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5 of The Best Smart Showers [2022]

Smart technology’s evolution has changed the concept of the traditional method of using any product. The same applies to showers. Did you know that showers these days have evolved into voice-activated, hands-free device that runs on a wall-mounted control panel? And all the controls are on your smartphone. And I kid you not, once you start using smart showers, you will wonder how you went so long without one. 

Smart showers enable Bluetooth connectivity, LED panels, and many more features to be installed at your residence. Smart showers are next-generation products with advanced features over traditional showers. Homes are getting smarter, and if you’re future-proofing your house. Then, smart showers are a great addition.

Features of Smart showers

1. Save Time by using Pre-programmed Settings: 

You may utilize voice commands to regulate your water temperature, choose which outlet to use, and activate your chosen shower setting, making your life simpler and more relaxed. This function will be handy for large families. It will speed up shower lines, reducing morning mayhem.

2. Monitor the rate of water flow and temperature:

A valve’s fundamental advantage is monitoring the water flow rate and temperature. The valve will automatically mix the entering water to keep a constant temperature. The smart shower system allows you to automatically and precisely set the temperature of your shower water.

3. Safety – Scald Prevention:

You can shower with timers and environmentally friendly settings with smart showers. Since you can control the temperature of the water, you can make safe shower settings for your family’s most vulnerable members, children, and the elderly. Most smart shower systems have built-in restrictions on how hot you may set the water temperature. As a result, it’s impossible to scorch oneself by setting the temperature too high by mistake.

4. Great Design:

 It seems futuristic and luxurious to replace a piece of old hand-operated equipment with a computerized touchscreen. This fixture also works with all shower sizes, whether it’s big or small. 

5. Greater Control and personalization:

With smart showers, there is greater control over the shower experience to access it and change the temperature according to your need with Voice Activation and Remote Control. Smart homes are no longer science fiction. As they become increasingly common, people want their showers to be included in the fun. Smart showers do this. They are compatible with voice-activated home assistants like Alexa and Google.

5 Best Smart showers

Here is a list of some of the best smart showers you can find;

  3. Moen
  4. Luxury LED
  5. Gabrylly


Smart showers-KATAIS
Smart showers-KATAIS / Image Source: Amazon

If you are looking for LED showers, Here is the KATAIS Thermostatic Shower System Matte Black 12-Inch LED Rainfall Shower, which is enabled with a LED to show whether the water falling from the shower is cold or hot. The Thermostatic or the pressure balance valve is friendly-designed, especially for kids and the elderly. It monitors the water pressure balance to prevent shower scald, and it is easy to operate with a button design for effortless flow and temperature control. You can switch the Button to open the rain shower head, handheld shower head, and shower body jets as you like.

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Smart showers-SKOWLL
SKOWLL / Image Source: Amazon

If you are not aware of water temperature change, worry about your family being hurt, or don’t know bath time, and worry about wasting resources. SKOWLL Shower System with handheld can help you solve both of these problems. The temperature display shower overhead combo set adopts the North American standard Fahrenheit temperature display design. You can know the current water temperature and your real-time shower time from the panel, making your shower safer.

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3. Moen

Smart showers-Moen
Smart showers-Moen / Image Source: Amazon

Voice assistance showers are here, Moen TS3302BL Smart Electronic shower control allows you to change water temperature with pinpoint accuracy for a more customized shower, and with voice assistance, it controls your shower remotely with the sound of your voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri/HomeKit, Google Assistant, and U by Moen smartphone apps. Easy to read with 5″ non-touch LCD screen features enabled with soft touch buttons that operate two outlets, plus power, temperature, and pre-set selection. Water-saving feature by Moen will notify you when the shower temperature is ready and will automatically pause the water flow until you are ready to get in.

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4. Luxury LED 

Smart showers-Luxury LED
Smart showers-Luxury LED / Image Source: Amazon

 Listen to beautiful music while bathing, creating a romantic and relaxing bathing environment for you and your family and improving your family’s bathing experience. The shower heads are made of high-quality SUS 304 stainless steel. The shower set controller, hand-held shower, and shower holder are made of brass material. The shower set has Bluetooth connectivity which connects with your smartphone for listening to music while in the shower, as it improves the quality of experience while bathing.

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5. Gabrylly 

Smart showers-Gabrylly 
Smart showers-Gabrylly / Image Source: Amazon

Gabrylly Thermostatic Shower System comes with dual-use as it is easy to switch between hand shower and shower as it comes with the stainless steel and ultra-thin rain shower head. The single-function hand shower can provide strong water pressure. Even in areas with low water pressure, it can still work well and quickly flush the very convenient foam. The matte black finish and sleek look shower kit complement any decor. The Gabrylly Thermostatic Shower System is made of high-quality metal, anti-rust, and long-lasting durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a smart shower electrocute you?

No, Smart showers run on a battery, and with all the safety features equipped, there is no chance of being electrocuted.

2. What temperature is too hot for a shower?

Smart showers have a technology-enabled which has safety lock so that person even accidentally cannot change the temperature to the maximum extent and protects vulnerable people such as children and age-old people.

3. Can you use wet hands in a smart shower?

The digital system will not be affected by wet hands and is accessible. 

4. Can you take a shower when the electricity is out?

Yes, the Smart shower runs on a battery enabled in it, and the shower experience can be accessed even when the electricity is out. 

5. Can the smart shower be controlled by other external devices?

No, only Bluetooth devices are accessible from mobile phones.

6. What is a Thermostatic Valve?

The key component of the smart shower is the integration of a thermostatic mixing valve behind your shower wall where the hot and cold water come together.

Closing Thoughts

Smart showers are safe as it prevents from scald and is widely encouraged to be used for families with children and older people in residence, it monitors the rate of water flow and temperature and has a variety of designs that enhances the future-proofing, and it also saves time by pre-programmed setting that is before the shower and is ready to use by resulting in reducing morning mayhem.

The smart shower system allows you to automatically and precisely set the temperature of your shower water. It eliminates the waiting period usually experienced with regular showers, where you have to wait minutes for the water to heat up once you turn on the shower. The smart shower not only gives you a luxurious experience but also cuts back on shower water wastage.

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