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Thesaurus Apps for Android [Stop Using the Same Words]

As they say, a thesaurus is a writer’s best friend. We need to refer to a thesaurus on a constant basis, so, it’s no wonder the thesaurus reserves quite an important position in our profession.

But, thesauruses are not just limited to people who want to write. They are so intricately designed so that people can learn to express their thoughts in a more sophisticated manner.  To help all of the budding writers and people who want to better their vocabulary, we are going to round up the best thesaurus applications for Android.

1. Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus Icon

Developed and maintained by one of the most popular online thesauruses to date, Power Thesaurus prides itself on being created by writers for writers.

The first thing you notice when you open this application is the gorgeous user interface. To be completely honest, I didn’t expect it to be as good looking as it is when I started writing this article, but, boy was I wrong!

When you start typing to start your search for a particular word, it starts auto-suggesting words you might be looking for. It also integrates auto-correct to the mix. A handy feature is that it provides real-time data on what other users have searched for, giving you a bigger picture of what people are commonly looking for.

Crowdsourcing reaches a whole new level with Power Thesaurus, with the option of “visitor’s rate” that provides a nifty voting-based option that allows other people to find the best synonym for the word they’re looking for.

Power Thesaurus also includes a helpful feature that allows it to categorize synonyms and antonyms based on parts of speech or topic. With the clean, neat, and convenient user interface, it just might be the best thesaurus applications for Android out there.

Free Version

2. English/Synonyms Thesaurus

English Synonyms Thesaurus Icon

The only reason that this application made this list is for a single feature. It works when offline, giving it quite an edge against its competitors. If you’re like me and have a spotty data network, then this application is perfect.

Like many thesaurus applications for Android, it has a huge amount of words; over 100,000 synonyms and counting.

It also has a quick search engine with auto-suggesting and auto-correcting features.

Free Version

3. Advanced English & Thesaurus

Advanced English and Thesaurus Icon

Based on the online resource WordNet, the Advanced English and Thesaurus is one of the best thesaurus applications that provide a tad bit more functionality. Instead of the usual dictionary approach, it uses a unique system of arranging words, and the result is a network that allows you to memorize words and their meanings quickly.

The search tool integrates a “fuzzy filter” that allows you to search for words that are incorrectly spelled, but, gives better results. An interesting addition is the “wildcard function” that lets you replace words or part of a word with an asterisk or question mark. The app will fill the specific space with the possible letters giving you more results.

Other features include a favorite’s option, history, special language notes, exemplary sentences, and a word-of-the-day addition with a dedicated home screen widget.

Free Version

4. Synonym

Synonym Icon

Quite straightforward, Synonym is the thesaurus application you’re looking for if you don’t want any extra functionality. It allows for all the basics, but, it also has a feature that makes it stand out from all the rest. It is multi-lingual, which means that it supports languages other than English.

It’s easy to use too. You can use the search feature to locate the word you’re looking for and specify whether you’re looking for the antonym, synonym, or just the definition. As I mentioned before, it includes these search results in multiple languages.

The text also shows usage examples and pronunciation. The interface language is automatically set to the default system language for your convenience.

The design is also adapted for tablets if you’re one of the millions who use their Android tablets as their daily driver.

Free Version

5. Rogets Thesaurus

Roget's Thesaurus Icon

A handy alternative if none of the above thesaurus applications do not work out for you, Roget’s Thesaurus includes most of the basics required for a smooth experience. It’s free, fast, and super convenient.

This is because it works without an internet connection. The thesaurus contains six primary classes, a thousand branches for semantically linked words, and over 98,000 words and phrases in the branches. It comes pre-optimized for a myriad of screen sizes right out of the box.

Coupled with the fact it has no advertisements to distract you, this thesaurus is a very tempting reference app for Android users.

Free Version


These thesaurus apps for Android will help you anytime you are at a loss for the right word. Make sure you are not one of those people who have an extremely limited vocabulary. Keep your word game sharp.

Let us know in the comments where you struggle when it comes to selecting the proper word.

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