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7+ Best Smart Mugs for a Hot Drink in 2023

Sipping coffee early in the morning is a great way to begin your day. But then, you need to leave your house for work. The coffee stays nice at home, and turns lukewarm while traveling, then turns into cold coffee once you reach your office.  

What Is a Smart Mug?

A smart mug helps you to retain your beverages at the temperature you want. There are smart mugs vailable in the market that can be used at your home, office, or even while traveling. 

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Smart Mug

You need to look into the following aspects when purchasing a mug for the kind of beverages you like to have. We have listed a few points of consideration for this.

Temperature: Coffee can be enjoyable for anyone, especially when it is served hot. So, you should be in a position to regulate the temperature with the kind of mug you buy. There are smart mugs that can regulate the temperature ranging from 85 degrees to 185 degrees.  

Weight and Capacity: These mugs have a minimum capacity of 8 ounces, and can go up to 14 ounces. Similarly, the weight should not go beyond a maximum of 2.5 lbs. You should be comfortable with carrying such mugs on the go.

Lifestyle: You should get a smart mug if your lifestyle demands it. Smart mugs are mostly for those who are always on the go. It is also meant for people who want to enjoy luxury at their fingertips. Purchasing this cup means a minimum investment of at least $100.

Material: Smart mugs are mostly found in ceramic material. This means they are likely to break if they are dropped or whenever extra pressure is exerted on them. You need to spend on the mug only when you want the beverages to need to be kept hot for more than two hours. 

Price: Go in for the smart mug that fits your budget. There are a lot of mugs available in the market. The mug needs to meet your requirement and at the same time pocket friendly. We have listed a few mugs that will fit your budget. 

7+ Smart Mugs for a Hot Drink

  1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
  2. SMRT Mug Heated Coffee Mug
  3. Howay Coffee Warmer and Mug Set
  4. Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set
  5. VSITOO S3 Pro Smart Mug
  6. Heated Smart Travel Mug
  7. Glowstone Smart Mug

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Best Overall
Image Source: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: Ember | Material: Stainless Steel | Capacity: 14 Ounces | Weight: 2.6 lbs | Temperature: 120O to 145O Fahrenheit

Ember is the world’s premier Temperature Control Mug. This takes up technology platform aims at revolutionizing the way people eat, drink, and live. This was invented by the inventor Clay Alexander who is involved in designing and developing temperature control products that offer people complete customization. 

This award-winning mug is the most advanced smart mug available in the market. It can help you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages.

The extended battery life on the mug helps you to keep your drink perfectly hot for more than 80 minutes on a full charge. You can control your Ember mug with your smartphone. You can pair it up with the Ember app to set the temperature, customize the presets, and receive notifications.

Ember Mug can also work without a connection to the app. It can remember the last used temperature of the mug. There is an LED light at the base of the mug. This will indicate when it is heating up, cooling down, ready to drink, and when the battery needs to be charged. You can also personalize the LED light based on your color preference.

This Mug also comes with the Auto Sleep feature, it turns into sleep mode when unused with two hours of inactivity. This mug also wakes up when your lift it up, or pour liquid content into it. The mug comes with a scratch-resistant coating. It is perfectly safe for a comfortable hand wash. 

Can be controlled both manually or through appNo lid provided
Easy to hold, handle, and washPoor battery life
Scratch resistant
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2. SMRTMUGG Heated Coffee Mug

Best Budget
Image Source: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: SMRTMUGG | Material: Stainless steel | Capacity: 10 Ounces | Weight: 1.2 lbs | Temperature: 135O Fahrenheit

SMRTMUGG heated coffee mug comes with perfect temperature, and can last a battery life of more than 10 hours. This smart mug is capable of heating cold water in a matter of ten minutes. Competitors have low-heating elements that take more than an hour to heat cold water.

The heating technology that is used in this smart mug is also superior as it keeps your drink in the same temperature you specify. 

This SMRTMUGG has got a good built-in battery. This battery can be used as an external power bank for your laptop, phone, or tablet on the go. There is no need to carry external power banks when you have got SMRTMUGG.

This is a double-wall vacuum-insulated coffee mug. This will keep your drink hot for a long time. This is great to be used for instant tea or coffee. You can also heat water or milk using this mug. 

This coffee mug is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. This mug will keep the coffee hot at 137 O Fahrenheit. 

The battery life of this mug is excellent, it lasts for more than 10 hours on a single charge. The flip top on the mug keeps the liquid from spilling as you travel along. The mouthpiece of this coffee mug also helps you to sip easily and not have to worry about the bumps of the road. 

The capacity of this mug is 10 ounces, which may be too little for normal consumption.

Strong battery lifeLow in capacity
Keeps liquid hot for a long period of time
Best travel purpose mug as it comes with a lid
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3. Howay Coffee Warmer and Mug Set

Best Value
Image Source: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: Howay | Material: Ceramic | Capacity: 14 ounces | Weight: 2.07 lbs | Temperature: 149O Farenheit

Howay smart mug is the result of long-time research and customer reviews. We found a better solution to drink hot drinks that comes out of this warmer and mug. The temperature in the warmer is higher, and can heat the beverage up to 149O F. 

This mug is crafted with insulated durable ceramic that can hold up to 14 ounces. It is built on a flat aluminum alloy sheet at the bottom making hot drinks warm enough. This comes with an anti-flame, ABS plastic frame that ensures the safety of the device. The plate coating is scratch resistant, and works together for years.

The power that is consumed by the warmer is as low as 16 watts. The warmer will autos shut off after 4 hours of continuous use. The flat bottom of the mug conducts the thermal better. It can help you to keep coffee or tea hot all day long. The capacity of the mug is bigger to hold more hot drinks. It saves you time to refill it frequently. 

It gives you a cool and simplified look. It is also a sleek companion on your desk. 

Capacity is 14 ouncesNo temperature control given
Durable ceramic
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4. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer and Mug Set

Cosori Coffee Mug
Image Source: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: COSORI | Material: Stainless Steel | Capacity: 17 Ounces | Weight: 1.06 lbs | Temperature: Customizable

COSORI Stainless Steel mug keeps the heat more effectively than most of the other mugs and can be used with the warmer. All the temperatures are accurate within 1 degree. You can also easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

The coffee warmer is equipped with one-touch control, and a waterproof design. As the warmer comes with the PI film heating element, it is spillproof and makes cleaning much easier for you. The temperature of the warming plate is clearly displayed in a bright LED light.

The mug is produced with high-quality food-grade material. This mug comes with a heat-resistant handle, and a rubber sleeve that protects your hands. 

You can keep any beverage, from coffee, tea, or anything else, hot with this smart mug. The mug is sleek and portable. The coffee warmer is a perfect gift for someone who loves to have a sip of coffee or tea.

High qualityCannot be used for travel purposes.
Great designAuto off option missing
Comes with a mug warmer
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5. VSITOO S3 Pro Temperature Control Smart Mug with Lid

Image Source: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: VSITOO | Material: Double-layer vacuum stainless steel | Capacity: 14 Ounces | Weight: 1.39 lbs | Temperature: 96O F to 149O F

VSITOO S3 Pro smart coffee mug is the most popular coffee mug in the market. It allows you to set and maintain the drinking temperatures for hot beverages. 

You can control the temperature in this smart mug using two methods. You can use the touch control on the VSITOO smart mug, or control using the VSITOO app on your phone. The temperature ranges from 96O F to 149O F. You can customize the temperature based on your needs. 

The smart cup works with a high-quality polymer lithium battery. It can last for more than 4-8 hours on a single charge. This cup keeps the coffee temperature hot till the last drop. 

This mug is made up of double-layer vacuum stainless steel material. The inside part of the cup adopts advanced Food Grade Ceramic Acrylic Paint Technology. 

Good capacityPoor battery life
Unique design Customer support is not supportive
Manual & App Control 
Smart LED light
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6. Heated Smart Travel Mug

Heated Smart Travel Mug
Image Source: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: Tech Toos | Material: Stainless Steel | Capacity: 12 Quarts | Weight: 14.1 Ounces | Temperature: 160O degrees

Smart Travel Mug is a nostalgic-style heated travel mug that can help you to keep your coffee hot throughout the day. This is a retro-style heated mug that uses a 12-volt charger to keep it warm.  This means you can take this travel mug on the go, and charge it in the car to ensure that it stays hot throughout. 

The thermal insulation of the cup traps the heat in the heated coffee mug, so the coffee stays hot and the heat does not escape. 

The cup also has a toggle on and off switch that helps you to conserve power reserve when you are away from the charger to keep the mug lasting all day long. 

The coffee mug also has a tight rubber base that keeps the cup stuck on any wooden surface, work surface, or holder. This way you can avoid knocking it down or spilling your drink everywhere. This is a portable and self-heating cup, and can be easily carried wherever you go.

The lid of the mug fits tightly, so there are no leaks. The ring of the lid is of good quality, and you can pick up the mug by its lid. 

Good use travel mugWashing the mug is difficult
Leak proof
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7. Glowstone Smart Mug

Image: Amazon

Specifications: Brand: Glowstone | Material: Fine Bone China | Capacity: 12.5 Ounces | Weight: 1.32 lbs | Temperature: 145O Fahrenheit

Glowstone Coffee mug is made of an intelligent British design. Tea and coffee taste much better out of this fine bone china mug. The cup comes with high quality, chip resistant, strong, stain resistant, and scratch proof. This cup will hold the drink at the perfect drinking temperature for more than one hour. 

The beverage remains hot till the last sip. Once you are done it turns off automatically. It can be used for wireless charging. Unlike any other smart mug, this can be used in the dishwasher for washing. This mug comes with a Qi wireless fast charging plate, USB cable, and US plug adaptor. 

The charger can also be used to charge your smartphones as well. 

Scratch proofCannot be used for travel purposes
Stain resistant
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by smart mug?

Smart Mug is the one that will help you to keep your beverages hot throughout the day. Smart Mugs are a great way to have hot beverages on the go. 

Do you really need a smart mug?

Smart mugs are a great way to keep your beverages hot on the go. The self-heating mugs can be of great use when you are traveling by road for long distances. You can have the beverage of your choice wherever you go.

Out of the smart mugs displayed above, which one is the best?

We think the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 is the best smart mug available.  


It is always a nice feeling to have your favorite beverage stay at the right temperature. Smart Mugs are a great idea to keep hot beverages at the best temperature suitable for you. There are mugs that can help you to customize the temperature as well. We have given you a wide range of smart mugs that are available in the market. Choose the one that will fit your requirements. 

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