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5 Tips and Tricks for Minecraft for Android

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon now, and it is still going strong. A ton of people have purchased the mobile version of the game but are at a loss because of the sheer number of things they can do in it. This is exactly why we are listing 5 tips and tricks for Minecraft for Android so that the new players can ease into the game. Some of the tips listed here are also great for veterans of the game who are just making the switch to the pocket edition of the game.

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I have played nearly 300 hours of the game on my PC and really enjoyed it. While the graphics are not what most PC games expect from a modern game, the gameplay alone makes this a must have for any game. So jumping into the Minecraft Pocket Edition was not that hard for me personally.

Having the knowledge of game mechanics beforehand helped me in getting used to the game a lot. These tips and tricks for Minecraft are not going to make you instantly rich but will help in making the game a lot fun. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some great tips and tricks for Minecraft on Android.

Start With Creative Mode

If you are new to the game, I highly recommend you start off with the Creative Mode. I know, it is tempting to jump straight into the action and kill some monsters but trust me, it is better to learn the mechanics of the game before getting serious. The creative mode is the easy mode in many ways and can help you understand the main mechanics of the game.

There are no monsters here, so there is no pressure to gather resources and survive. If you are looking for a stress-free experience, this mode will allow you to relax and flex your creative muscles.

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This mode also comes with unlimited resources so you can truly be creative. Making huge castles and towers is a lot of fun in this mode as you don’t really have to gather resources. Another great feature of this mode is the fly mode; this allows you to fly around as the name suggests. So making insane structures is fairly easy with this mode toggled on.

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Duplicate Items

This trick is one of the most used ones around. I have used it once but didn’t bother thanks to the long nature of the trick. It is not guaranteed to work every time, but there is no risk in using it. You will also need two devices with the full version of the game installed. Now boot up the game and place the item you want to duplicate in a chest.

Now run the game on both devices and reach the chest containing the item. This part is tricky and might take a few tries to nail down; you will have to select the item at the same time from both devices. I highly recommend that you do this trick yourself with your two hands to better time the selection.

If done correctly, the item will be duplicated. If not, well you can always try again and again until it works. Nailing down the timing is somewhat hard but once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing from there on out.

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You Can’t DIE by FALLING

I have seen a ton of people scared of falling down. Minecraft is not that hard of a game, and thankfully there is no fall damage in it. So stop being a Scooby Doo and jump from towers with ease. My little cousin was scared of falling down the tower he was building, and it was very painful to see him take small steps and jumps to navigate. So please be brave and start running around on your 10,000 ft. long sofa.

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 Dig Responsibly

That very same cousin one time came to me with an odd request; bring him back to the ground level. You see, in his juvenile rage, he had dug himself a nice cave. The only problem was there was no way out except a hole in the roof.

After I told him to “make” his way up, it only took him 45 minutes to reach ground level. Don’t do this yourself, I know it is very tempting to own an underground lair in the game but make sure you have a nice way up before going on a digging rampage.

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Make Some Tools

In the survival mode, you should rush in building some tools for yourself. Tools make everything a lot easier, and each of them can be used to farm something effectively. I highly recommend you go crazy farming wood and planks right off the bat. After you have abundant planks, you can make a crafting table.

This is where the real deals go down. Now, you may already have a lot of wood in your inventory, simply make a wooden axe, pick axe and shovel. As the name implies, the axe will allow you to cut trees faster than your bare fists. The pickaxes can tear through rocks a lot faster, and the shovel will allow you to dig dirt fasters. This, in turn, makes you a hell lot more effective.

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These were a few tips and tricks for Minecraft to get you started on the epic journey. Minecraft is a deep game and the more you explore the more engrossed you will become. Thankfully, the game makes everything easy to understand and follow. This ease of use plays a huge part in Minecraft’s success. Now that Microsoft has acquired the developer behind the game, who knows what direction the game will go.

What are your fondest memories of running around in the game? Share your story with me and I’ll tell you how I failed one semester playing Minecraft and Skyrim.

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