6 Best Smart Light Bulbs Compatible with Android Devices

Long ago, light bulbs were invented to illuminate homes, buildings, and streets. These traditional light bulbs were operated by switches.

Today, technology has transformed the multitude aspects of life that changed our perception of the world. Everything has become available and within reach. Through the years, the innovators successfully invented smart bulbs.

Are you familiar with smart light bulbs? These are light bulbs that are uniquely different from the traditional light bulbs. It is a successful innovation of home automation and Internet-capable products. Yes, it needs the internet. Although the internet has been making things easily accessible. But, who can imagine that light bulbs can now be remotely controlled using the internet?

4 Best Smart Light Bulbs that Works with Android

1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19


Philips Hue is considered to be the original smart light bulb, it surfaced as one of the first smart bulbs in the market. This Philips model proves why their product is the smartest and major player in the world of light bulbs.

When you install this lighting system, you can download the Hue Hub to control it. You can control the features of this light bulb through your voice. You just have to pair it with Google Assistant.

Moreover, Philips is continuing in upgrading and redesigning its lights system.

2. Sengled Element Touch


A ZigBee compatible smart light bulb that emits cool to neutral light. You will truly appreciate its automatic color tuning system when you are sensitive with light brightness. Moreover, it is compatible with Samsung SmartThings.

3. LIFX (A19)


LIFX (A19) is now branded as the smartest light bulb available in the market. Although it still has a color tunable lights, it is given with an additional feature—an infrared nightlight. This smart light bulb does not require a hub; it can be connected manually with its app through Wi-Fi. It can also be connected with a Google Assistant.

4. TP-Link Kasa A19


What makes this product interesting is, it has a circadian mode that uses your geographical location to synchronize the brightness and light color with the daylight. It emits brighter and colder light during the morning and full warm light during the night.

This smart light bulb connects directly via Wi-Fi and certified to work with Google Assistant. Moreover, it has a Kasa application that is compatible with Android. The app enables you to control the light bulb with your device. You can even schedule the smart light bulb to automatically light or turn off when you are not in the house.

Wyze Smart Bulb

Most color bulbs have an 800lm maximum output but Wyze bulb with a wide-ranging lumen output that’s as powerful or as subtle as you require, you may adjust ours to be brighter (1100lm/75W), dimmer (30lm/2W), or anyplace in between. Temperature control for white light can be cooled down to focus or warm it up to relax. 

You can choose the ideal white light setting for your activity because it has dedicated white light controls. There are 16 million hues in total. With an enhanced Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating, you may see truer and more dazzling colors in your home. It also makes crucial reminders stand out more. In the Wyze app, create time-based color events or automate with other Wyze devices to generate stunning visual notifications.

Crestin Smart Light Bulbs

Crestin smart light bulbs support 2.4GHz WiFi and are Bluetooth compatible, allowing the device to connect to the Crestin App more quickly and reliably. Your light bulb may be dimmed, turned on, or off, and the colors of your light bulb can be changed remotely via an APP. 

From anywhere, enjoy the convenience of intelligent home lighting. Alexa and Google may both be used with the wifi smart light bulb. Warm White (2700K) and Cool White (5000K) smart led light bulbs allow you to choose the precise hue you want from over 16 million possible options. 

With a brightness range of 1% to 100%, adjust the brightness of the LED light bulbs to create a comfortable lighting environment. To create a relaxing lighting environment, you can vary the brightness of the lights according to your mood.

The smart WiFi light bulb is ETL rated, and its extended lifespan is estimated to be around 35,000 hours. When compared to a 60-watt incandescent, it saves up to 80% on electricity. It also has a special feature that allows you to enjoy every beat by synchronizing your lights to your favorite music. Lights that dance with you and change colors to the beat of the music can turn any area into a dance floor.

How to Choose the Right Smart Light Bulb?

We all know that it is hard to look for the right thing. However, if you want to choose the right smart bulb for your home that’s a smart decision!

The right light bulb depends on its brand and set-up you wanted. The following is a quick tip on which smart light bulb you should take:

  • It has a higher than usual initial cost
  • The bulb has a longer life expectancy than the traditional bulbs
  • It is a very versatile light bulb

Also, you have to consider the type of system control of the smart lighting system. If you plan to choose Bluetooth, you can only control the lighting at home. Meanwhile, if you are considering Wi-Fi you have to consider the number of devices connected. Multiple numbers of devices can take up the bandwidth making the connection difficult.


How well do you know about smart light bulbs?

These light bulbs are not the average light bulb, it has unique features that distinguish from the traditional ones. These smart light bulbs are skillfully integrated with a home automation hub that is connected through wireless communication.

The usual wireless connection that is needed to operate the smart bulbs through a tablet, smartphone, or home automation hub are:
Bluetooth: short-range pairing for about 30 feet
Wi-Fi: a wireless network that connects devices without internet cords
ZigBee: commonly used in smart home devices; connects to devices through radio frequencies
Z-Wave: communicates through a chip with the same enabled protocol; it ranges around 30 to 100 meters or 90 feet to 300 feet
However, those homeowners with smart home technology use a hub or home automation system.
Google Home
Amazon Alexa
Apple Homekit
Can’t you see the difference it has with the traditional light bulb? The smart light bulbs allow the users and homeowners to integrate a program that entertains and secures their security. There are smart light bulbs with speakers that can play your favorite bands!
Moreover, the smart home automation hub enables the homeowner to turn to illuminate his or her house while they are away from home.

What are the amazing features of smart light bulbs?

As we said, even though you are away from the home you can use your smart light bulbs for protection. But, not just that! Smart bulbs can make coordinate simultaneously the sound effects and lighting. This happens when you are watching a movie or playing on TV. The light and color change are fantastically done based on the movement on the screen.
Moreover, a GPS is implanted on the smartphones which are important to determine where your location is.  As you get inside a room or inside the house, the smart light bulb will automatically turn on or off the lights.
Indeed, this new technology has opened a multitude of possibilities that can make our life easier.

Do smart bulbs work with phones?

All smart light bulbs can be managed via an app on your phone including iOS or Android, but the most of them can also be used with a smart home hub such as Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Nest, or Apple’s HomePod.

Is it possible to use smart bulbs without having access to the internet?

Smart lights, such as Philips Hue, will work even if you don’t have an internet connection, as long as you don’t try to manage them while you’re away from home. When your internet is down, Hue employs a hub as a middleman, which makes things a little easier.

Are smart bulbs dangerous?

They are safe because smart lights are often LED lights, which emit less heat than fluorescent bulbs and do not pose a fire risk unless it is used improperly. But they do, however, boost the emission of EMF radiation and may increase the danger of a hacker gaining access to your network.

Features of the Smart Light Bulbs:

  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED): smart light bulbs utilize LED to display a creative wide array of colors. It enables the smart light bulb to emit multicolor effects.
  • Communication Module: it has an installed communication module to enable communication between the bulb and device. It can switch the light bulb on and off through a device.
  • Heat sinks: most smart light bulbs are made with aluminum or ceramic materials, this contributes to the lifespan of a smart light bulb.
  • Smart Light Bulbs with Speaker: There are smart light bulbs that are configured to connect with music systems. Alongside the music, the light bulb has patterns of lights that synchronize with the tune.
  • Smart Light Bulbs with Camera: Some smart light bulbs are also configured to interface with an alarm system. It can record movements around the house.

With the mentioned features, we believe that the following items are compatible with the smart light bulbs powered by Android:

  1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19
  2. Sengled Element Touch
  3. LIFX (A19)
  4. TP-Link Kasa A19

Choose the best smart light bulb that suits your taste and convenience. We all want our homes to be lovely, who wouldn’t? These best smart light bulbs will surely bring color and brightness to your home along with its additional features that provide security. Now, which smart light bulb would be best to install for your lovely home?

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