4 Best Small Business Phone Systems

Finding the best business phone system can be challenging, most especially if you want something that works well with small business and doesn’t cost as much. Finding the one the works well for your business is not so simple as it sounds. With dozens of options on the market, you’ll be torn between each available options for you and their valuable features and tools.

To help in your search, we researched and analyzed 15 different providers that are considered as the best providers for small scale businesses. Amongst the available options, we gave more importance to those that provide a unified communications system.

Unified Communication System

Traditionally, when we say phone systems, they literally mean a communication system by means of a wired landline phone. With today’s technology and generation, a unified communication system is the latest and newest generation of phone systems for business. This means that your business and staffs/employees will be able to use phone calls, audio or video conferencing, social media, instant messaging apps, fax, SMS, and more as a way to communicate with customers, colleagues, clients, and you, the business owner.

So without further ado, our best picks are below:

4 Best Phone Systems Provider for Small Business (2019)

For our 4 top phone system provider recommendation below, we chose those that offer a unified communication system without extra cost, or at minimal. This is our number 1 criteria followed by features offered, credibility, and price.

1. 8×8 – Best Phone System Provider for Small Business


8×8 is going to be our most recommended phone system provider for a small business. The best thing about 8×8 is that they offer a cloud-hosted VoIP unified communications system without PBX (private branch exchange) hardware which can be costly. Furthermore, the 8×8 system is user-friendly eliminating the need for a trained IT staff to set up or maintain the overall system.

if you opt to 8×8, you need to ensure that your small business already has high-speed internet access and IP phone. You read that right, IP phones since they are not provided and are not included in their plans.

Setting up and maintaining the system is quite easy and their service is top-notch and reliable compared to other providers out there.

Small Business Phone System
8×8 Small Business Plans

One major factor why most people would trust 8×8 is its current existing redundant data centers strategically positioned around the world. This data centers basically stores the same data, system, and information. By doing so, this ensures that if one server goes down, service isn’t interrupted. Giving this provider a 99.99% uptime, which means that service is almost never down.

8×8 features a vast array of calling, collaboration, tools, and mobile features which makes it a great phone system provider for Android. It has all of the features small businesses are looking for. To learn more about them, visit their website here. Otherwise, you can download the app below.

2. 3CX – Most Affordable Phone System Provider for Small Business

3cx phone system small business

3CX is probably by far the most cost-effective and affordable phone system provider in our list. Did you know that you can try their systems free for 1 year? Giving you an ample amount of time to fully get a good grasp of their system. Giving you enough time to decide if you want to opt for them or not.

They offer 3 plans that can be adjusted depending on the number of users and extensions. Their standard plan is free but it only includes unlimited extensions, iOS & Android apps, auto-provisioning, and SIP Trunk. If you will be having 25 employees or staff to use their system, the image below will be the overall price and the features included.

3CX Plans
3CX Plans

If you plan to use smartphones as the main medium of contact for your business, then 3CX will be the perfect provider with a unified communication system for you. Learn more about them here.

3. RingCentral – Best Alternative for 8×8


Another credible phone system provider that perfect for small businesses is RingCentral. The system provided by this company is basically a cloud-hosted VoIP unified communications system that features a vast array of calling, collaboration, and mobile features.

In this list, RingCentral is probably the only phone system provider that comes with an implementation specialist who will walk you through each step of the process. Very convenient if you ask us.

RingCentral - Subscription Plan - Best VoIP Provider
RingCentral Subscription Plan

Similar to the first one, RingCentral runs 17 redundant data centers worldwide. They also boast a seven-layer security process and then an overall 99.999 percent uptime.

What really sets RingCentral apart from others is its wide selection of features. Having a virtual receptionist, hold music, forwarding, call recording, screening, call logs, and message alert is just a few of them among the available call management features.

If you wish to learn more about them, click here.

4. Ooma – Best Phone System Provider for Very Small Business


Another great option, most especially, for small to microbusinesses os Ooma Office. Unlike traditional cloud-hosted systems that you will usually find on most providers on the market, Ooma combines on-premises hardware with cloud-hosted services which is unique or difficult to find feature for some.

While Ooma doesn’t have a vast array of services, it does include a voicemail, call transfer, log, park, music on hold, extension-to-extension calling, and dial-by-name calling.

Additionally, a virtual receptionist is present to answers all incoming calls. It will then redirects callers to the appropriate person or department that the caller is trying to reach.

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

ooma telo

Looking for a home phone system that can let your do international calls for free? Check out Ooma Telo. Ooma is an Internet phone service that lets you make free calls anywhere. Furthermore, it has more features that offering free calls. To learn more, click the link below.


Overall, Ooma Office has consistently provided good customer service. If you ever find difficulties with their system, their website will have valuable resources for troubleshooting purposes. Alternatively, you can download their app on the Google Play store or through the link below.


What phone system provider offers compatibility with Android?

All 4 phone system provider that we recommended in this article have support for smartphone use and that includes Android phones. You can also learn more about the best virtual phone systems that offer dedicated use for Android smartphones.

How does a business phone system work?

In a nutshell, the business phone system works by allowing phone calls to be transmitted over local data networks and the Internet rather than the usual phone wired lines.

Can business phone system be hacked?

The quick answer is yes, business phone systems can be hacked. That’s why choosing a reliable and credible phone system provider is crucial.

Choosing the Best Phone System for your Business

Choosing the best phone system provider for a small business is tougher than it sounds. Fortunately, all services listed in this article offer a free trial. Letting you exp3erience their system first before you decide which amongst the listed provider is the best one for your business.

In our opinion, 8×8 or 3CX is the best choice for small business and Ooma for far smaller ones.

Have suggestions, questions, or comment? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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