Best Story Based Games for Android

5 Best Story Based Games for Android – You Know, Games with a Plot

Mobile gaming is usually not associated with epic story driven experiences, but over the years, the tide has been turning. These are some of the best story based games for Android that will keep you engaged not only with their good gameplay but also the story. Sure, there are a lot of games that are fun because you get to shoot stuff, but some games are amazing story tellers that captivate the player in their wonderful world. This list is about the games that give you a reason to stick around till the end.

As a gamer that has been playing for 20 years, I have to admit, story driven games are what people remember after a while. I can recall some epic kills in a multiplayer game, but a well-paced story is what sticks to the mind. These great story based games for Android are the ones that will really leave a mark. We have already covered some great story driving games in the best RPG games for Android list as well as best point and click games for Android. Granted, not all of the games in those lists have an amazing story, but they are much better than the best endless runners for Android when it comes to story.

Note: The 5 best story based games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note III smartphones. The games worked well on the device, and no problems were faced during testing. I will keep the descriptions of the games completely spoiler free so that you can enjoy the stories fully yourself. Some of the games are a bit large in the storage they take up, especially the Bard’s Tale, so make sure you have ample space on your device before purchase.


This game is for mature players only because it tackles some hard-hitting and somewhat graphic issues. This game casts you as a mysterious assassin who goes about shooting people in the head. As the story progresses, you will know the motives behind his actions.

The story is played out in noir style static images and a well-written dialogue. You will actually start feeling the thrill of the kill in this shooting game with a likable and captivating story. You will get your hands on various weapons during the game as well. The game comes with a 5 hour plus story mode that allows you to enjoy the game for a good amount of time.

Overall, the graphic style of the game is going to be the best aspect; it is not amazing, but it is unique enough to stand out. It cannot adequately be placed in the best shooter games for Android category but it does what it does, great.

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2. The Walking Dead: Season One

Even if you are not a fan of the hit TV show of the same name, you will be able to enjoy this video game for Android completely. This is a very story driven game that tasks you with taking impactful decisions throughout the story campaign.

You will be playing as Lee, who is a convicted criminal that gets a new chance at redemption in a world ravaged by zombies. One good thing about this game is that it seemingly has no connection to the characters of the TV show, so it is a well-rounded and whole experience in its own. The graphics look wonderful and are well designed.

This is a direct port of the PC and console version of the game and to be honest, I found no major differences between the two versions. The mobile version has the same graphical fidelity as the PC and console counterpart. The game, however, will only run on high-end hardware so if you have a budget device, make sure you check out the system requirements before playing.

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3. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers Sword & Sorcery gained a lot of applause from the critics for being a great exploration based game but failed to capture the attention of Android gamers. I first played it a while back for an article and was immensely impressed with how beautiful the game looked, despite being a pixel art game.

You will traverse a varied and mythical realm. You will be able to fight with enemies using your sword and easy controls. The magic comes into play when you need to solve some puzzles.

The story is never fully told in traditional means but you will come to love the characters and art of the game. The environmental stories that Bethesda is famous for is in full force here and you will see little touches of inhabitation around the world.

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4. Hero of Many

This is again one of the few games that tell a complete story without any words. Sure, a lot of FPS games for Android have a good story, but they all rely on cut scenes and lengthy dialogues to convey it. This game, however, presents a complete and emotionally charged experience without even displaying a single word.

You are a tiny hero in a big bad world but you have the aid of other water beings with you. Together you will fight hard battles for freedom and live to tell the tale. The game features gorgeous environments that are simply soothing to look at.

You will explore odd places, save friends, face enemies and use new powers throughout the game. There are 26 story levels available in the game and the ending is simply remarkable. This is an Android game that I’m proud to recommend to anyone seeking a great video game experience.

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5. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale features an amazing story and an equally awesome main character as well. This is one of the few RPG games on Android that deliver a really long and enjoyable experience to the players. It’s a little big for mobile standards and it is a welcoming change. The game has a full-scale 3D world that is just begging to be explored by you.

There are over 50 types of enemies and each of them have different attacks and defenses. The role-playing aspect of the game is very solid, especially the music side of things. With over 150 unique items that include weapons, armor, instruments, tokens, and artifacts, you will always be evolving your character.

The story is fully voice acted and very enjoyable. If you are seeking a story that is not serious and is light hearted. This is the game made for you. The Bard’s Tale gains my personal seal of recommendation.

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These were some of the best story based games for Android that will keep you playing till the end. Each of them presents the story in a different and unique way and all of them have some great endings. So what do you think about this list?

Is there any game that deserves to be on it? Do tell us your personal opinions about story driven Android games in the comments below.

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