Tech Gifts for Artists

8 Best Tech Gifts for Artists And Creative Professionals

What if you could find the perfect gift for your loved one? In other words, that one gift that makes their eyes glisten with fascination and excitement? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The struggle to get our loved ones the right gifts is a real dilemma – especially if they happen to be the artistic or creative types. We often find ourselves picking the wrong gifts – things they do not desire or need.

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However, times are changing fast, and with our needs getting shaped according to advancements in society. Sometimes all you need to do is focus on the technological side of things.


In a time in which everything, even the arts, and crafts, became computerized, why not look at how we can show our appreciation for them through technology? I’m pretty sure there are a lot of tech gifts for artists out there.

Gadgets are everywhere! And you bet, people depend on them much more than ever.

With that being said, here are some tech gifts we recommend for your loved artists! Let’s dive right in!

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The Best Tech Gifts for Artists And Creative Professionals

Best OverallThe ISKN Repaper
CheapestBoogie Board
Best Value WACOM Intuos Pro
Highly RecommendedLulzbot Mini 3D Printer
Runner UpsPanono Camera
 Teenage Engineering Portable OP-1 Instrument
 Nix Pro Color Sensor
 Laser Engraving Printer

Must-Have Tech Gifts for Artists

1. The ISKN Repaper

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: ISKN Repaper
The ISKN Repaper-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

Does your loved one often dream of digitizing their works? Well, this ISKN plate is just the perfect thing to get them!

The ISKN Repaper will enable them to reproduce their artworks digitally by equipping their pens or pencils with a ring, which keeps track of any motion that occurs.

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: ISKN Equipment Pen
ISKN Equipment Pen with ring-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

This way, your loved one can continue sketching on any paper as they usually would, while reproducing it instantly onto their tablets.

The ISKN Repaper also has a time-lapse feature that gives you the ability to see your sketches in a step-by-step process.

One of the best things about the ISKN Repaper is its user-friendliness and accessibility.

First time using a digital pen? Lacking the experience? Fear no more because the ISKN Repaper is extremely easy to use, even for people who have had little to no exposure to digital pens.

If you think this will make an excellent gift for your artist friend, you can grab one now by checking out this link!


2. Panono Camera

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: Panono Camera
Panono Camera-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to catch different perspectives and angles of events that you can’t normally do?

Or take a quick snap at a place out of reach?

Or maybe even

Play a game of dodgeball with your friends and capture the moment where you eliminate all your friends?

The Panono Camera gives you the ability to take shots of all perspectives with its built-in thirty-six cameras. That’s 36 times more than your usual smartphone people! (well, 16 nowadays.)

Anyone can use this device to take gorgeous panorama shots, or you and your loved one could use it the same way as any other camera and mount it on a tripod.

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: Panono Accessories Included
Panono Accessories Included-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

Your loved ones would surely enjoy something as exciting as this;

They can also bring this baddie anywhere you want to go, be it a family gathering, or a meeting with your closest friends, or even when you’re just out on a beautiful stroll on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

Buy it now on Amazon!

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3. Teenage Engineering Portable OP-1 Instrument

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Instrument
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Instrument-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

Now this one is a sure catch for those who are musically inclined. The OP-1 is a portable controller that is versatile enough even for professionals;

It is also a synthesizer and a sampler that is more than enough for the average musician.

The device also includes an FM Radio and a G-Force sensor; assigned to a key, for dynamic, motion-controlled actions.

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: OP-1 Side View
OP-1 Side View-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

As someone who has a little bit of experience with these kinds of instruments, I can say that this is truly one of those at the pinnacle of its types. Although it is a little bit on the pricey side, it is an excellent investment and a well-made product at its price point.

The musically curious would genuinely indulge in this delectable, albeit expensive treat.

Check out this bad boy on Amazon!

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4. Nix Pro Color Sensor

Nix Pro Color Sensor
Nix Pro Color Sensor-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

The Nix Pro Color sensor is an excellent gift for anyone with a meticulous artistic taste; it enables an artist to be able to use any color that they may wish to apply to their artworks.

This device stores thousands of color captures, giving the artist an almost endless amount of color choices that the person could use to their liking. It captures colors in the real world for use digitally, for use in photo editing applications.

Nix Pro Color Sensor
Best Tech Gifts for Artists

This device is indeed an exceptional tool for everyone due to its incredible performance, truly built for professionals and amateurs alike.

Best Tech Gifts for Artists
Best Tech Gifts for Artists

You can check the Nix Pro Color Sensor now on Amazon!

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5. Laser Engraving Printer

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: Laser Engraving Printer
Laser Engraving Printer On Action-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

Compared to all the gadgets in this list, this is definitely the most unusual; and in my opinion, is a must-have.

It’s a device that allows you to engrave on any surface you want!

It’s a device that lets you design anything and apply it on any metal or wooden surface. It’s a must-buy for anyone who enjoys seeing their own designs imprinted on their personal possessions.

With this device surely based on and reminiscent of our childhood experience of etching our names and ideas on anything, this tool now gives us the ability to write and draw on wooden and metal surfaces.

It also gives us the gift of nostalgia.

All you need is this device and any metal material available. All-in-all, this piece of beauty would be a terrific gift for anyone.

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6. Boogie Board

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: Boogie Board
Boogie Board-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

This next entry is impressive in its own right and takes inspiration from the old school magic sketch pads that we used to draw on as kids, but this time we are introduced to something with a little bit more finesse and precision.

The Boogie Board is a click-to-erase type of sketch pad and emphasizes utility while we go on about our daily lives, be it to serve as a reminder board, or down to the simplest creative spark of spontaneous sketching.

This gadget is the perfect gift for those who have a knack for sketching and drawing.

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7. WACOM Intuos Pro

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: WACOM Intuos Pro
WACOM Intuos Pro-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

This is the WACOM Intuos Pro, is a digital graphic drawing tablet for both the Mac, PC and Mobile Phones (in its Paper Mode)

It is similar to that of the ISKN Repaper except for the fact that the WACOM Intuos Pro is fully digital.

The device also features multi-touch gestures which are excellent additions in terms of accessibility and speeding up the workflow.

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: WACOM Intuos Pro Stylus
WACOM Intuos Pro Stylus-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

One standout component of the WACOM Intuos Pro is that it has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, a feature that not all digital pads have.

There is also a heavy emphasis on its precision and versatility. This device would be an excellent gift for graphic artists and digital sketch artists; it is arguably one of the best digital graphic drawing tablets on the market today.

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8. Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: The Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer
The Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

The last entry on our list is undoubtedly the most obscure gift you can give to a creative artist!

3D printing, based on what I have seen, has been all the rage recently. Through 3D painting, intricate designs and patterns go beyond the two-dimensional nature of art on flat surfaces, such as on paper or canvas.

You can also create trinkets through this ground-breaking technology, and anyone I know who got introduced to the hobby of 3D-printing cannot have enough of it!

The Lulzbot Mini has excellent, easy to use features, which includes an automatic “bed-leveling” mechanism, automatic nozzle cleaning, a comfortable carry handle, the latest Cura software, and a PEI print surface.

Best Tech Gifts for Artists: Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer FInish Product
FInish Product of the Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer-Best Tech Gifts for Artists

This printer is also usable with a wide range of 3D printing software programs.

The Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer is designed for beginners and is a tool that can be used by even the most novice person, with just a little reading up, of course.

Your loved one will have the opportunity to create whatever designs his/her creativity can muster! It’s certainly a gift that would be perfect across all age groups, even for the youngins!

Now, wouldn’t anyone want a gadget that allows you to design and create whatever model you want in your homestead? I sure would.

Check it out now at Amazon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the OP-1 Mini worth the steep price tag?

Yes, it is. Although priced at a steep range, it is versatile enough for use in many different ways, be it as a simple controller for use in sound editing programs, to synths for live and direct use.

What gift do I get for someone who loves painting?

On this list, the WACOM Intuos Pro, and the Boogie Board is your best bet. Both of these devices can be used for scribbling and creating random works of art, but the WACOM Intuos Pro would better for those who plan on using the device as the main platform for their art.

What do you get an artist who is just starting?

You must first figure out which artistic spectrum your loved one leans on. If it is music, or painting, or other forms of art and adjust it accordingly. Buy the person the basics first, and adjust it as they get better. Like the Boogie Board for scribbling, or the NYX Color Pro for a meticulous artist to get started on blooming to become what he wants to be.

Technology is “the present” (and the future!)

Technology is now and will always be an integral part of our lives, and sure, giving gifts is always a great thing to do, but you can never truly give a great gift if you don’t know what the person you’re giving it to wants.

Taking into account that person’s preferences, likes, and dislikes would definitely give you the edge, and would definitely put a smile from ear-to-ear to the face of that special person in your life.

All of these gadgets are wonderful and useful, but remember that you will always be appreciated no matter what gift you give because the real gift here is the gift of giving!

Did we help you in finding the gifts that you need? Feel free to find some alternatives and better options that suit your needs! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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    1. Hi Ashe,
      Glad to hear that you liked our recommendation. We hope you found a really nice gift for your finance. Have a great day!

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