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The Best Steam Deck Games in 2023

The Steam Deck is a powerful machine that offers a PC experience in a compact form. The handheld gaming experience takes you back to the good old days when the Nintendo DS and Playstation portable were the major handheld consoles. Now imagine the same handheld gaming experience but with more powerful hardware. That is what Steam Deck tries to achieve. In this article, you will find the best steam deck games to play in 2023.

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck was released in February 2022 by Valve corporation.  The main purpose of the Steam Deck is to bring an excellent gaming experience similar to a PC in a compact handheld form. You can play on Steam Deck individually as a handheld gaming device or even connect it to an external monitor similar to the Nintendo Switch. 

They are popular because having such a great performance device in a handheld form is a great thing to experience. Ever since its inception in 2022, Valve handpicks games from Steam to make them compatible with their device. Any game you find on Steam with approval from Valve is great to play on Steam Deck.

With heavy games like God of War and Elden Ring, Steam Deck gives you a truly unique gaming experience. 

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5 of The Best Steam Deck Games

These are the best Steam Deck games you must play in 2023.

  1. Persona 5 Royal
  2. Elden Ring
  3. God of War
  4. The Witcher 3
  5. Spiderman Remastered

1. Persona 5 Royal

best steam deck games-Persona 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royal was released on October 21st, 2022. The Persona series is one of the most influential games in the industry, and its trends continue to shape story-based titles. With the arrival of Steam Deck, you can now play Persona 5 Royal. The game is also available for PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Valve corporation made sure that it comes to Steam Deck as well. What makes Persona 5 Royal special is that it now has fresh new characters to play, a new mode, new music addition, and more, as opposed to Persona 5’s original release in 2016. 

The world-building in this game is incredible when paired with engaging characters and a narrative that really pulls you in. All this combined creates a special gaming experience for Steam Deck gamers. Hence, it is one of the best Steam Deck games out there. The game lets you play as a character among a group of thieves who seek to inspire change in their world. The engaging gameplay makes this a must-try.

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2. Elden Ring

best steam deck games-Elden Ring

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Elden Ring comes from the same people who made the famously difficult Dark Souls games. It won the game of the year in 2022 and deserved that for its amazing open world. This makes it one of the best Steam Deck games.

You may doubt how the portable gaming device would perform when playing such a massive open-world game. The good news is that it does perform really well, and many users online report that it is a pleasure to play the game using a handheld device. The fact that this game is good on Steam Deck just shows how good of a gaming device it is.

The controls of the Steam Deck just add to the already incredible experience you get from playing Elden Ring. You can expect decent performance, and the gameplay is fast-paced, so you must stay sharp when playing this game.

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3. God of War

best steam deck games-God of War

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God of War is an incredible game series with a long history spanning back to its original games on the PlayStation 2. You can now play the most recent games on Steam Deck. Playing God of War on a portable device was once only possible on the PSP and PSVITA, but now, with Steam Deck, it is possible to experience the latest game in the series. 

You can experience an open-world RPG game set in Norse mythology with God of War. The main character is Kratos, a man with a long history of fighting against the gods. He must survive and tackle all dangers that come his way while also teaching his son to fight. The Norse mythology inspiration of the game offers scary monsters and creatures for you to battle. The gameplay and visuals are stunning. With Steam Deck, you also get more control, thanks to the small form factor. God of War is an absolute treat to play, and if you are a new Steam Deck user, you must try this one. 

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4. The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt

best steam deck games-The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

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Valve corporation optimized The Witcher 3 to ensure that gamers on Steam Deck get the best experience possible; they have made some good improvements to make it compatible with it. This is also one of the best Steam Deck games with a rich fanbase and history.  

When it comes to storytelling, The Witcher 3 set itself apart as a benchmark for other games. The compelling storyline, along with the great characters and engaging gameplay, is what makes this game so popular. Although it is an older title, it is still a fan favorite for those looking to play this game in a new manner.

The world of the Wither 3 is a proper dark fantasy world with gorgeous visuals. The gameplay is also among the best the series has to offer, with deep combat mechanics. This makes it one of the best Steam Deck games to play right now. 

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5. Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered

best steam deck games-Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered

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A fan-favorite game, Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered, is available to play on Steam Deck. It was originally available only on PC, but now thanks to Valve, you can play the game in a small form factor at home, on the bus, or the train on your way home. The vibrant, color-rich visuals of the open-world game make it an absolute treat to play. The smaller device size makes it easy to get to learn the controls and master the overall gameplay. 

The game lets you swing in the air through the skyscrapers of Manhattan, fight bad guys, and go on side quests. This is one of the best Steam Deck games with superb visuals and a fan-favorite character that everyone loves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Steam Deck good for gaming?

Yes, Steam Deck is a powerful piece of hardware that is capable of running large games with ease. Don’t let its size fool you because it can run even the most intense open-world RPG games like Elden Ring and God of War.

2. What operating system is Steam Deck based on?

Steam Deck is a Linux-based device that can also run Windows games.

3. Is the battery life good on Steam Deck?

As a powerful device has its downsides, one of them being battery life. Since it is a compact device, you can drain the battery in less than 2 hours. You can extend it for more than 2 hours if you only play casual games. 

4. Are Steam Decks worth it?

Yes, Steam Decks are an excellent piece of hardware that lets you play huge games packed into a small form.

Summing Up

Playing on Steam Deck can give you the nostalgia of the time when everyone used to play on PSPs and DSs. Now, with the number of resources and technology, Valve has made it possible to play PC games that we all love on a small device. This makes it one of the best devices to play and enjoy games.

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