Best 6 Survival Apps for All Situations

Best 6 Survival Apps for All Situations in 2023

These are the essential apps you should have if you are a survivalist. All the apps listed below are survival apps that do not require internet access in an emergency. Things may work the best while at the most experienced. Hence going out and trying to practice this will not only help you to gain knowledge, but it can also help you refresh your mind and body.

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What Is First Aid?

Understanding what first aid is can help lead you to gain the ability to help people in need. Through the first aid certification class, you will be learning how to respond to a particular situation, which is the most needed.

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1.  First Aid – American Red Cross Survival Apps

First Aid - American Red Cross Survival Apps
First Aid – American Red Cross Survival Apps

The First Aid American Red Cross survival app is always prepared to act in emergencies with a first aid course from the American Red Cross, which is developed and taught by experts. T, the training process of the First Aid – American Red Cross will have personal learning, interactive peer to peer learning, and hands-on skills practice. You should be prepared for any emergency situation, and provide care when needed.

Learn from the Best in the Industry

Every American Red health and safety training program has a team of experts to teach the latest and best techniques to use in all kinds of emergencies. You can take the first aid course with the three options given by the American Red Cross Survival app, such as through an instructor lead class, or an online class. You can also take the blended learning experience, which combines online course work with instructor lead training.

Helping you build with, not only the understanding of the steps to perform first aid, but also to help build your confidence, and necessary skills to perform in any emergency situation correctly.

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2. Edible Wild Plants Survival Apps

Edible Wild Plants Survival Apps
Edible Wild Plants Survival Apps

The Edible Wild Plants Survival app is designed to help you find, and identify the edible plants, flowers, and fruits that are widely available in the countryside, bushes, guards, fences, and in the wild throughout the world. This app is one of the best survival apps that you should have if you travel, fly, or truck often, or if you are a person who loves the forest.

Go in the wild

The Edible Wild Plant’s survival app can be used as a reference at home or can be used in a field as a perfect replacement for all the field guides and books you usually need to carry. Instead, this app can be a guide in the palm of your hand. Learn what they look like, what are the parts that can be eaten, and where to find them.

The Edible Wild Plant’s survival app does not use the internet. It will explain to you what plants or leaves are with an image, common names, habitat, description, botanical name, edibility, and a warning if it is not the right plant to eat. The Edible Wild Plant’s app can also help you with easy left and proper swipe navigation, bookmarks, and with a plant edibility testing guide.

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3. Survival Kid App

Survival Kid App
Survival Kid App

In the Survival Kid app, your kids will learn how to survive in an emergency, surviving in a place without food or water, learn basic ground rules to survive, as well as what to do and what not to do, and what to avoid. Can you build a shelter or fire without all the traditional means? Do you want to learn all this? Download the Survival Kid app for a better and safe survival experience. You can download the app for either Android or iPhone.

Five Essentials

  • Shelter.
  • Fire.
  • Signaling.
  • Water.
  • food.

The Survival Kid app’s manual has different methods and possibilities for every other weather condition, including cold, desert, jungle, coasts, and off-shore water.

The Survival Kid app has listed everything in detail, step by step, and can help you make the right choices to be safe at all costs. Let’s look into the options available to choose from while in an emergency.

The first thing you need is shelter.  Next, you need fire. To start or light a fire, check out the basic techniques to light a fire and know how long it will hold. Learn the right ways to choose a place. The app Indicates the right and safe choices for the place, and the weather condition,  with regular updates. It even tells you what tools can be made from raw materials, as well as what to use and what not to use.

Survival Kid App
Survival Kid App

In addition, the basics of each structure are covered, including woody areas, wood species that can be eaten, building boats, building hunting equipment, not exploiting nature, taking advantage of the best nature has to offer in your challenging circumstances, what you can do in cold climates, along the seashore, or in desert environments.

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4. Offline Survival Manual – Survival apps

Offline Survival Manual - Survival apps
Offline Survival Manual – Survival apps

The Offline Survival Manual helps in many ways if you plan to go to the forest on the weekend. If you just plan toexperiment with your friends, this can also. Let’s get into the features and the unique options available in the Offline Survival Manual app.

The Offline Survival app can be helpful in how to make a fire, build a sheltered to stay in, find and make food, and quickly heal from the forest. As mentioned, it does not have to be used only in emergencies. It can also be used and valuable during trips like hiking, camping, and nature walks.

You can also develop skills like building a fire, building a shelter, and knowing what plant to eat.

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5. Disaster Alert Survival apps

Disaster Alert Survival apps
Disaster Alert Survival apps

The disaster alert survival app could help you not only in times of emergency, but also with local uses, going back home from the office, getting ready to go on a drive, planning for a trip, or emergency visits.

Disaster Alert Survival apps
Disaster Alert Survival apps
  • Make your customized alert based on your geographic area of interest and hazard severity.
  • You can get estimated impact and other information by choosing the info option, and viewing the hazard brief by only selecting the hazard option activated on your map.
  • Customizable background maps can be helpful for you to use, and you love the survival app interface.
  • There are different 8 types of active hazards.
  • The map in the disaster alert app auto-overlays for population densities, and global cloud coverage.
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6. Compass Navigation Survival Apps

Compass Navigation Survival Apps
Compass Navigation Survival Apps

Navigation compass apps are installed and some phones, like Samsung, iPhone, and One Plus, have a built-in compass for any emergency purpose navigation. Compass radio apps like this don’t need internet access to access the application. While in any circumstance, a compass provides the most wanted and required survival app, it helps you to move in a single direction, places filled with trees or marshy lands you can’t know where you are or circling in the same place by lose track. Still, with the compass in your hand, you can at least move in one direction.

Check your phone for this underrated gem because it is a built-in app. If you don’t want to use that, here is the best compass app for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you survive when you are left with nothing?

First of all, do not panic. Panicking will not let you think about what to do next. Next, check if you have your phone with you. Even without a signal, if you can access your phone with the help of the compass app, which is a built-in app, you can at least get a sense of direction. Check the article for other tips.

What are wilderness survival apps on Android?

Wilderness survival apps on Android or iPhone help guide you when you meet an animal, or need shelter, food, or fire. These apps can also be used on vacations, trips, and hiking trips, not only for emergency situations.

Is there all in one land, sea, winter, forest, mountain, survival app?

The Survival Kid app is an all-in-one app to help you anytime and anywhere. Whether for an emergency or on vacation, the survival app is a gem for all mobile users, and Navigation apps are also of great use as built-in apps in almost all mobiles.

Survived to the End With the Help of Survival Apps

Survival apps are best for people who often fly, go on vacation, drive a truck, and love nature. With the survival app, you can not only be saved but also learn to build your skills, like camping, building fires, learning what to eat and what not to, and tying knots. Such apps might feel unwanted or use storage, but these apps will not let you go when in need.

Hope you find the must-have essential of all the time. Stay safe, and comment below with your thoughts.

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