, not every app needs to do everything.

That is the case with this app; it does have a ton of videos for you to learn from but it also ignores another aspect. If you are off-line, then this app becomes quite useless to you. The bright side is, there are over 30,000 signs to review in this app and it is a great resource if you have a stable Internet connection.

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3. JW Library Sign Language – Free

The JW in this app stands for Jehovah’s Witnesses who you may recognize as the people who occasionally knock on your door to preach. But this app stands out because not only it provides you with great content regarding Christianity but also helps you in learning sign language.

Understand that it is not made for everyone but we simply couldn’t ignore the high-quality product, simply because it is associated with religion. You may not have those beliefs, but the amazing interface quality of the app and matching content warrants a look. If you are interested in watching the Bible in sign language, then perhaps this is one of the best apps around. It should be included in the best Bible apps for Android list as well.

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Best Sign Language Apps – Get New Friends!

These were the best sign language apps for Android available on the Google play store. We hope these will help you learn the sound language with ease and effectiveness. We will also be learning the language ourselves as it is a great asset to have. If you want to learn other languages we also have the best language learning apps for the Android list.

If you have the time to share your story with us, do tell us why you want to learn the language. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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  2. Great post, there are definitely some good ones in there! I thought I might add a new one, released in April 2019 by Play Nice LLC. Hands On ASL is a free app that covers ASL fingerspelling. The app uses 3D models that enable the learner to see the alphabet from all angles. The user interface is playful and even includes some customized skins that make it a fun learning tool. Like some of the other fingerspelling apps, it also includes practice assessments of varying speeds to help the learner master their receptive skills!

    Their app is available on both iOS and Android.

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