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5 Best Small Business Inventory Apps for Android Smartphones

Are you aware of the inventory app for small Businesses? In every business, keeping track of your inventory is crucial and needs to be checked or monitored at all times. Especially when your business is highly dependent on selling products and not services, a perfect example would be restaurants, clothes stores, or hardware. These are the types of businesses that is highly dependent on selling products such as food, clothes, components, etc.

In most cases, a well-established business has a solid inventory tracking system. Most of them use an integrated POS inventory management system – a system that keeps track of inventory in real-time. It also updates the server for every registered sale in real-time. Additionally, high-end systems like this have everything that a business would need. From transaction logs, inventory state, expense list, to the status of every branch of the business.

The only downside of this system is its cost; for small businesses, that may not be ideal. It’s simply not ideal to invest in a system if your business is not yet profitable to the point that your business enables you to invest in one.

With that in mind, most small businesses will settle on a manual inventory tracking method. Fortunately, if you’re using an Android smartphone, you can take advantage of your device by installing an inventory tracker app.


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Inventory App for Android Smartphones

The Google Play store has tons of different application available for use for Android users. That includes inventory apps, a kind of app that will let you use your phone to keep track of the inventory of your business. Furthermore, some of the apps would let you do that for free which is an ultimate cost-effective solution.

So, if you have a small scale business and are looking for an inventory tracker solution, then an inventory app (a.k.a stock app) is for you.

5 Best Inventory App for Small Businesses

These are the five best inventory apps for small businesses.

  1. Stock and Inventory Simple
  2. Simple Stock Manager
  3. Kyte POS System
  4. Storage Manager : Storage Tracker
  5. Smart Inventory System

As what we already mentioned above, an inventory app, or stock app as some might call it, is an app that tracks and lets you manage the inventory and product count of your business.

So, if you are looking for the best inventory tracker app available on the Google Play store, then look no further. Below is 5 of the best inventory tracker app that you can use with your Android smartphone.

1. Stock and Inventory Simple

Stock and Inventory Simple-Inventory App

If you have a small business that you mostly run at home or on a small commercial space, then the Stock and Inventory Simple is one of the best apps that you can use to track your inventory or stocks.

This app has a simple interface that lets anyone use it easily. It has all the basic functionality that you would need for an inventory tracker.

Other than the basic feature that the app has, it also offers a lot of extra functionality that includes:

  • Stock Movement;
  • Item History;
  • Profits and Losses;
  • Sales by Month or by Item;
  • Share every document using E-mail, Google Drive or Dropbox;
  • The option to import from or export to an Excel spreadsheet file;
  • and more!
Inventory App

If there’s one inventory tracker app that we can highly recommend for small businesses, then it’s this app. Additionally, this is also the most popular app for this specific purpose available on the Google Play store.

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2. Simple Stock Manager

Simple Stock Manager app-Inventory App

If you want an app that’s simple yet effective, then the Simple Stock Manager app is for you. Out of all the apps on this list, this app is by far the simplest and lightest amongst them all. It only has a download size of 7MB and features all the basic functionality you would want from an inventory tracker app.

The Simple Stock Manager app is an easy-to-use Android app for managing product stock and inventory control. With this app, you easily view the status of each of your products most simplistically.

Other than its basic function, the app also features:

  • Barcode PID Scanner.
  • Low Stock Alert.
  • Search Function.
  • Enable Security Login.
  • Backup Everything.
  • Export to CSV or PDF and more!

If you don’t have a dedicated Android phone for your small-scale business, then this app would be great for you. This is especially if you want something that will not consume too many resources on your personal Android phone.

We highly recommend this app for business owners who simply wants an easier solution to track the inventory of his/her business at all time.

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3. Kyte POS System

Kyte POS System app

If you are looking for a more sophisticated system similar to a POS system, then the Kyte app is perfect for you. This app is basically an app that can turn your Android smartphone into a hand help POS device that tracks your sales, inventory, and more!

The Kyte Management App is designed to make sales and every order easily manageable. Most importantly, the inventory of your business and all information on the app is automatically synced across all of your devices, as long as you have the app on those devices.

Other than its feature-rich and tons of functionality offering, the app is also capable of:

  • Email customers a copy of the sales receipt, or send it via messaging app or social network;
  • Transaction history logs;
  • Monitor your sales reports and more!

Additionally, other than being free, the Kyte app is also available in the PRO version. The Kyte PRO is available for a monthly ($4.99) or annual (49.99) subscription and gives you access to many more features.

You can learn more about the app through the link below or by visiting the developers’ website.

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4. Storage Manager: Stock Tracker

Storage Manager : Storage tracker app

The Stock Manager: Stock Tracker app is the most versatile and intuitive inventory app tracker in our list. The free version has many limitations that prevent you from making good use of it for your small business. However, the free version was designed to let you experience and give you a glimpse of what the app can do.

The app is designed and developed with being one of the best inventory tracker app available on the market in mind. The app will let you configure everything in your preference and that includes adding taxes, notification for low stocks, and location of your inventory. Additionally, it makes good use of the device camera to process bar codes. Making inventory tracking more smoother, faster, updated at all time, and fun to use.

The app is also capable of the following:

  • An integrated barcode scanner makes administrating products faster and more reliable.
  • Print delivery notes and orders directly from the app.
  • Real-time inventory management.
  • Easily track incoming and outgoing stock.
  • Make stocktaking a stress free task.
  • Responsive design works flawlessly on smartphones and tablets.
  • Manage & administrate customer and supplier accounts.
  • Assignment administration.
  • Manage & keep track of orders.
  • E-mail documents directly from the app.
  • Lists, statistics & analytical data.
  • All data is synced to the cloud.
  • Easily backup all data.
  • Import and export customer, product and supplier information.
  • Customize the software to meet your individual needs.

The app can only track your order and sales, but you must manually input the transaction. However, the app is far from perfect. The one we have here is the free version, which locks most of its features, and the number of products you can list is limited to 5. Making the free version unfit for business use. Fortunately, you can unlock all these features by purchasing the PRO version for $4 to $5 (Depending on the Country of Purchase).

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5. Smart Inventory System

Smart Inventory System app

Last but not least in our list of best inventory apps for small businesses is the Smart Inventory System app. This app has all the features you need from an inventory tracking app. Features include product listing, security login, cloud sync, QR code support, and much more.

What set this app apart from the rest is its support for Google account login. Additionally, every info you input while using your Google account will be sync to your Google account. So when you log in to a different device using your Google account, the information you have on the other device or that’s synced to your account will be carried over. Pretty neat feature!

Other than the basic features, the app is also capable of the following functions:

  • Create new items, groups, and tags manually.
  • Print related QR codes which are produced by the system.
  • Relate items with tags.
  • Relate items and tags with groups.
  • Register via Google, Facebook, Twitter or Email.
  • Back up your data to the cloud.
  • Exporting and importing all objects.
  • Obtain detail pages quickly by scanning the QR codes of the objects.
  • Change the quantity of the items to keep track of them easily.
  • Add additional fields to your objects. There is no limitation for details!
  • Add objects to your favorite list to find them easily.
  • Search your objects.

Furthermore, despite the support for importing and exporting to Microsoft Excel format files, the app has a dedicated web browser tool that you can use with your laptop or desktop. Enabling you the option to control your inventory via the web application. Unfortunately, these features are not free and this app’s free version also has a limitation. Rendering the free version to be unsuitable for business use.

The free version is provided to give you and let you experience the app for free. If you liked the app after trying, then you can purchase the unlock premium version in the app.

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Best Small Business Inventory App for Amazon Fire Devices

If you have an Amazon Fire device and are looking for an inventory tracking app for your small business, then you’re in luck. We highly recommend checking out the Inventory Tracker by Frank Android Software.

Inventory Tracker by Frank Android Software

Inventory Tracker by Frank Android Software

This Inventory Tracker app lets you track your inventory, transaction, and keeps a log of every action. You can also set a balance sheet on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. The app also allows you to import or export data to a spreadsheet to create inventory report.

To learn more about this app, simply click the link below.

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Related Questions Most People Ask About

Do all of the inventory apps listed here require an internet connection?

All of the inventory tracker app included in our list does not require an internet or wifi connection to use. You can use these apps offline. However, they require internet connection if you wish to sync the data with the cloud server of the apps.

What is the best inventory management app for Android?

The best inventory management app for Android depends on individual preferences. Some apps are best for some while others have different best ones. However, we find that the Kyte POS System app is the best inventory management app in our list but that’s for us. We say it’s the best because of its functionality overall and the capability of turning your phone into a handheld POS system.

What is the best inventory app for small businesses?

The ideal or best inventory app for small businesses is the one that the business can fully utilize for free. For us in this list, it’s gonna be the Simple Stock Manager app.

Small Business Inventory Tracking Application for Android

Ultimately, the perfect or ideal inventory tracking app that a small business can use are the ones that are free or cost-effective. Don’t be afraid to pay a premium if your business can greatly benefit from its features. It is better to invest in these apps if you have a small-scale business instead of investing in an inventory tracking system that will cost you a lot.

For us, the Kyte POS System is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and flexible app ideal for small businesses. It is a POS system at a very affordable rate without spending on computer systems and such. Otherwise, if you don’t feel like spending a subscription for this simple task, then the free ones should be enough.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!

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